The Yazata messenger god of obedience


Alternate Names Sorush, Srosh, Sroshdatak
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Appearance Dexterity Guardian Justice Psychopomp
Abilities Athletics, Integrity, Investigation, Melee, Occult, Presence


The god of obedience is a towering figure of incredible beauty and rock-hard conviction, a deity who refuses to bend in any dimension. Sraosha is an enforcer for his pantheon, making sure that the laws are followed and that those who break them are subjected to their just deserts. He is also a god of open paths, carrying messages and laws from the heavens to mankind and aiding the dead in finding their way to the underworld and their final judgment once Vayu releases them. He is earnest, steadfast, and never sways from his purpose, which is always in service to his pantheon’s ideals and rules; when he is not actively fighting evil he wanders the earth, spreading the knowledge of his pantheon to those who might not know them.

Sraosha and Ahriman

Sraosha is the greatest of the soldiers who sally forth against the minions of Ahriman; three times each day he is sent down to earth to combat them with his might and faith, and three times each day he defeats many and sends them howling home to their master. It is foretold that, at the end of time, it is Sraosha who will face Ahriman himself, and that he will finally defeat him for good with the help of Ahura Mazda.

Sraosha and Ard

Though he is ever-vigilant on behalf of his entire pantheon, Sraosha has a special fondness for his younger sister, Ard, who as the goddess of fortunes and blessings always lends him her aid when he sallies forth against the forces of evil. He is most zealous about guarding her maidenly innocence and protecting her from the depredations of lustful men, for only in matrimony, the Yazata believe, can any woman (human or divine) attain true happiness with her mate.


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