The Yazata

The Yazata


The Yazata, the ancient gods of Persia and deities of the long-revered and highly influential religion of Zoroastrianism, have their work cut out for them, waging an endless war against the evil deev and insidious druj, their enemies since time immemorial. Gods of order and righteousness whose empire once spanned half of three continents, they are anything but irrelevant despite their dwindling number of worshipers; their prowess in battle and their quick wits in diplomacy make them sought after by the other pantheons, who view them as a little bit strange and aloof but undeniably necessary in the fight against the Titans; only the Deva, who have long been considered evil gods by the Yazata, have their lingering misgivings.



Conviction Expression Order Valor
Nothing is more central to one of the Yazata than his or her belief; they inhabit a world of absolutes, wherein they are the sole protectors of light and order, facing off against foes who live only for chaos and death. Their strength in their beliefs is unshakable, no matter how they arrive at those beliefs, and anyone attempting to dissuade them from a course of action is likely to find himself ignored (or worse, punished). Despite their diamond-hard stance on their enemies, the Yazata are a genial and creative people, counting master storytellers and musicians among their ranks. They prize eloquence and forthrightness in diplomacy and counsel as well as in recreation, and strive to always enlighten others, especially if they may in some way be able to help them achieve a greater understanding of the world. As Ahura Mazda’s footsoldiers in the fight against evil, the Yazata have a sacred duty to safeguard the order of the world, keeping it from falling into the madness and destruction of chaos. They never act against the divine laws of their pantheon, never allow the world and its inhabitants to challenge the rightness of the universe, and above all never, ever let chaos overwhelm them or their charges. The Yazata may have a reputation for being speakers and guards, but their ferocity in battle is legendary as well. Enemies fear their skill at the same time that they praise their honor, and a Yazata can always be counted on to act with integrity and honesty on the battlefield and off (and he expects the same of others, with no exceptions).

Other Deities

Ahura Mazda Rashnu
The great god of goodness, opponent of evil and inventor of truth, Ahura Mazda is the guardian of justice and fights ceaselessly against those who seek to pervert it… or did, until vanishing some few centuries ago, much to the rest of his pantheon’s confusion and concern. Rashnu is the god of divine justice who stands with Mithra and Sraosha when the time comes to judge the souls of mankind.
Airyaman Daena
The god of healing and the human body, it was Airyaman that brought the ten thousand healing herbs from heaven to earth for humanity’s use. The observer and understander of all human life, Daena guards the bridge of Chinvat, leading the righteous to paradise in the House of Song and letting the wicked be cut down and cast into the House of Lies.

The Yazata

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