Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Eye of the Storm 1L Avoid effects and damage from chaotic events.
Murphy’s Law 1L Cause small, nonlethal things to start going wrong for everyone in your area (including you).
Hornet’s Nest ●● 1L Int + Awa Add or subtract dice of damage dealt from chaotic sources.
Paralyzing Confusion ●●● 1W Wit + Emp Cause your target to lose short-term memory and become immobilized by chaotic confusion.
Persistent Echo ●●● 1L Man + Occ Cause all sound in a scene to combine into an impenetrable wall of noise.
Impassion ●●●● Varies Man + Emp Increase your target’s current emotions to passionate intensity.
Out of the Frying Pan ●●●● 3+L + 1W Escape from the current situation to a random destination.
Sabot ●●●● 1W Int + Art Break or severely impair the function of machines.
Labyrinthine Lingering ●●●●● 3L Wit + Awa Cause others to be unable to find their way out of a crossroads.
Recurring Distraction ●●●●● 1+L Wit + Emp Force your target to experience a constant distraction that imposes penalties to their rolls.
Crawling Chaos ●●●●● ● 3L + 1W Wit + Emp Cause your target and anyone who sees or touches him to be paralyzed by overwhelming confusion.
Friendly Fire ●●●●● ● 3L Man + Pol Cause your target’s next attack to strike someone on their own side instead of an enemy.
Bacchanalia ●●●●● ●● 5L + 1W Cha + Art Cause everyone around you to break out into wild bacchanalic celebration.
Instant Riot ●●●●● ●● 5L + 1W Cha + Pre Cause everyone around you to break out into a violent riot.
Insanity ●●●●● ●●● 5+L Man + Emp Drive your target insane.
System Failure ●●●●● ●●● 5L + 1W Int + Art Cause all machines near you to malfunction or break.
Unlikely Pattern ●●●●● ●●● 1+L + 1W Wit + Art Throw a collection of items into the air and cause them to form a working composite item.
Shuck Fate ●●●●● ●●●● 3L + 1W Wit + Occ When you gain a Fatebond, attach it to someone else instead of yourself.
Unintended Purpose ●●●●● ●●●●● 10L + 1W Wit + Com Use any item as if it were another item of a similar size.
The Void ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W Cause mass insanity, reform reality around you and completely rewrite the personalites and natures of beings near you.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon (which may be activated reflexively at any time) is perpetually surrounded by calm, untouched by chaos occurring around him; he cannot be affected by chaotic events such as riots or stampedes, and undirected missiles such as shrapnel or randomly aimed bullets simply fail to hit him for the remainder of the scene. This Boon has no affect on attacks that are intended for the Scion, however.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon may choose to simply unleash chaos around him, and damn the consequences. Everything that can go wrong in the scene suddenly begins going wrong – machines break, things are dropped and lost, assistants forget crucial reports, the plumbing ruptures, tires go flat, and any number of other things suddenly go haywire. While nothing life-threatening or seriously injurious happens as a result of these sudden malfunctions, the situation is incredibly frustrating, taxing, and distracting for all those involved, which may afford the Scion time for an escape, a covert operation, or just to sit back and enjoy the fun. Even the Scion himself is not immune to the chaos around him (unless he also uses the Eye of the Storm Boon), and will be subjected to just as many difficulties as everyone else, though he has the advantage of knowing this ahead of time. Things continue to go wrong until the end of the scene (when, although they may stop actively going wrong, things are certainly not guaranteed to suddenly right themselves, either).


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
Due to her ability to analyze and augment the chaos around her, the Scion with this power may add or subtract bonus dice equal to her successes to any damage coming from a random or chaotic source, at her discretion.


Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
The Scion with this power causes instant, overwhelming confusion to his target, rendering them unable to speak, act, or think coherently for the remainder of the scene, or until he or she is dealt damage, at which point they instantly snap out of their gibbering inactivity. Once released from it, the target will have no memory of the episode or of events for the same number of ticks before he or she was affected, and may be targeted again if the Scion wishes to spend the Boon’s cost again.


Cost: 1 Legend per scene
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
The Scion with this power causes herself to be surrounded by indecipherable white noise. Sounds switch and intermingle until they are no longer recognizable, and communication via speech in her presence is impossible. The wall of noise lasts for the scene and follows the Scion wherever she may go, and may be resisted by an opposed Perception + Awareness roll.


Cost: 1+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
With a word, a touch, or even just a knowing smirk, the Scion may enhance the emotions of another person, pushing them far past their current level. If the Scion overcomes her target’s resistance roll, his strongest emotion at that particular moment will shoot through the roof, becoming much more intense and uncontrollable than would be usual for the situation. The Scion need spend only a point of Legend to affect less powerful beings, but must expend considerably more energy to affect those of higher Legend ratings, as follows:

Target’s Legend Rating Legend Cost
1-4 1
5-8 3
9-12 7

If the target thus affected needs to roll a Virtue at any time during the scene, he or she rolls double her usual number of dice; the target may also double the dice received from Virtue channels while thus affected.


