Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Speak Hu 1L Use social knacks on inanimate objects and unintelligent creatures.
Drive Sekhu ●● Varies Double your health levels for a scene.
Plumb Sheut ●●● Calculate your Willpower pool from the sum of all your Virtues.
Call Sekem ●●●● Varies Spend Legend to gain additional Legendary Deeds per story.
Spread Ren ●●●●● 5L + 1W Cha + Emp Permanently transform a mortal Fatebound to you into a Herald who creates new Fatebonds for you.
Channel Ba ●●●●● ● Varies Spend Willpower to gain additional Virtue Channels per story.
Funnel Ka ●●●●● ●● 1L + 1LD Pay only half Legend price for Boons and Knacks in one scene.
Grant Akh ●●●●● ●●● 10L + 1W Piety Grant worshipers a Legend rating and some of your Virtues and Boons.
Open Ib ●●●●● ●●●● Conviction Pay less Legend for your Heku boons.
Saa ●●●●● ●●●●● 5+L + 1+W Use your Heku boons on others for one scene.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon has learned the first principle of the powers of the gods, that of hu, the divine word of creation and power; with it, he can order the world around him and exert his commands over anything within his sight. Whenever the Scion chooses to pay this Boon’s cost, he may use any social Knack at its normal cost against any inanimate object, from the lowliest sewing needle to the most impressive monument. All non-living beings have a resistance roll that varies with their size; the Scion may use Overt Order to cause a rock to fall on an enemy’s head or use Charmer to convince a plant to shelter him in its leaves, but he may not necessarily change a mountainside’s mind, and he may not order any object to do something of which it is not capable (i.e., rocks can fall but not jump).


Cost: Varies (see below)
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon has complete mastery over her physical form, the sekhu, able to push her body well beyond the limits of normal mortals or even Scions. By concentrating for a moment and spending a number of Legend points equal to her Epic Stamina dots minus two (a minimum of 1), the Scion causes her total number of health levels to double for the scene, becoming nigh-unstoppable when it comes to wounds and physical hardship. (Doubling her health levels does not duplicate any damage she may already have, but it also does not heal any.) The new health levels are all -0, and function exactly as real ones until the end of the scene, when they vanish. Wounds the Scion has sustained, however, do not vanish with them; when the extra health levels vanish, any damage from them instantly wraps around to the Scion’s normal health levels, making her fall prey to unconsciousness or even death if she fails to find healing or acts too unwisely while thus augmented.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon is intimately acquainted with his sheut, his own shadow, which walks behind him all the days of his life and will act as his ghost in death. Upon purchasing this Boon, he draws upon the mirrored parts of himself within his sheut, gaining its strength; he now has a maximum Willpower pool based on the sum of all of his permanent Virtues, rather than only his top two.


Cost: Varies (see below)
Dice Pool: None
The sekem, the power or vitality that supports the ba and presses it on into action, is touchable and pliable to the Scion with this Boon, who may use it to spur herself to achieve ever-higher levels of greatness. Whenever she wishes to perform a Legendary Deed and has already done so the maximum number of times allowed in the story, she may spend a number of Legend points equal to her Legend rating in addition to the normal cost of the Legendary Deed in order to do so anyway. She may do this as many times throughout the story as she wishes to pay for.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Empathy
Difficulty: Fatebond Rating
The Scion with this Boon understands that his ren, or name, is one of the most sacred and important aspects of his soul, and he takes steps to ensure that it will continue to be spoken and live on indefinitely. Whenever the Scion encounters a mortal to whom he is Fatebound, he may touch them, spend the requisite cost, and exhort them to speak his name and carry tales of his deeds; when he does so, the mortal’s Fatebound role instantly changes to Herald. In addition, the Scion may choose one new expectation and one new rejection for the Fatebound mortal and declare them aloud, causing the mortal to instantly begin to believe in them instead of one of his previous beliefs (the Scion may choose which Fatebound beliefs to replace; if he has no way of knowing what the mortal believes, the beliefs are replaced at random). The Scion may only use this Boon on a specific mortal once, but its effects are permanent. Once the new mortal has become a Herald, he or she immediately sets forth into the world to spread the Scion’s name, and such is the strength of this Boon that the mortal is able to create two new Fatebonds from mortals to the Scion when he or she does so; these mortals have a Fatebond rating one lower than the Herald’s and share all of his or her beliefs about the Scion.

