Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Open Sesame 1L Gain bonuses to attempts to pick locks and get through closed doors.
Unerring Orientation (1L) Always know the cardinal directions and perfectly remember any map you see.
All Roads Lead to Rome ●● 1L Discover what major destinations lie on a specific pathway.
False Footsteps ●● 1L Disguise your trail as something else’s or leave no trail at all.
Where Are You? ●● Instantly know the location of anyone who contacts you.
Heart of the Maze ●●● 3L Cha + Pre Cause your target to know instinctively how to find you, no matter where you are.
Unbarred Entry ●●● 1+L Walk through walls and obstacles.
Come Along ●●●● 1L Apply your Psychopomp Boons to your targets as well as yourself.
Spirit Lamp ●●●● 2L Cha + Occ Draw all ghosts in an area to you and force them to stay near you.
Terra Incognita ●●●●● Per + Awa Find nearby Terrae Incognita and learn their requirements for entry.
Storm the Gates ●●●●● 5L + 1W Int + Occ Open portals to other worlds and hold them to allow others to enter.
White Stag ●●●●● 3L Man + Sur Cause anyone attempting to follow you to be beset by obstacles and misdirections.
Shortcut ●●●●● 1L Teleport to any place that you’ve been before in the current realm. (Custom Boon)
Hand Off ●●●●● ● 1L + 1W Teleport items that you own to any person or place you know.
Marathon Sprinter ●●●●● ● 1L + 1W Run at highly elevated speeds.
Celerity ●●●●● ●● 10L + 1W Subtract 1 from the speed of all your actions for a limited time.
Rainbow Bridge ●●●●● ●● 3L + 1W Int + Awa Teleport to any location you know of.
Oneiric Visit ●●●●● ●●● 5L + 1W Per + Emp Travel through the dreams of others.
Ride Along ●●●●● ●●● 5L + 1W Apply your Psychopomp Boons to a vehicle.
Otherworldly Portal ●●●●● ●●●● 5+L Travel to Overworlds with ease.
Sealed Stair ●●●●● ●●●● 15L Man + Occ Close entrances to Overworlds, Underworlds, Terrae Incognita and Titanrealms.
Co-Location ●●●●● ●●●●● 10L + 1W dot Exist in several places at once.
The Way ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W Go anywhere in any realm instantly, keep all who travel with you safe regardless of dangers and travel totally undetected.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon, though only a budding traveler, is still leaps and bounds ahead of his compatriots when it comes to going wherever he wishes. Whenever he rolls Larceny in an attempt to pick a lock, override a security code or otherwise make his way through a door or portal that does not wish to admit him, he may add his Psychopomp Boons as automatic successes.


