Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Astronomer’s Eye Gain bonuses to Academics, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Politics and Survival when you can see the stars.
Web of Stars ●● 1L + 1W Wit + Occ Catch your target in a web of connected stars.
Axis of the Heavens ●●● 2L Wit + Pre Use your personal gravity to aid coordinated assaults.
Summon Northern Spirit ●●● 1W Cha + Com Summon borealis spirits to do your bidding.
Aurora ●●●● 3L Surround yourself with starlight to gain bonuses to social rolls.
Lucky Star ●●●●● 3L + 2W Gain good fortune to a single action by calling on your lucky star.
Portent ●●●●● 1L + 1W Gain bonuses to uses of Prophecy or Mystery when consulting the stars.
Red Star ●●●●● ● 5L + 1W Cha + Occ Cause everyone around you to suffer from penalties to their resistance rolls.
Celestial Beacon ●●●●● ●● 5L + 3W Cha + Pre Cause a star to shine brightly and draw everyone nearby to journey toward it.
Star Beast ●●●●● ●● 10L + 1W Cha + Aca Call down constellations of beasts to do your bidding.
The Milky Road ●●●●● ●●● 6L + 1+W Travel to Overworlds via the Milky Way.
Constellation Weaver ●●●●● ●●●● 20L + 1W Int + Aca Create new constellations by throwing or placing your target in the sky.
Starfire ●●●●● ●●●●● 15+L + 3W Blind and damage those around you with a blast of radiant light and become difficult for anyone to approach.
The Crown ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W Travel through the sky, design heavenly artwork of incredible beauty, lose others in the heavens.

The Scion’s power over the stars hinges on her being able to perceive and interact with them, which means that these Boons are best used at night; if at any time the Scion wishes to use a Stars Boon that requires her to be able to sense the stars and she is unable to do so because of daylight, cloud cover or other obscuring effects, she may roll Perception + Awareness to attempt to perceive them past the disturbance. If she gains three times the Boon’s level in successes, she may do so.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is in tune with the celestial dance of the stars, and may draw upon the vast wealth of knowledge they represent. Any time the Scion is able to perceive the stars in the sky, he gains a number of phantom dots of Academics, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Politics and Survival equal to his total number of Stars Boons; these dots may exceed his normal maximum (though they cannot grant access to Epic Attributes if the Scion has no other dots in the Ability) and remain until the stars are no longer perceptible to him, at which point they vanish.


Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
The Scion with this boon manipulates the far-flung web of the stars like the spider spirits that ancient cultures believed wove it. By spending the requisite cost and reaching up to the sky, the Scion plucks out a shimmering, incandescent web of stars made of silvery filaments and twinkling light. Despite its apparent fragility, this net is extremely tough and resilient because of its cosmic origin, and is ideal for the Scion in his attempts to safeguard or lock away someone or something. The web is versatile and may be used to carry objects or stretch across a doorway to bar entry; the Scion himself may handle it without any trouble, but it is extremely sticky and clings to anyone else who attempts to use it, and those caught in it must roll their Strength against a difficulty equal to the Scion’s total number of Star Boons in order to break free as the celestial cords automatically bind to them. Breaking free does not automatically allow a would-be invader to pass through the net, however; if they wish to break through a web which is forming a barrier, they must roll more successes on a Strength + Athletics roll than the Scion gained on his activation roll. The web lasts for a number of days equal to the Scion’s total number of Star Boons or until it is destroyed, after which time it dissolves into its component stars and returns to the sky again.

Any being who also possesses the Web of Stars Boon may pay its activation cost and roll more successes on a Wits + Occult roll than the Scion in order to take control of it.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Presence
The Scion with this Boon becomes the center of her own very small galaxy, able to subtly affect the movements of her allies around her. When she spends the requisite amount, any of her allies within a radius equal to her successes in yards gain a number of bonus dice equal to her total number of Star Boons on any actions taken as part of a coordinated assault, as she exerts her pull to help guide them to exactly the right moment and place. Allies who leave her area of effect immediately lose these bonus dice, though they regain them if they come back within range; the effects last for a number of ticks equal to the Scion’s successes multiplied by 5.


Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Many cultures believed that the Northern Lights were in truth the endless dance of spirits, though each knew a different story about their origin; by calling forth in a commanding manner, the Scion may summon the luminous spirits of the aurora borealis to do his bidding. Upon being summoned, the spirits must be paid with their preferred price, a well-executed song for them to dance to (alternatively, they will accept a magical item – a trinket, relic, or trophy – or a lump-sum payment of 3 Legend per spirit; however, these alternatives become very expensive very quickly); if they are not paid or the song offered is of substandard quality, they will refuse to obey the Scion’s commands and may even intentionally cause mischief for him before vanishing again. The summoned spirits possess the Astronomer’s Eye and Web of Stars Boons, and can work tirelessly at simple tasks (digging, cleaning, farming, etc.), though more complicated orders may pose difficulties. For every three successes he garners on his activation roll, the Scion may choose to either summon an additional spirit or to add one day to the time that they will remain to serve him. If no extra days are purchased with successes, the spirits depart at sunset.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon calls down the stars to augment her normal beauty or throw her usual ugliness into stark relief, rendering the most hideous of Scions yet more terrible or the most beautiful even more indescribably gorgeous. Upon paying the activation cost, the very stars in the sky come softly down to roost on the Scion, nestling in her hair, outlining her body, or simply hovering in her vicinity, giving off an enticing glow; the Scion gains her total number of Stars Boons as extra dice to all Appearance, Charisma and Manipulation rolls she makes for the remainder of the day, after which point the stars return to the sky. If for some reason she no longer wishes to enjoy the effects of Aurora, the Scion may end them at any time.


Cost: 3 Legend and 2 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The concept of a particularly auspicious or lucky star is widespread in the beliefs of many cultures; some stars are considered lucky for all, such as those that herald the flooding of the Nile or the dawning of a new year, while others are dedicated to the good fortune of only the most august few. The Scion with this Boon has a lucky star of her own, and may call upon it to bless her in moments of particular need. Once per week, she may petition her star for good luck when she makes any roll involving an ability; when she does so, that roll receives a number of automatic successes equal to her total number of Star Boons as the star blazes brilliantly above her for a brief, shining moment.


Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
Ancient astrologers read the stars for knowledge of the future, and the court magicians of the Egyptians and the horoscopists of the Greeks were invaluable to their communities as the predictors of major events. Anywhere that she can read the night sky, the Scion with this boon may consult the stars, receiving vague omens and premonitions of the future. While the Scion does not truly see the future or receive any kind of detailed prophecy from the stars themselves, their eternal dance may bolster already extant fortune-telling capabilities within her, granting her either automatic successes on the next Prophecy roll she makes in the same scene equal to her total number of Star Boons, or the ability to add her total number of Star Boons as dice to the next Mystery roll she makes in the same scene.

RED STAR ●●●●● ●

Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
For many ancient peoples, the appearance of a red star was a source of dread; it was believed to portend ill things and to be a harbinger of war and chaos. The Scion with this boon may turn a normal, unassuming star in the sky above him into a blazing red eye of malice, disorienting and frightening his enemies and sowing discord and fear all around him. By paying the requisite cost and stretching his arm up toward his chosen star, the Scion causes its sickly red glow to fall upon those around him, subtracting the Scion’s total number of Stars Boons as successes from all Willpower + Integrity + Legend rolls for the remainder of the scene as those affected are unnerved and oppressed by its evil glare. The star always appears to be shining specifically down around the Scion, no matter where he moves, and its baleful light extends for a radius around him equal to five times his total number of Star Boons in yards; he is immune to its effects, but no one else within sight of the star is, and he cannot pick and choose who should receive the penalty. The star continues to shine red for the remainder of the scene, after which point it returns to its normal color and brightness.

Any being that also possesses Red Star may attempt to end its affects early by spending the Boon’s cost (5 Legend and 1 Willpower) and gaining more successes on a Charisma + Occult roll than did the Scion; alternatively, they may simply spend the Boon’s cost to render themselves immune.


Cost: 5 Legend and 3 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
By choosing a star in the night sky and spending the requisite amount of Legend and Willpower, the Scion endows it with her own formidable presence, causing it to shine brilliantly and to put forth an irresistible call to travel toward it. All those within a number of miles equal to ten times her total number of Stars Boons who see the star feel an undeniable pull to reach it. The Scion need not remain directly beneath the star while it is shining, but it lasts for only one night per ten successes she gains; if she wishes to extend it further, she may pay an additional 5 Legend to make another roll. The Scion herself is immune to the star’s call, but no others within the range of her power are; it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Upon reaching the star, those affected by this Boon must remain there until its effects end, unable to depart.

Any being that also possesses Celestial Beacon may attempt to end its affects early by paying its cost (5 Legend and 3 Willpower) and gaining more successes on a Charisma + Presence roll than did the Scion; alternatively, they may simply spend the Boon’s cost to render themselves immune.

