The Yazata god of rain


Alternate Names Tir, Tiri, Tishtar, Tistrya
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Strength Animal (Horse) Fertility Stars Thunder Water
Abilities Animal Ken, Athletics, Brawl, Integrity, Occult, Survival


Tishtrya is the benevolent and beloved god of rain, he who first created the lakes and rivers and now provides water to the earth so that it may grow and support life. He is associated with fertility and with bounty offered to a deserving people; in addition, he is also a guardian god, constantly patrolling the heavens and earth to keep any evil from threatening his people and driving it away in the form of a great and powerful stallion wherever he encounters it. He is also the god of the north star and from its vantage point surveys the earth, as vigilant as the star itself.

Tishtrya and Apaosha

Once, when Tishtrya was dutifully spreading the rains over the earth, the terrible demon of drought, Apaosha, arose and sucked the life out of the earth, creating a vast wasteland in which men and beasts died by the thousands. Seeing this, Tishtrya immediately set out to do battle with the demon, appearing in the form of a pure white horse that reflected the purity of his intentions and the strength of his will. Apaosha, in turn, transformed himself into a coal-black horse and met him in the midst of a vast plain, and there the two battled for three days and three nights, neither able to overcome the other. But the men of earth had lost faith in Tishtrya’s ability to free them from the terrible drought and had ceased to offer him prayers and libations, and so he weakened and weakened until it seemed certain that Apaosha must overcome him. Seeing this, Ahura Mazda intervened, offering his own prayers and sacrifice to bolster Tishtrya, who was strengthened enough to defeat Apaosha and banish the heinous drought from the earth, never to return.


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