Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, all of the content featured below was taken directly from John’s Scion Resources, a rules conversion option for Scion which is no longer supported. It was copy-pasted for reference purposes only. The official website has closed down in favor of Hero’s Journey, an independently made RPG system for modern mythological games.

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This section only covers the pantheons featured on-screen in God-Touched and does not reflect the entire array of patron deities available to choose from. Also note that the Found is an entirely custom pantheon and has no basis in real-world religion.

The Aesir The Bogovi
The Found The Kami
The Netjer The Teotl
The Theoi The Tuatha

The pantheons featured below are part of the JSR system, and may be used as options for patrons in your own games. (Please note that the Nemetondevos and the Shen have not been updated to current JSR rulings.)

The Anunna The Atua
The Deva The Nemetondevos
The Orisha The Shen
The Yazata


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