Cost: 1 Legend per use (if desired)
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon seldom fears becoming lost. When in any familiar area or location, he knows instinctively how to get from any point to any other point, directly and with no danger of confusion; if he finds himself in an unknown location, he still knows the four cardinal directions by heart and can always find them no matter what else may be unfamiliar. Few locations remain unknown to him for long, since by spending five minutes studying a map he can commit it perfectly to heart and for the next week know his way around anywhere it depicts with perfect familiarity. Should he ever wish to know in what direction his home lies, he has only to spend a point of Legend to know with complete certainty; likewise, if he finds himself in a strange situation, he may spend a point of Legend to know how far and in which direction is the last place that he was not lost.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon knows the secrets and destinations of the roads and paths of the world, and need never worry about not knowing her way from distant point to distant point. By stepping onto any road, path, or other transportational thoroughfare, she may spend the requisite cost to instantly know all major cities that it runs to or through, however long or twisting the journey might be. If she wishes to go to a specific place that the road can lead her to, she knows exactly which turns and forks of the path to take to arrive there.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
As well as being able to find his way, the Scion with this Boon knows how to prevent others from finding it after him. Upon activating this Boon, he may leave no footprints at all for the next 24 hours, passing without a trace across even the most malleable of surfaces; alternatively, he may choose to leave a false set of footprints behind, causing others to think that a harmless deer or rabbit passed this way (or, if he’s feeling mischievous, a sasquatch). This power aids the Scion in avoiding tracking attempts, but it is not foolproof: it can only mask his footprints, not his scent, and he must still roll Dexterity + Stealth OR Survival (depending on the terrain) with his total number of Psychopomp boons as automatic successes against anyone attempting to track him via supernatural means.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
Distance is no obstacle to the Scion with this Boon, which allows her always to know where her contacts and associates are. Whenever she is in remote contact with someone (via phone, internet, telepathy, or any other method), she knows exactly what direction that person is in, and exactly how far away he or she is from the Scion.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
As the ultimate guide through paths unknown, the Scion with this Boon may guide anyone he wishes to him, no matter how complicated or arduous the journey. When he spends the requisite 3 points of Legend, the Scion projects an image of himself into the mind of his target, who instantly gains the knowledge of the Scion’s location and instinctive, detailed instructions as to how to travel there. While the curiosity of such an event is nigh-irresistible, the target in question is not required to travel to the Scion if he or she doesn’t want to; the Scion merely opens the way for them, and cannot force them into following it. The Scion may send this knowledge to anyone within 100 times his successes in miles; if he scores 15 or more successes, he may even send it to those on other planes, calling to someone in an underworld, Terra Incognita, or other realm. The knowledge granted by this Boon remains for a number of days equal to the Scion’s total number of Psychopomp Boons, after which it vanishes completely from his target’s mind.


Cost: 1+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
No longer constrained by the mortal rules of travel, the Scion with this Boon may create his own way, passing through solid walls as if they did not exist. He may step through up to one foot of any solid barrier per point of Legend he chooses to spend, emerging on the other side as if no impediment had existed. He may only use this Boon to travel fully through a barrier; he may not pass only a part of his body or something he is carrying through.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
While all ways are open to the Scion well-versed in the Psychopomp purview, others she travels with might not be so lucky; with this Boon, she can bring them along on her travails, no matter how impossible it might normally be for them to keep up. Whenever the Scion uses a Psychopomp Boon, she has only to pay the Legend cost to extend the Boon’s effects to a companion, and she may do so as many times as she has companions she wishes to bring along with her. If she possesses a travel-oriented Boon from a different purview (Earth Travel, Flame Travel, Shadow Step, Come Running, etc.), she may pay the Boon’s level in Legend and one point of Willpower to use Come Along in conjunction with it.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
The Scion with this Boon may become a leader and beacon in the darkness, calling the lost to follow him like the proverbial will o’ the wisp. Once he pays the requisite cost, he begins to radiate an irresistible, ephemeral glow that stretches in a radius equal to his successes in miles in every direction; all ghosts and incorporeal spirits in the affected area are drawn to him like moths to a flame, following his every step, making him a veritable pied piper of the unseen. Should he choose to activate this power while in the Underworld, his range has a radius equal only to his successes in yards, but the glow he emits is visible to all and has the same uncanny power; additionally, those within the glow’s area gain his total number of Psychopomp Boons as automatic successes when they roll to perceive threats, traps, or hidden menaces, and they gain the same amount in dice when making difficult Virtue rolls. While this Boon allows the Scion to find, relocate, or otherwise commune with spirits if he has the ability (if he does not possess the Death Senses Boon, he is still unable to see the ghosts surrounding him), it is not without possible side effects; mischievous or overly curious spirits may find his attraction so great that they manifest or otherwise attempt to interact with him, and once the Boon’s effects have faded (after a number of days equal to the Scion’s total number of Psychopomp Boons), spirits that do not appreciate being drawn from their preferred haunts may decide to make his life difficult.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
The Scion with this Boon is attuned to the supernatural gates and doorways that surround unknowing mortals, and may find and investigate them with ease. She may use this Boon at any time, and is aware whenever the entrance to a Terra Incognita is within a number of miles less than or equal to her successes and may find it without directions; once there, she may get a general idea of what the entrance requires in order to admit her, though specifics are still dicey. In fact, so great is her acumen when it comes to sniffing out supernatural portals that she may even find entrances to underworlds and overworlds if they are sufficiently nearby, though it’s much less likely that she will be able to find a way inside. She also has an instinctive ability to find the center of any Touchstone, and always knows the any previous entrances to other realms that she herself has used in the past.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult
The Scion with this Boon is not merely a traveler himself, but an opener of the way for all who might need it, even if they normally could not go where he can. By spending the requisite cost while at the location of any Axis Mundi, the Scion may not only open it but hold it open as if it were a door, allowing others – even if they are mortal or possess no psychopomp abilities of their own – to enter. He may admit up to ten humans or similarly-sized creatures per success he scores on his activation roll, or one car-sized vehicle; larger creatures or machines require more successes as he strains to hold the gateway open. Those who travel thus by the Scion’s good graces emerge wherever the Axis Mundi traditionally allows them to, and receive no further benefit when it comes to making their way anywhere within that overworld.

