The Kami god of thunder and lightning


Alternate Names Kaminari, Narukami, Raijin
Pantheon The Kami
Powers Appearance Dexterity Wits Guardian Thunder
Abilities Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude, Marksmanship, Presence, Survival


Without a doubt the greatest wild card among the Kami, Raiden is a sight to behold, a towering blue- or red-skinned ogre riding the clouds, striking air, land and living thing alike with his thunder and lightning and laughing uproariously. Formerly merely a monster like his ogre brethren, Raiden now serves Amaterasu and the other gods, at least in theory, though he’s much more likely to be found doing whatever entertains him than what he probably should be pursuing. He is a god of thunder and rules the unruly skies along with his brother Fujin, the wind god; between the two of them, they can make the skies all but impassible even for the other gods.

Raiden and Bellybuttons

As if he were not generally frightening enough, Raiden has an enormous fondness for bellybuttons and loves to steal and eat them whenever possible, particularly the bellybuttons of children. Whenever the thunder rolls outside, Japanese parents remind their children to hide their bellybuttons with their hands to avoid attracting his rapacious attention.


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