STAR BEAST ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Academics
The Scion with this Boon may call upon the constellations to aid her, convincing them to send a piece of themselves down to obey her commands. When she spends the requisite cost and asks the favor of a particular constellation, a tiny part of it (the change in the constellation is indistinguishable to anyone who does not have the Astronomer’s Eye boon) detaches and falls instantly to earth before her in the form of a creature ready to do her bidding; the type of creature depends entirely on the constellation she calls upon. The most common constellations used with this Boon include:

Constellation Creature
Aquila Nemean Eagle
Canis Major Nemean Dog
Cetus Nemean Whale/Sea Monster
Draco Nemean Lizard/Dragon
Hydra Hydra
Leo Nemean Lion
Pegasus Pegasus
Sagittarius Centaur
Scorpio Nemean Scorpion
Taurus Nemean Bull
Ursa Major Nemean Bear

Scions may also choose any other appropriate constellations to call upon if they so wish; the abilities and strengths of beasts not on this list should be determined as if they were a Legend 6 Nemean beast of its type unless otherwise determined by the Storyteller. The beast is completely obedient to the Scion and follows her directives for one night for every ten successes she scores or until it is killed, whereupon it returns to its parent constellation.

THE MILKY ROAD ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5 Legend and 1+ Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Milky Way has long been viewed as a road or a river by many cultures, and the Scion with this boon may ascend to the skies herself to travel it. By spending the requisite cost, she immediately becomes a being of luminous, starry light and rises into the sky, traversing the Milky Way as if it were a road (or river, if such is the case in her pantheon’s culture). Doing so allows her to instantly travel from the World to the Overworld of her pantheon, and vice versa, arriving at the appropriate Axis Mundi entrance when she does so. While such transportation is certainly handy, it is limited; if the Scion wishes to take anyone else with her, she must spend an additional point of Willpower per person, and she may only travel between her own Overworld (to the point where the Overworld’s Axis Mundi would usually drop her off) and back, not to any Underworld, Terra Incognita or Titanrealm. If she wishes to travel the Milky Road to another pantheon’s overworld, she may do so, but must pay an additional 10 points of Legend. Additionally, if she is completely unable to rise up to the Milky Way because she is enclosed beneath a roof or ceiling, she cannot fixate on it firmly enough to use this Boon.


Cost: 20 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics
Ancient stories of gods placing others in the sky as constellations, either as punishment or reward for their deeds, are widespread. The Scion with this Boon may do likewise, placing a friendly being gently into the sky with their consent or hurling an enemy into the firmament, doomed to forever look down helplessly on the world. Upon spending the requisite cost, the Scion lifts his target up to the sky and watches as she dissolves into a sprawl of stars and nebulae, becoming one with the spangled tapestry of the heavens; if the target is unwilling or the Scion wishes to be particularly brutal about things, he must first successfully grapple her with a Strength or Dexterity + Brawl roll and win both the ensuing contested grapple roll and her automatic resistance roll against his activation successes in order to fling her unwillingly into the night sky. This Boon may only be used at night, when the stars are visible, and the constellation may be any size (within reason and at Storyteller discretion) the Scion chooses, but great care should be exercised not to disrupt the already-established constellations too greatly; replacing a few unknown stars may not cause anyone any undue stress, but woe betide the Scion who displaces Chiron and suddenly finds Zeus’s wrath thundering down upon him.

It is possible to remove a being trapped as a constellation; in order to do so, the Scion must spend 20 points of Legend and 1 point of Willpower at night while beholding the constellation and reach up to the sky to draw it down, investing it with his power until it becomes a solid form again. A Scion may always do this for any constellation he created with this Boon; if he wishes to return a constellation created by another being to earth, he must roll higher on an Intelligence + Academics roll than did the constellation’s original creator in order to do so (and be prepared to run, defend himself, or do some very fast talking if said creator doesn’t appreciate his interference).

STARFIRE ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 15+ Legend and 3 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
By pulling the very energy of the cosmos into himself, the Scion with this Boon becomes a being of shimmering celestial light, surrounded by a corona of pale flame as if he had become a star himself. He may concentrate the starfire around himself and then allow it to burst out of him, washing the area around him with the coldly searing heat of the distant stars (this is a 10-tick action); the starflare deals his successes in aggravated damage that is not soakable by armor to all beings caught within a hundred-yard radius (all victims roll Stamina + Fortitude and subtract their successes from the Scion’s any targets with Stars also gain an additional amount of natural soak equal to their total number of Stars Boons). In addition, all victims within one mile of the Scion must achieve more successes than the Scion’s total number of Stars Boons or be blinded by the white flame for the remainder of the scene. The Scion’s blindingly white presence remains for the rest of the scene, during which time anyone who wishes to speak to, attack, or in any other way interact with the Scion must spend one point of Willpower and achieve more successes on an Appearance + Presence roll than he did (this may be an extended roll with cumulative successes). For the cost of an additional point of Legend, the Scion may also invest a weapon he carries with the deadly white flare, causing it to deal aggravated damage on its next attack; he may do this as many times as he wishes to pay for until the end of the scene.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
Dice Pool: None
The Scion may freely walk among the stars and travel to unknowable regions, create vistas of untold beauty, travel the galaxy on a whim, and even maroon a Titan in the vast emptiness of the universe – for a little while, at least.


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