The capricious Yazata god of wind


Alternate Names Ram, Vata, Vayu-Vata
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Charisma Wits Death Sky
Abilities Empathy, Fortitude, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Presence


Vayu is the god of the wind, the lord of all air and the keeper of life. He is the bestower of life when a baby draws its first breath, and he is the bringer of death when an old man breathes his last death rattle. Like the winds he controls, he is capricious and unpredictable, often taking actions or making decisions that have no outward reasoning, exasperating and angering even the others of his pantheon. Nevertheless, he is absolutely necessary; without breath nothing can live, and it is his wind that blows Tishtrya’s rain across the earth and moves the clouds to allow Mithra’s friend, the sun, to shine down on the ground. He is above all a god of change and shifting, things that his worshipers (few, even when compared to the other Yazata) maintain are necessary for the balance of all things.

Vayu and the Gods

It happened that the gods one day decided to determine which of them was most necessary for mankind to live, and they chose a man to be their test subject. Mithra withheld his light from the man and he became blind; Mah withheld her cunning and he became stupid; Ard withheld her fortune and he became unlucky, Vahram withheld his fire and he became meek and Tishtrya withheld his water and he became parched. The gods quarreled, still unable to choose whose attribute was of most importance to the man, until Vayu stood and withheld the man’s breath. The man was unable to live without breath, showing that Vayu was by far the most necessary of the gods; furthermore, the other gods began to feel the breath leeching from their lungs as well as a powerful wind whipping up around them, and they realized that Vayu had power even over them. They never contested their strengths among themselves again.


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