The Nemetondevos god of death and alcohol


Alternate Names Silvanus, Sucaelus, Sucellos, Sucellus
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Charisma Intelligence Animal (Crow) Death Fertility Justice Psychopomp
Abilities Awareness, Command, Integrity, Investigation, Politics, Presence


The Gaulish death god, Sukellos, is a creature of contradictions: he represents death and is the master of the underworld, and it is he who judges the souls who pass into his realm, yet he is also the god of merriment and alcohol, the creator of ale and beer who first taught mankind the joys of fermentation. He is a stern lawmaker and allows no unworthy souls into his domain, but he is also the kindly guide who helps the dead find the underworld and cheers them on their way.

Sukellos and Hades

Though he hates the Theoi at large for what they did to his culture, Sukellos’ brightest hatred is reserved for Hades; unlike the rest of the Nemetondevos, who were able to retire in relative peace after the destruction of Gaul, Sukellos must still guard his borders vigilantly against incursions from the other death god, whose desire to rule all the lands of the dead is insatiable. Though normally genial and fair in his rulings, Sukellos has no pity or hesitations whatsoever when it comes to putting a stop to Hades or any children he might have.


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