The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - V

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

V. A LONE WOMAN BOWED BEFORE THEM AS THEY APPROACHED THE GATES TO SEKHET-AARU AND SPAKE:— “O most honored children of heaven! I am Suma, the last soul to enter Duat, for long ago the old rites of death were lost with me; and the most august Anubis saw fit to guide me here personally. Wilt thou hear my words of warning?” And Iah-kem-et said, “I have heard of thee, for my father spake thy name with great respect. Speak, esteemed soul, and we will listen.”

Suma said:— “It please me that your holy father spoke of me with respect; my name is no longer spoken thus, but with shame and disgust, for I have maintained the old way of prayer in death even as in life, and the citizens revile me for it, as I have tried to remind them of the gods and turn them away from the Pharaoh [He-whom-never-again-shall-be-named]. They have forgotten it was the Pharaoh who turned them away from the gods, after which they left existence as one. He hungers for adulation, and he will jealously guard his tributes and his power. And I say further unto thee this: ’ware the gates to Sekhet-Aaru, for the Pharaoh has influenced them with his ill-gotten power. All who pass through the gates must pass a trial or else be expelled forthwith into the wastes of Kem-Duat.”

And Abi-ra-khet beheld her with his shining eyes, and saw that she spoke no falsehood. He spake thus unto her:— “Lay thine heart to rest, devoted Suma, for we shall set this aright, and restore order to earth and heaven.” And indeed her heart was becalmed. He said further, “We shall go to the Pharaoh in good faith and see if he will listen to reason and allow his people leave Kem-Duat.”

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - V

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