The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - X

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

X. THE CHILDREN OF HEAVEN EMERGED FROM THE DARKNESS OF KEM-DUAT INTO THE PLACE WHICH KNOWS DAY; Neser-senef-s led the way astride her winged horse, followed by Hedj-sesmet and Reri-ny-re-a-khet upon their own steed, followed by Iah-kem-et astride Ammit with Abi-ra-khet behind her, followed by the akh who were legion. And the akh once again knew day, and they rejoiced at being freed from the children of Apep.

In the daylight Hedj-sesmet turned her healing arts upon Abi-ra-khet, and she restored one of his shining eyes, but could not restore the other.

Suma spake unto the akh:— “Behold! For the children of heaven have led us from the venomous fangs of Apep’s unholy offspring! Let us honor them with the old way of prayer, and let us too honor the gods who hath ensured they would deliver us.” And so the akh crafted idols to each of the gods from sandstone and worshiped and paid tribute to them; and again the gods returned to existence as one.

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - X

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