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The Found

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The Found are the new gods that came to the fore when the old gods disappeared from the Fractured World. They gathered together from the ends of the earth as the old world fell apart, faithfully keeping the tales of the old gods and later helping to return them to their former places in the cosmos. Now they are patrons and keepers of the New World (Bakersfield especially), and many of them serve as go-betweens among the other pantheons. The Found are incredibly accepting, diverse, and adaptable, and they support each other unquestioningly, making them well-suited to their tumultuous position.


Recommended Virtues

Expression Harmony Intellect Loyalty
With such a collection of big personalities, communication is key. Without a space for expression, the gods of the New World would never have been able to grow as tightly knit as they did. The Found treasure diversity and constantly seek active, clear communication. Because the Old World was so violent and tumultuous, the Found sought stability among each other and within themselves. Equity and inner balance are among the highest truths to the gods of the New World; every voice deserves to be heard and every soul deserves peace. The Found faithfully kept and maintained the stories of the Old Gods so that they might one day return. To them, information is power; and education facilitates understanding of one’s place in the cosmos and of the cosmos itself. Were the gods of the New World not so strongly tied to each other, they never would have survived the end of the Old World and the trials of the New World. Community holds the highest importance to the Found, and they strive to do all they can to nourish it.

Other Deities

Coyote Lake Isabella
Clever Coyote is the handsome, brave, and skilled troublemaker whose mischief shaped the world. As playful and mischievous as she is beautiful, Lake Isabella is the spirit of Kern River and Heartbreak Lake.
Galen Senbast
The guardian of the middle gate, Galen welcomes newcomers and keeps the peace. Senbast is a sentinel, always watching from the inner gate for any dangers.
Destroyer Lady Baker
Before the beginning of the world, Destroyer was a fearsome force of nature whom not even the Mother of the Lost could keep in check. Lady Baker is the keeper and protector of Bakersfield, and it is to her image the mayor of Bakersfield swears during inauguration.
Ruben Leliana
Ruben is the unyielding guardian of the outer gate, who fends off beasts and villains without quarter. The last of the Mother of the Lost’s children by Destroyer, Leliana is destined for great things.
Razorback Stormchaser
Razorback used his incredible battle fury to create the mountains to block the ravages of chaos from reaching Bakersfield. The god of storms rides his singing storm all throughout the New World, spreading thunderous music wherever he goes.
El Lobo Summer
El Lobo faced Sun-Bearer’s searing rage to protect his family and was slain. Though only seven years old, the daughter of La Dama and El Lobo already bears her father’s valor and her mother’s strength of purpose.
Leanne Black Sun
Leanne, the child of dust, was given a new shape by the Swan Maiden. Black Sun is the much-feared god of the harsh, blazing summers, half-mad and bloodthirsty.
Kria Sasha!
Kria is a mysterious, little-known goddess, once a princess of a faraway land before she fled to Bakersfield. Sasha! is a well-loved figure, the god of good neighbors and helpful, friendly strangers who is in charge of the mild, encouraging winter sun.
Ulfynja The Guest
Ulfynja is the fierce but quiet protector of the Found and the Mother of the Lost’s faithful companion, rarely seen or heard. The Guest is an enigmatic figure, often taking the shape of a wolf, and is an occasional visitor to Danmairge and said to be the Swan Maiden’s favored lover.

The Found

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