The Atua

The Atua








Where other pantheons may concern themselves with the creation of culture and the maintenance of humanity, the Atua are pure forces of the elements, gods of wideflung island paradises and volcanic wastelands who have lorded over the World since the beginning of time. As the reigning deities of many peoples, scattered across the islands that stretch in a wide arc across the Pacific Ocean, they are beloved for their gifts of nourishment, worshiped for their uncontested control of awesome forces, and feared for their legendary terrible tempers and the disasters that always follow. The Atua are gods of incredible power, inescapable vengeance, and unbreakable bonds of community and responsibility.



Courage Duty Piety Vengeance
A pantheon with Courage is utterly fearless and prizes individual bravery above all things, rewarding moxy and severely punishing or abhorring anything they perceive as cowardice. A pantheon with Duty is utterly dedicated to the idea that each individual has personal responsibilities that they must fulfill, no matter what the odds arrayed against them, for the greater good. A pantheon with Piety believes in their own importance as paramount – they are the most powerful, worthy and pivotal beings in the universe and they expect the respect due to them as a result. A pantheon with Vengeance is dedicated to avenging any slight or injury done to them, exacting furious and instant justice against those who anger them.

The Atua

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