The Atua god of the Angry Face


Alternate Names Ku
Pantheon The Atua
Powers Charisma Death Magic War
Abilities Art, Fortitude, Melee, Presence, Occult, Survival


The God of the Angry Face is a fierce and overwhelming force; unlike most of the other Atua, who represent the natural forces of the world, he is the ferocity of war and the devastation of men and gods, designating warriors from birth and holding the fate of every conflict in his capable hands. He is the great sorcerer who controls the destiny of mankind and the virile god of masculinity and force, a creature who even his fellow gods respect for the violent power he is capable of unleashing upon worthy foes. His gentler aspects include aiding his brothers in creation and providing prosperity to his people when properly appeased, but his power as the cosmic warrior is never far beneath the surface.


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