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The gods of the ancient Slavs, a people who stretched from the frozen reaches of Russia to the more hospitable climes of southern Germany and Poland, the Bogovi are ancient and nearly forgotten in the modern world, relics of a bygone era. Being forgotten by humanity is no hardship for them, however; the Bogovi are supreme adapters and chameleons, able to become part of any culture and survive its influence with their own unique character. They are gods of the natural balance of the universe, the ebb and flow of tides, seasons and mankind itself, and they can never be eradicated by such a small thing as the loss of worship. The Bogovi are as flexible as reeds, as hardy as the earth and as entrenched as the permafrost of their northern lands; they have never been conquered and do not consider it boasting to assume that they never will be.



Duty Harmony Order Piety
So indestructibly dedicated to their functions and roles in the universe that they simply absorb other cultures that seek to conquer them, the Bogovi and their beloved cycles fulfill their duties as eternally as the seasons. Nothing is more important to the Bogovi than the balance of the universe, which they shepherd through the cycles of life, death and time and protect by keeping the mortal and the divine strictly separated. To the Bogovi, few things are more important than adhering to divine law, which governs their interactions with one another and humanity so that all things happen in their proper place and time. They prize justice highly and look down upon lawbreakers with the utmost scorn. Many pantheons have entered their territory, but in the end those who remain know allegiance only to the Bogovi. The Slavic gods know that their pantheon is the highest authority and never give in to the demands or strange customs of others.

Other Deities

Svarog Pizamar
Svarog is the great creator and progenitor of his pantheon and the patron of blacksmiths and craftsmen, a massive nine-headed Titan who destroys and remakes the world in an endless cycle of creation and destruction. Sweet and beautiful, Pizamar was once human before she was elevated by her lover Svarozhich to become the goddess of music and art.
Baba Yaga Tsar Mora
Probably the most infamous of the Bogovi, Baba Yaga is still known and feared throughout Russia and the Slavic lands for her potent magical power, dangerous temper and terrible appearance. Tsar Mora, the king of the sea, is widely famed for his terrible temper and beautiful, alluring daughters, both of which doom many unwary men to a watery grave.
Lada The Zoryas
Lada is the vibrant goddess of springtime, stolen away from the ocean depths to become the wife of brilliant Dazhbog. The lovely Zoryas are twin sisters of the dawn and dusk; Utrennyaya is the morning star who acts as gatekeeper of the rising sun, while Vechernyaya is the evening star who closes the gates at the end of the day.
Myesyats Podaga
Myesyats is the michievous god of the moon, a keeper of arcane and hidden knowledge who grows old with the phases of the moon and dies to be reborn at the beginning of each lunar month. Podaga is the goddess of weather who taught humanity the art of forecasting and overseer of the many lesser deities of wind, rain and snow. She also keeps the famous honey of immortality.
Prove Vesna
Prove is the august judge of the gods, sitting in state to decide the most weighty matters for the good of the pantheon. The playful goddess of springtime, Vesna seduces Perun each year so that the thunderbolts falling from his amorous hands will begin the first thundershower of the new spring.
Pereplut Rod
Pereplut is the god of memory, spending his days ensuring that the gods remember the important elements of the universe and that those things that are no longer meaningful are relegated to the mists of forgetfulness. Rod, an ancient god of fertility and the earth itself, spends all his energy to maintain and foster the growth of the Slavic world tree.
Zhiva Sim
Zhiva is the goddess of life and death, a vibrant goddess of summer who balances the bounty of the warmest time of the year with the inevitable need for death and renewal. The first of Prove’s sons is the keeper of what has come before, providing perspective on the past and precedents in order to counsel his father.
Rygl The Sudice
Prove’s second son Rygl looks ahead to the possibilities of the future, providing Prove a critical second perspective along with his conjoined twin brother. The three sisters called the Sudice control the fates of each mortal from birth to death and are deformed from their constant process of spinning human lives.
Pripalega Porevit
The gentle, easily offended mother goddess Pripalega helped gestate humanity in her earthen womb. Porevit is a master of the bow, the most keen-eyed and swift of the three war-god sons of Veles.
Rugievit Porenut
Rugievit is another god of warfare and courage, wielding a golden spear against any and all foes. The third of the hotheaded war-god brothers wields a golden axe that strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.
The white god of light and the daylight, Byelobog helps travelers in need and represents the kinder, happier life of daytime humanity.
Chernobog Jarilo
Byelobog’s twin brother is the black god of chaos, darkness and the night, prone to trickery and fostering misbehavior across the world. Jarilo is a capricious god of spring, youth and joy, his personality waxing and waning with the phases of the moon as he splits time between the houses of his father Perun and his foster-father Veles.
Kovlad Runa
The Iron Lord is the keeper of all metals and precious stones in the world, guarding them carefully in the guts and secret places of the earth. Somber Runa is Kovlad’s faithful wife and companion in his palace of brass
Mokosits Triglav
The first and only Scion of the Slavic pantheon, Mokosits was banished to guard the boundary of the underworld in punishment for his illegal birth. The three-headed blind god of warfare and strife, Triglav is beloved by few except his equally dour mother.

The Bogovi

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