The Kami



The Kami









The ineffable and eternal Kami are the ancient gods of Japan, who created the islands from their very flesh and watch over them from their celestial palaces with equal parts indifference and interest. Sailing far above the ranks of the ordinary kami of stone and wood, field and stream, the august personages of heaven seldom take a hand in mortal affairs, but when they do their word is uncontradictable and their actions firm. As the patron deities of one of the most stubbornly insular of cultures, they have frequently had difficulty in cooperating with the other pantheons, but their dedication to the eradication of the Titans is second to none, and to that end they lend their considerable aid to the struggle.



Duty Endurance Intellect Valor
Few cultures understand the concept of duty as thoroughly as the one that spawned such regimented and honor-bound conventions as the samurai clans. Among the Kami, one’s duty is second to nothing; to face dishonor is a fate worse than death, and no member of the pantheon will willingly suffer it. The Kami themselves claim to be older than time, and their serene stoicism seems to bear them out. Unyielding and unshakable even under the greatest duress, they cannot be swayed from their path by anything short of death. The Kami consider themselves the very birthplace of the arts and sciences, and prize an intelligent and incisive mind highly. While brute force has its place, he who wins the day through shrewd tactics and whiplash-smart court manners is the one who gains their undying regard. Despite their reputation for being cold and aloof, the Kami are also warriors of the highest order, ready to give their all on the battlefield. Seldom are underhanded tactics seen; the most valued warrior is the one who meets his foes openly and without flinching.

Other Deities

Kushinada Oyohama
A human princess of indescribable beauty, Kushinada so enchanted Susano-o that he slew the eight-headed dragon that menaced her village in order to become her husband. Ohoyamatsumi is a mountain-god of great power; few have dared to brave his wrath by defying him, save his daughter and her husband.
Mizuhame Suseri
Izanami’s last living child, Mizuhame is a goddess of water and creation, created to counterbalance her brother’s fiery destruction. Susano-o’s beautiful only daughter, Suseri met and fell in love with her half-brother and protected him slyly throughout her father’s rigorous attempts to kill him.
Okuninushi Oshihomimi
An illegitimate son of Susano-o’s, he traveled to Yomi and back and was nearly killed several times before he managed to convince his tempestuous father to grant him his half-sister Suseri’s hand in marriage. Amaterasu’s enigmatic son is the first link in the chain that stretches all the way down to Japan’s modern-day emperor, but since refusing to take on the resposiblility of ruling the earth, his own abilities and thoughts are shrouded in mystery.
Suzuka Ninigi
Also known as the heavenly princess Takuhatachichi, Suzuka is the goddess of fidelity, the model wife after whose decorous behavior the ancient Japanese marriage ceremony was modeled. Ninigi served as Amaterasu’s ambassador to the world of men, bearing the sacred objects that are still kept as the symbols of office of the Japanese emperors.
Konohana Otohime
The goddess of cherry blossoms, Konohana symbolizes the brief, fleeting beauty of human life, and serves as the patron goddess of Mount Fuji, preventing it from erupting. The delicate-seeming daughter of the ocean god, Otohime tried to remain with the gods of the land, but fled back to her watery domain when her husband betrayed her and glimpsed her true form as a dragon.
Hoori Hoderi
A fearless hunter and god of grain, Hoori finally met his match when he descended to the ocean floor and encountered the enchanting Otohime; sadly, he was unable to keep her as his wife after he spied upon her giving birth and found that she was a dragon. A fisherman, Hoderi sparked his brother’s ill-fated love affair by demanding that he descend to the ocean floor to retrieve a fishhook.
Hosuseri Fujin
“Little is known about Ninigi’s third son, who does not figure in the tales concerning his brothers. An ogre-god like his brother Raiden and a terrifying sight to behold, Fujin controls the winds, letting them lie quiescent or blow to terrifying, stormy heights at whim.

The Kami

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