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  • Boldly Going

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    The journey is slow and uneventful as Bear maneuvers the massive vehicle through the trees and over the hilly terrain, which, just an hour or two outside of Six Rivers National Forest becomes positively mountainous. Thanks …

  • Cry Me A River

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    Last time... Our heroes failed to cross the super-convenient ice bridge across the Bering Strait! But that's okay, because they narrowly escaped the clutches of the fearsome Tsar Mora, Slavic Titan of the Drowned Road. …

  • Saturnine Night

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    Last time! Bat conveyed the party from Peklo to the Thrice-Nine Lands at Dovile's request. This, Fate tells her, is where the lost spirits can be found and freed from the Titan Stvaranje's grasp. Unfortunately, a …

  • On the Road

    h4. Finishing Up Business OOCly table(chatlog). (st). ||ST
    Alright.| (st). ||ST
    We're going to handle Resources first and foremost.| (ken1). ||Ken
    HOKAY| (ken1). ||Ken
    I am ready!| (st). ||ST
    You wanted to recover the 20 you'd lost …

  • O Canada!

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    Last time... Our heroes traveled from Sixrivers, CA, USA to Prince George, BC, Canada over the course of a couple of days. During that trip they encountered a Basket Ogress, whom was charmed by Ken, offering up a giant- …

  • Clash of the Titans

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    Last time... Crook lost two toes to frostbite caused by a supernatural cold snap! Sanura, Crook, and Lena all drank Ken's blood! Lena's fever broke thanks to her impromptu vampirism! The group reached the Bering Strait …

  • Joyful Reunion

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    Last time! We spent the last ten episodes watching an epic fight between Goku and ... hey, wait a minute. Let's try that again. We spent the last two sessions in the Day Kingdom deliberating about how to find and obtain …

  • ... And Back

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    Last time! There was a lot of joking and bantering between the folks building the VTOL. Also teasing. Lots of teasing. Now, though, we get right down to brass tacks.| (ken1). ||Ken
    Them tacks be brassy.| (st). ||ST

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