The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - VII

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

VII. THEY WAITED IN SEKHET-AARU FOR THE OTHERS, but soon Abi-ra-khet spake unto Iah-kem-et:— “We must proceed quickly if our companions have been expelled into the wastes of Kem-Duat, so that we might yet have a chance find them.” And at the loss of her companions Iah-kem-et knew once more the breadth of the emptiness within her Ib and her Ba.

They proceeded to the palace and besought an audience with Pharaoh [He-whom-never-again-shall-be-named]. He granted their audience, and they went before him. He spake thus unto them:— “Thou hast faced the trials of the gates and succeeded, and therefore are worthy to be before my glory. Thou hast my blessing to go forth and exist in the paradise you see around you.”

Answered Abi-ra-khet:— “We have come before thee to ask thee to lead thy people forth from this place, so that they might be free from the darkness that threatens to consume them.” The Pharaoh answered, “O ye faithless! The protection of my holy city has kept my people safe since I first sat upon this throne!” Iah-kem-et said, “The children of Apep number far greater than any army, and it will not be long before they overwhelm thy city. We come from a land which knows day, where Apep’s children do not dare go.” The Pharaoh accused, “Thou seekest to turn my people from me, by telling them that my protection is not limitless!” And Abi-ra-khet spake, “We seekest only to save thy people, for they will help us restore order to heaven and earth.” And Pharaoh [He-whom-never-again-shall-be-named] grew wrathful; and he cast them down into the pit before his throne, where Ammit waited below to devour them.

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - VII

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