The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - IV

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat

IV. THE GATES OF SEKHET HETEPET WOULD NOT OPEN, so Abi-ra-khet spake:— “We seeketh succor from these snakes which are legion! Open the gates and let us inside your walls!” The shining-eyed one’s words were heeded, and the gates opened for them. The citizens therein prostrated themselves as one before the children of heaven, crying:— “O glorious deities astride thy winged steeds! We praise thee, for thou bringeth light to we who had forgotten all but darkness!” And at once they began to worship and pay tribute to the children of heaven.

Abi-ra-khet spake:— “Follow us from this dark place, and we will lead you to a realm which knows the day.” But the citizens said, “O resplendent deities who illuminate the night! The Pharaoh [He-whom-never-again-shall-be-named] has long guided us with his voice and protected us with his power; therefore we will not move from his holy city unless he speaketh thus.” And Iah-kem-et asked, “Where is the Pharaoh, that we might seek an audience with him?” And the citizens said, “Inside the walls of the inner city which is known as SEKHET-AARU, where only the most holy may set foot.”

And so the Children of Heaven began their approach to Sekhet-Aaru. At their horse’s hooves were laid many offerings, and the akh lay prostrate as they passed.

The Legend of the Exodus from Kem-Duat - IV

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