The Deva goddess of creativity and the arts


Alternate Names Benzaiten, Biancaitien, Gayatri, Hamsa-vahini, Saraswati, Satarupa, Savitri
Pantheon The Deva
Powers Appearance Charisma Intelligence Artistry Water
Abilities Academics, Art, Awareness, Empathy, Presence, Survival


The consort of Brahma and one of the major river goddesses of India, Sarasvati mirrors his creator-god role on a subtler scale, embodying inspiration, creativity, knowledge and the arts. The patron of both secular and divine knowledge, Sarasvati grants mortals a deepened understanding of the world, whether that understanding takes the form of scientific breakthrough, artistic perfection, or philosophical unity. Due in part to her role as a divine scholar and muse, Sarasvati has a special tie to the four Vedas, which are symbolized by her appearance (one arm for each Veda) and by the relics she carries, which represent poetry and the pursuit of knowledge, prose, meditation and spirituality, music and emotion and the power of knowledge and the arts to purify human thought. She is also associated with the lotus, representing absolute truth, and with the color white, representing pure knowledge. To her Buddhist devotees, Sarasvati is a powerful guardian goddess, safeguarding the faithful while they learn all she has to offer and progress along the path to enlightenment.

Sarasvati and Brahma

Brahma, the creator of all things, gave birth to a goddess of great beauty and splendor named Sarasvati. Seeing her perfection and charmed by her beauty and cleverness, he immediately sought to marry her, but she did not wish to become his bride and attempted to avoid him; however, no matter where she went Brahma would grow a new head facing in that direction so that he could always see her. Frustrated, she fled to Vishnu and asked him to marry her; however, she soon became jealous of Lakshmi and cursed her for holding Vishnu’s attention. When he discovered what had happened, Vishnu cursed Sarasvati in turn and gave her to Brahma for his wife, where she remained henceforth.


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