This Boon may only be purchased by a Scion of Legend rating 9 or higher.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival
Difficulty: Opponent’s Intelligence + Survival roll
A psychopomp may be the keeper of the way and the traveler without boundaries, but she may also prevent those things, particularly if she doesn’t wish to be followed. Whenever the Scion with this Boon knows or suspects that she is being followed, she may pay the requisite cost to activate it; thereafter, anyone following her will find the way inexplicably and considerably more difficult than usual. Bizarre distractions, unusual complications, and strange coincidences make it harder and harder to follow the Scion’s trail, sometimes rendering it altogether impossible. Every threshold success the Scion scores against a potential tracker adds one hour to the time they require to follow her trail as they must deal with unexpected issues along the way, giving her a head start on even the most determined of hunters; should she score 24 or more threshold against a tracker, her trail is completely obfuscated, and no matter how much time or effort is spent on following her, they are simply unable to do so, thwarted by constant, coincidental pitfalls. The Scion’s mystically warded trail continues to misdirect would-be hunters for a number of days equal to her total number of Psychopomp Boons, after which point, if it is still fresh enough, she can once again be tracked.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
Just as a Fire demigod can step through flames and a Darkness demigod can step through shadows, a Psychopomp demigod can teleport to anywhere he’s been provided it’s in the same realm as him (no traveling between World and Overworld) within Psychopomp rating x 20 miles.

HAND OFF ●●●●● ●

Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The greatest messengers of the gods have frequently used this Boon in order to expedite the passing of messages and tokens; the Scion who possesses it may use it to send any item to any other person instantly, without the hassle of traveling there in person. By spending the requisite cost, the Scion causes an item or message she carries to instantly teleport to its recipient (who, if not used to this sort of thing, may be quite surprised). While this Boon is extremely handy for trading items back and forth and getting important messages to their recipients, it’s more difficult to use for nefarious pursuits; if the Scion attempts to send a stolen relic to someone else via such means, she must successfully make the same roll she would if she were trying to use it, or suffer the consequences. Only inanimate objects may be teleported; living beings cannot be sent in this manner.


Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon understands that sometimes travel is all about speed, no matter how circuitous or complicated the way might be. When she begins running and chooses to spend the requisite cost for this Boon, the Scion becomes able to move at blinding speeds, multiplying her normal Dash speed by five (including any modifiers from knacks like Lightning Sprinter, etc.). As long as she does nothing but continue to run at full speed, her augmented quickness continues to function until the end of the scene; if she stops running before the end of the scene for some reason, this Boon’s effects end and she must reactivate it if she wishes to use it again. While this allows her to cover phenomenal amounts of ground in a short period of time, it is not without its dangers; the Scion may be literally moving as fast or faster than she can see and process her environment, and if her Epic Dexterity is higher than her Epic Wits must make a Wits + Athletics roll (with a difficulty of her Epic Dexterity successes) in any dense or cluttered terrain in order to avoid crashing into something in her headlong flight.