Cost: 3+ Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this Boon has no compunctions about throwing himself on the mercy of chance. Whenever the Scion finds himself facing insurmountable danger (or he just wants a change of scenery), he may pay the requisite cost to instantly teleport himself (and as many other people as he likes, provided that he spends one additional point of Legend for each) away and to a random destination of Fate’s choosing. He has no control over where he goes or what is happening when he arrives, or even over whether or not he will be in more danger than he started in; he simply rolls one die and arrives at a destination as follows:

Roll Result Destination
10 Scion’s home
9 Friendly Terra Incognita
8 Scion’s pantheon’s underworld or Axis Mundi
7 Large but friendly metro area
6 Small, safe city or town
5 Isolated, dangerous wilderness
4 Extremely hostile, imminently dangerous place
3 Hostile underworld or Axis Mundi
2 Hostile Terra Incognita
1 Location of dangerous mortal enemy

If the Scion rolls a 1 and has used this power to escape an enemy or dangerous situation, the new enemy or situation is automatically a more dangerous one; if he has no other mortal enemy, Fate will invent a new one for him. While this power does afford the Scion the ability to move between different planes without use of the Psychopomp purview, its element of random chance and probable danger make it impractical for such uses… for all but the most foolhardy or die-hard of gamblers.

SABOT ●●●●

Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Art (related)
This Boon causes a machine that the Scion is looking at to spontaneously break, rendering it dead or with very limited functionality. The Scion must be able to see the machine he wishes to sabotage, and, in the case of very large, complex machines, may need to break more than one submachine in order to render the entire thing unusable. If the machine was created by a Legendary person or being, the Scion must garner more successes on his activation roll than the creator did on their original Dexterity + Art roll; if he wishes, he may spend one point of Willpower to roll again in an extended roll as many times he wishes until he has managed to break the machine in question. Conversely, anyone wishing to fix the machine after the Scion has broken it must receive more successes on a Dexterity + Art roll than the Scion received when he broke it.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + AWareness
By standing at any crossroads or forking of the way, the Scion with this boon may trap and disorient others by causing them to have no idea which path is which. This power is reflexively resisted with a Perception + Awareness roll, even for those with no Legend rating. While the Scion must be present at the crossroads to activate this Boon, he need not remain there once he has done so; the power remains for a number of days equal to his activation successes.


Cost: 1 Legend per point of penalty
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
The Scion with this Boon may distract and irritate others by lodging a small, repetitive idea in their skulls; it might be anything from a commercial jingle to a bit of a speech (a good pun is its own reword!), but no matter what it is it is sure to be annoying, intrusive, and completely unshakable. For the next number of days equal to the Scion’s threshold successes, a target unable to resist the Scion’s powers will suffer a penalty equal to however many Legend she chose to spend upon activation (up to a maximum equal to her total number of Chaos Boons) to all rolls.


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
The Scion with this power may reduce targets to shivering, twitching balls of confusion, unable even to speak or act on their own for the remainder of the scene. This malady is instantly communicated to anyone who sees or touches the affected target, at which point the new target is fully gripped by the same misfortune. If a target thus affected is physically harmed, they immediately become active and aware again, shaking off the Scion’s influence (though seeing someone else affected could easily plunge them back into it). Upon emerging from his or her catatonic state, the target has no memory of the episode, nor of an equal amount of time before he or she was affected.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Politics
By concentrating and directing the forces of chaos toward a particular target, the Scion can cause them to suddenly act in a completely unforeseen way, turning on friends and allies. By waiting until his target takes an action (the Scion himself must not be taking any other actions, waiting for the perfect moment to strike) and spending the requisite cost at the same moment, the Scion redirects their action, whatever it might be, onto a random friendly person or creature in their vicinity; the target immediately takes whatever action he or she was about to take, but directs it at the friendly being unless they are able to overcome the Scion’s successes on a Wits + Integrity roll. Warriors turn to cleave their comrades, healers mend flesh that has no need of it, and spellcasters find themselves sowing curses and confusion among their allies, completely by accident; targets thus affected by the Scion’s whims have no warning of their imminent failure and merely believe that they have catastrophically missed or mistargeted without meaning to. The Scion may use this Boon only once per scene on any one being, though he may use it on as many different people in a scene as he wishes to pay for. If the Scion is facing only one foe and there are no available allies or bystanders for them to target, this Boon has no effect.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Art (must be a form of performance)
The Scion with this Boon causes a sudden, hedonistic revel to break out all around her, throwing inhibitions to the wind and encouraging everyone affected to indulge in whatever pleasures present themselves. Everyone within a radius equal to 100 times the Scion’s total number of Chaos Boons in yards is affected, and will be prone to drinking, dancing, wild sex, and any other form of abandon that may suggest itself. The Scion’s hedonistic influence lasts for a number of hours equal to the Scion’s total number of Chaos Boons, after which it vanishes completely, usually leaving a lot of very confused and mortified people in its wake. Once the Scion’s powers dissipate, those affected lose their entire Willpower pool; for the next week, they may only regain up to half their normal pool of Willpower as the shame of their actions assails them.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
By inciting a small group of people to rebellion, the Scion may cause a riot to break out, even in the most sedate and uninspired countryside hamlet. Five people are inspired to riot for every success scored on the Scion’s activation roll, and the riot (which continues to expand as long as this Boon is in effect) lasts for a number of hours equal to the Scion’s total number of Chaos Boons. Once the Scion’s powers dissipate, the rioters lose their entire Willpower pool for the next week as the shame of their actions assails them. While beings with a Legend rating cannot be incited to riot with this Boon, they may be injured by the rioters and the general chaos around them; if they possess more Chaos Boons than the Scion, they may avoid the riot’s effects with the Eye of the Storm Boon.

