The Shen god of agriculture


Alternate Names Than Nong, Yan Di
Pantheon The Shen
Powers Intelligence Perception Stamina Fertility Fire Health Prophecy
Abilities Awareness, Command, Fortitude, Integrity, Medicine, Survival


The Divine Farmer is the god of agriculture, the benevolent deity who taught his people to grow food from the earth instead of chasing down hapless game in the forest. He is the god of the burning wind that punishes men for transgressions, and a mystic who learns from the very font of knowledge itself, using his wisdom to aid mankind in their constant struggle for survival.

Shennong and Mankind

Long ago in antiquity, Shennong looked upon the earth and saw that the people were dying. They were sickly and ill, hungry and wanting, and they fought and cried amongst themselves like beasts. Hoping to relieve their suffering, he embarked on a quest across the world, eating every plant in existence in order to learn all of its properties and uses; despite the many poisons and thorns he endured swallowing, he finished one of every plant and herb in the world and thus learned all their secrets. He returned to mankind and showed them the plow, a new invention, and soon taught them to till the earth for their food. Once they had learned these skills, he healed them of their diseases and ascended to the heavens once again.


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