The Nemetondevos

The Nemetondevos











Gods of the fierce, proud Celtic tribes of Gaul, the Nemetondevos (“Gods of the Sacred Shrine”) are a likewise proud group, gods of war and of merrymaking in equal and equally fervent measure. Withdrawn from the world for millenia after their beloved lands and people were sacked by Rome (a cultural destruction that they have never forgiven the Theoi for), the Nemetondevos remained in their underworld with the souls of their people until the escape of the Titans forced them into activity once again. Now working in the world with a will and creating their own Scions with a vengeance, they are a force to be reckoned with, their ideas sometimes outmoded but their spirits indomitable.



Courage Endurance Loyalty Valor
Long before they battled the invading Romans, the Nemetondevos were the keepers of a fierce warrior tribe, fighters who did not hesitate to throw themselves into battle naked and armed only with what they could find at hand. Their legendary ferocity and skill for battle has not deserted them over the millenia, and one of the Nemetondevos in the frenzy of battle is a sight to inspire both awe and fear in friend and foe alike. If there is one thing that the Nemetondevos, returning after a hiatus that spanned thousands of years, epitomize, it is endurance. Despite the destruction of their culture, the ridicule of the other pantheons, and the new and unfamiliar modern world in which they find themselves, they soldier on still, dedicated to the destruction of the titans. They never cry uncle in a fight, never give up on a journey, and never admit to weakness. The Nemetondevos are unswervingly loyal to one another and to their people (both those long dead and those scattered and diluted descendents that people modern-day France and its nearby countries). They are fully willing to fight to the death in the defense of a single comrade, or to immolate themselves for the betterment of their people; even in the height of battle-lust, their dedication to their own is nothing short of legendary. Unlike the brutish Romans who decimated their people, the Nemetondevos believe in honor in combat, and in the triumph of the strongest through straightforward means, not trickery, deception, or scare tactics. They refuse to employ any tactic that seems underhanded, and accord their enemies every respect once they have lost (provided, of course, that they fought well and honorably).

Other Deities

Orgos Tarvos Trigaranos
The progenitor of the Nemetondevos, Orgos, is an ancient titan of darkness and magic – or was, for none of his children have seen or heard of him since antiquity… The mysterious Bull-with-Three-Cranes dispenses wisdom and puzzling omens of the future, but its nature is understood by none.

The Nemetondevos

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