INSANITY ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
The Scion may cause instant, frothing insanity in others with the use of this Boon, destroying their ability to think and act rationally and consigning them to madness. She may affect a number of people equal to her total number of Chaos Boons, plus the same again for every point of Legend she spends past 5. Creatures with Legend 0 to 4 become permanently insane and cannot be brought back to sanity; those with Legend 5 to 8 are affected for a number of days equal to the Scion’s threshold successes, while those of Legend 9 or above are affected for mere hours. Those affected have no memory of their period of insanity once they return to normal.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Art (related)
Instead of specifically concentrating on a particular machine, the Scion’s mere presence is now so discombobulating that it causes mass instability and failure in all machines and systems around him. When he spends the requisite cost, the Scion causes all nearby mechanical and electronic systems and constructs to instantly malfunction or break, turning from useful tools to useless heaps of slag in moments; all machines within ten times the Scion’s successes in yards are affected, rendering entire factories and neighborhoods functionally destroyed in a matter of seconds. Mundane machines break automatically; machines magically constructed or enhanced are more difficult, and the Scion must evenly divide his successes between any that are in the area, attempting to overcome their creators’ rolls simultaneously in order to damage them. Once destroyed, would-be repairmen must gain more than the Scion’s activation successes on a Dexterity + Art roll in order to restore them.


Cost: 1 Willpower and (1/3 difficulty) of Legend
Dice Pool: Wits + Art
Difficulty: Varies (see below)
The Scion with this Boon may create order out of random elements, just as he is able to create chaos from structure. By collecting various items and throwing them into the air, the Scion may cause them to fall to the ground in the perfect form of something else; for example, he might throw some metal and rubber into the air and watch a bicycle drop to the floor, or toss a bag of food staples upward and enjoy some fresh bread when it tumbles down. As he is calling on the capricious whims of chaos to create something, the Scion may easily create either a flawless item or a misshapen, damaged one; if the result of his activation roll is an even number, the item is perfect, while an odd number yields a serious flaw. Every threshold success past those required to create the item may be applied toward some desirable trait (e.g. soak, speed, appearance, etc).

Items Finished Item Difficulty
Wooden blocks Stack of blocks 3
Coins All heads or all tails 5
Aluminum, rubber, chain Bicycle 10
Coins All edges 15
Flour, milk, eggs Cake 20
Steel, plastic, glass Car 25
Dark matter Pocket universe 50

The item is fully formed and functional for the remainder of the scene, after which it falls into its constituent parts again; if the Scion wishes to make it permanent, he may spend a permanent dot of Willpower to do so.

SHUCK FATE ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Difficulty: Scion’s Legend rating + successes on Fatebinding roll
The Scion with this Boon may attempt to confuse Fate itself by deftly rearranging Fatebonds, removing them from herself and latching them onto someone else. She must pay the cost for attempting to do so up front; if she fails to successfully detach the Fatebinding, the Legend and Willpower are lost, though she may try again if she wishes. The Scion may reflexively activate this power whenever a Fatebinding is placed upon her, but if she fails to do so the Fatebinding may not be removed with this power at a later time.
Since she is spending Legend to foist her Fatebinding onto another, however, the Scion is subject to one last Fatebinding roll; she may not use this Boon again to avoid it, and if it is successful is immediately and firmly bound to the person onto whom she passed the first Fatebinding.


Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Command
The world is the Scion’s playground, one on which he is king, god, and main character of his own story when he possesses this Boon, which allows him to use any item as though it were any other item of a similar size. Footballs may become grenades, grenades may become pineapples, and pineapples may become high-tech notebook computers at the drop of a hat. The transformed item remains in its new form for a number of days equal to the Scion’s successes, after which it reverts to its original state.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
Dice Pool: None
The Scion becomes a force of raw chaos, destroying and reshaping life and matter around him and warping the natures and personalities of even gods and titans.


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