CELERITY ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
Instead of channeling all their energies into travel, some Scions prefer to use the speed-increasing powers of their heritage to help enhance their lightning reflexes. The Scion with this Boon is a master of such usage, able to increase his abilities tenfold for a short period of time. When he pays the requisite cost, all of the Scion’s actions speed up for the remainder of the scene, subtracting 1 from their speed; additionally, his Move speed (though not his Dash) is doubled, as he is concentrating on refining the speed of small movements rather than reckless flight. The Scion’s precision, however, is not to be mimicked, and he cannot use this Boon in conjunction with the Come Along Boon.


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
The Scion with this Boon is a traveler without peer, able to bound from location to location without the mortal constraints of traveling the distance in between. As long as he can see somehow his destination or has some way to determine its longitude and latitude (more precise coordinates may gain him bonus dice), he may spend the requisite cost to instantly teleport anywhere in the world, making the entire globe his playground. When he wishes to travel in this manner, he need only declare the destination before rolling; he may travel a total distance toward it equal to 250 miles per success he garners, up to instant arrival at his destination (if he rolls more successes than he needs, he doesn’t overshoot his goal; he merely arrives there immediately). If he falls short of his destination, he will appear at a locale determined by his successes, and may use this power again to travel the remaining distance. This Boon does not allow travel between different planes.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy
While most psychopomps find it an easy thing to travel between the World, the Overworlds, the Underworlds, or any Terra Incognitae they may stumble across, it is another thing entirely to travel somewhere that has no physical realm at all. The Scion with Oneiric Visitation may actually fully enter the dreams of a sleeping person or creature, body and all, effectively disappearing from the known planes for a short period of time. By spending the requisite cost, the Scion becomes effectively incorporeal and disappears into the dreams of any creature she is able to see, hear, or otherwise come into contact with; once in the dream, she may interact with and experience it as she chooses. She is unable to physically harm the dreamer, but may impart wisdom, instructions, or mental torment at her whim; the dreamer believes the Scion to be part of his or her dream, and may not even realize the intrusion unless the Scion makes it known to them. In addition, the Scion may pass from the dreams of one person or creature to another’s, provided that the first target dreams about the second; this may not happen conveniently, but the Scion can always try to encourage her target’s sleeping mind toward certain ideas. When the Scion wishes to emerge from the dream (which she may do any time at will), she will do so at the same location as the dreamer whose dream she is currently occupying.

This power may only be used on targets who are both asleep and actively dreaming. While the majority of dreams have no power over a Scion, the dreams of a creature with a high Legend rating (9 or greater) may be very dangerous indeed; since the Scion is taking her physical body into the dream, invading the nighttime thoughts of a god or titan could be extraordinarily unwise. Conversely, the Scion may not be actively harmed by the dreams of anyone with a Legend rating less than 9, as her powers supersede the inventions of their sleeping minds. This power ends immediately if the dreamer awakens while the Scion is occupying their dreams, and the Scion will find herself suddenly ejected into the same location as the dreamer.

RIDE ALONG ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon may now bring not only companions but their vehicles along with him with a thought, becoming an instant divine transportation system. By spending the requisite cost, the Scion may extend the effects of the Come Along Boon to all passengers in a vehicle he is currently controlling, whether it be a bus, a chariot, a bicycle, or an eighteen-wheeler. Whatever guidance system the vehicle possesses, however primitive, becomes temporarily able to channel the effects of one of the Unerring Orientation, Where Are You?, or Terra Incognita Boons if the Scion has them, and the vehicle’s speed may be multiplied by five if the Scion possesses and pays for the Marathon Sprinter Boon (if he does so, those in the vehicle at the time gain the same effects as well, even if they fall out), up to a maximum of either the vehicle’s multiplied speed or the Scion’s, whichever is faster; the normal rules for rolling to avoid collision apply in either case. The Scion may use any other Psychopomp Boon as normal, and all passengers that remain in his vehicle will be affected by it; should he cease to control the vehicle at any point, it immediately loses these benefits and returns to its normal state (though, if he wishes to enlist someone else to drive it, he may do so by using the Come Along Boon on his potential driver when he first uses this Boon). Anything that is not truly part of the vehicle (a trailer, etc.) must be paid for as a separate vehicle or left behind. The effects of this Boon last for one scene, unless the Scion chooses to expend a permanent dot of Willpower; if he does so, they are permanent, and the vehicle is forevermore a divine mode of transport.