CHANNEL BA ●●●●● ●

Cost: Varies (see below)
Dice Pool: None
The ba is the Scion’s personality and soul, that which makes him unique and his own man; once he has learned this Boon, the force of that personality is so strong that nothing can take it from him, not even his own exhaustion. Whenever he wishes to channel a Virtue and has already done so the maximum number of times allowed in the story, he may spend a number of points of Willpower equal to half his Legend rating to do so anyway. He may do this as many times throughout the story as he wishes to pay for.

FUNNEL KA ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Legendary Deed per use
Dice Pool: None
The ka, or life-force, is the very energy that supports the Scion’s soul, enabling her to live and flourish; by mastering this Boon, she is able to focus and redirect its powers to aid her. When the Scion spends the requisite cost to awaken her ka, she calls upon its bolstering power to not only keep her alive but also to fuel her abilities; for the remainder of the scene, she need only pay half (rounded down, to a minimum of 1) the Legend cost of any Boon, Knack, spell or other supernatural power she uses, while her ka, now under her conscious control, provides the necessary energy for the other half. While the Scion uses the underlying power of her soul, however, she is a beacon for Fate, and all Fatebinding rolls are made at a -1 difficulty. Activating this Boon always costs a Legendary Deed, and it may never be used to lower the Legend cost of an Avatar. The Scion may only funnel her ka once per week, as she requires the rest of its energies to keep her alive.

GRANT AKH ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Piety
Now a goddess in her own right, the Scion with this Boon feels her soul unite in a blaze of spiritual glory, becoming the akh, or complete soul, while she still lives. Now in possession of the full power of her soul, the Scion may choose to grant it to those who worship her faithfully, creating wizards and magicians the likes of which have seldom been seen on earth. Whenever any adherent who is not Fatebound to her prays to the Scion and requests her aid, she may use this Boon to grant it; upon visiting the mortal, she may lay hands upon him or her and spend the requisite cost, endowing them permanently with powers beyond the ken of humans (if the mortal is Fatebound to someone other than the Scion, she must pay an additional amount of Legend equal to the Fatebond rating in order to use this Boon). The human immediately becomes a Legendary Mortal and gains a Legend rating of 1, which can never be increased; he or she also gains one dot each in one mental and one social Epic Attribute (their highest), as well as three dots in one of the Scion’s Virtues (the Scion herself chooses which). In addition to these benefits, which are permanent, the Scion may also bestow upon the mortal a number of Boons up to her successes; these must be Boons the Scion herself knows, and she may never grant a mortal a Boon of level six or higher, nor may she give any Heku Boons or any level of Mystery. Once granted, the mortal may use these Boons once, after which point he or she immediately loses access to them; if he or she does not use them within a week, they likewise vanish.

Henceforth, whenever the new magician prays to the Scion, she may choose to give him or her new Boons (though she may never increase his Epic Attributes, Legend rating or Virtues in this way again) no matter where she is, simply by paying said Boon’s cost; when she does so, she may send a brief sign (a flicker of the lights, a roll of thunder, a brief voice on the wind) to inform the mortal that she has heard his or her plea. The Scion does not have to acquiesce to the mortal’s request unless she feels like it, however, and if she lacks the Hear Prayers knack may find it difficult to know when her subject is in need of aid.

OPEN IB ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: None
Dice Pool: Conviction
The ib, or heart, is the seat of all thought and emotion and the place wherein the other fragments of the soul are contained; the Scion with this Boon has learned to manipulate even his own heart, opening its pathways and easing the way for his soul to manifest itself. Whenever he uses a Heku Boon, he may choose to activate this one along with it; when he does, the Boon costs an amount of Legend equal to his successes less than it normally would (two successes are required to reduce a point of Willpower), down to a minimum of zero, as he throws wide the doors of his ib and allows the soul within it to shine forth.

SAA ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 5+ Legend and 1+ Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon, having acquired true mastery over all the facets of her soul, has achieved saa, omniscience; she is able to see into the hearts and minds of all those around her and isolate the wandering elements of their souls in turn, reaching out to coax them to life. She may use the Drive Sekhu, Channel Ba, Call Sekem, Funnel Ka and Plumb Sheut Boons to affect a target as if using them on herself by paying the activation cost in addition to the Boon’s normal cost (if the Boon’s cost is conditional, it depends upon the target’s totals, not the Scion’s). The target may enjoy the effects of the Scion’s Heku Boon for the remainder of the scene, after which point she ceases to enhance their soul and they return to normal. The Scion may reuse this Boon to give as many of her other Heku Boons to a target as she wishes in a given scene, but she may grant the effects of each Boon to a specific target only once.


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