The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - IX

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

IX. OUT IN THE WASTES NESER-SENEF-S SHOT FLAMING ARROWS BEHIND HER. Beside her she found Hedj-sesmet and Reri-ny-re-a-khet, whom had both been expelled by the trials of the gate, and she spake unto them:— “I knoweth the return to Sekhet Hetepet, for I hath walked within the city’s walls; once we are clear of the children of Apep I can convey us back with haste.” And so Reri-ny-re-a-khet clove the children of Apep with several great sweeps of his blade and Neser-senef-s conveyed them back to Sekhet Hetepet, crossing the black sands of the wastes of Kem-Duat in the space of a breath.

There they found that the walls to the city were crumbling, and Iah-kem-et and Abi-ra-khet sat astride the terrible Ammit, who swallowed toxiferous worms with each sway of her crocodile head, and behind them gathered the akh.

Thence Neser-senef-s led the way from Kem-Duat with her bright flame, and the children of Apep drew back in fear of Ammit, and the path was clear.

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - IX

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