Cost: 5+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is now a psychopomp in truth, able to open and pass through the doors between any of the realms with impunity. She may pass from the World into any underworld or overworld and back as she sees fit, simply by spending the requisite cost. Doing so deposits her at the Overworld’s normal Axis Mundi destination, but if she has the Rainbow Bridge Boon and wishes to spend an additional five points of Legend, she may enter and find herself immediately at any location she knows of within the realm. Opening such doors works for the Scion herself only; if she wishes to take others with her, she must use the Come Along Boon as usual.

SEALED STAIR ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 15 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Difficulty: Varies (see below)
Though a Psychopomp’s role is to open the way, he may also close it when circumstances warrant. By spending the requisite cost at any supernatural portal (an entrance to an Underworld, Overworld, Terra Incognita, Titanrealm, etc.), the Scion may spend the requisite cost and roll in an attempt to close it, barring the way to any other would-be travelers for a number of weeks equal to his threshold successes.

Door Destination Closing Difficulty
Terra Incognita 10
Specific Overworld pocket (personal Axis Mundi) 25
Underworld 35
Touchstone 40
Overworld (major Axis Mundi) 50
Titanrealm 65

Once the Scion has closed the door, it functionally ceases to exist for as long as his successes dictate; no other travelers can find or use it from either direction, and it ceases to exist for purposes of detection via Occult rolls or Psychopomp Boons. When the door reopens, it does so as if it had never been closed and functions as normal henceforth unless this Boon is used on it again. Closing a single door does not affect all other doors into a given realm; if the Scion wishes to make an entire realm impassable, he must find and close all doors leading into it.

If the Scion chooses to additionally expend a permanent dot of Willpower, he may choose to permanently seal off an entrance, erasing its existence (if this is the only door to a given place, it does not cause the realm to cease to exist; it merely renders it impossible for anyone to get in or out until a new portal is created); doing so requires that he overcome a doubled difficulty, however, and if he fails the Willpower dot is simply lost to him.

CO-LOCATION ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower dot per use
The Scion with this Boon is literally no longer bound by space and time; if he chooses to spend the requisite cost, he may freely exist in more than one place at a time. By pausing to concentrate for a few seconds, he may split off into two exact duplicates of himself; neither are truly duplicates as both are the Scion himself, and both have all of his abilities, powers and birthrights at full potency. They share the Scion’s Legend, Willpower, Virtue and Legendary Deed pools, but may act completely independently of one another and go wherever in any of the worlds the Scion wishes them to. While the duplicate is living and active, the Scion may not regain the dot of Willpower he spent to create it; once he dismisses it or it is destroyed, he instantly gains it back for free. The Scion may have as many copies of himself as he wishes to pay for, and is able at any time to decide to simply unmake any of them, returning his spent dot of Willpower. Being in so many places at once is difficult, if not impossible, to process, however; he may only act as and pay attention to one clone at a time, unless he possesses the Parallel Attention Knack (in which case he can experience through the senses of as many clones as he has dots of Epic Perception simultaneously) or the Multi-Tasking Knack (in which case he can simultaneously act with as many of them as he has dots of Epic Intelligence). Only one duplicate may, at any given time, use a specific purview’s Avatar (that is, only one duplicate may be the Reaver at a time, though one could be the Reaver and one the Green if the Scion wished to pay for such). If two duplicates are in the same place and engage in the same battle, they automatically act as a coordinated assault together.

Such duplicates are permanent until such time as the Scion either forgets where he has left them or he decides consciously to unmake them; when he does so, if he possesses the Hand Off Boon, all their items appear at his side. The Scion cannot use the Come Along Boon in conjunction with this one to make copies of others, but he can use the Ride Along Boon in order to give each of his clones the same vehicle.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
The Scion cannot lose his way or be prevented from reaching his destination, regardless of obstacles or starting points.


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