The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - VIII

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

VIII. ABI-RA-KHET AND IAH-KEM-ET STOOD BEFORE AMMIT DEVOURER OF SOULS, whose terrible crocodile maw was open before them; and as Iah-kem-et peered into Ammit’s gullet she saw there a vast emptiness with which she had become quite familiar. And thus she understood Ammit.

She spake unto Abi-ra-khet:— “Give unto me one shining eye.” And he obeyed, extracting an eye from his head, and gave it unto Iah-kem-et; and it shone like the moon in her hand. Iah-kem-et shared Ammit’s hunger then, just as she knew the beast’s emptiness, but she cast the eye into Ammit’s gullet; and the terrible beast closed her jaws. And Ammit’s crocodile eyes saw at once the emptiness in Iah-kem-et’s Ib and Ba, and the terrible beast parted her teeth once more. Iah-kem-et said unto Abi-ra-khet, “Give unto me thy other shining eye." And he did; and it shone like the sun in her hand, and once more Iah-kem-et knew that terrible hunger, and Ammit closed her great maw.

Iah-kem-et swallowed Abi-ra-khet’s eye then, and for a time the emptiness was sated and she reviled her deed; but she and Ammit knew kinship. At once Ammit burst forth from the pit and swallowed the Pharaoh [He-whom-never-again-shall-be-named], and Iah-kem-et led Abi-ra-khet from that accursed place.

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - VIII

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