The Anunna god of war and floods


Alternate Names Ningirsu, Ninib, Ninip, Ninur
Pantheon The Anunna
Powers Stamina Strength Sky War Water
Abilities Athletics, Brawl, Control, Fortitude, Melee, Survival


The god of floods and fields is a figure of warlike intensity and frightening power, reined in only by the good counsel of the older gods of the pantheon. Ninurta is the war-god and charioteer that protects his pantheon, the first line of defense against the Titans; unlike hot-blooded Nergal, he is aware of his duties and strives to always put the pantheon’s good first. He is the subduer of the great lion-eagle Anzu, who now pulls his chariot and accompanies him into battle. While his rampaging storms and floods are barely contained by his fellow gods, in the heat of battle even they often cannot prevent him from breaking loose to wreak unimaginable havoc on enemies (and, indeed, the entire landscape).

Ninurta and Anzu

After the great war with Tiamat, the gods relaxed because their enemy was defeated and even their king let his vigilance droop. Seeing his chance to seize power, the great lion-bird Anzu rose up and stole the Tablet of Destinies from the gods, fleeing with it across land and sea. Immediately harnessing his chariot, Ninurta rode after him with fierce intent; Anzu sent many monsters against him, including a dragon, a bison, a snake and a six-headed ram, but Ninurta slew all of them and rode onward bedecked in their treasure. Realizing that there was no escape, Anzu roosted at the peak of the tallest mountain and waited for Ninurta’s arrival; the two fought a spectacular battle across the heavens, but finally Ninurta struck the beast with the great mace Sharur and conquered it. Defeated, Anzu drew the victorious god’s chariot back to the heavens to present the Tablet to Enlil for safekeeping.

Ninurta and Asag

While the gods were eating and drinking at a feast, Ninurta’s magical mace suddenly saw from afar that a great creature called Asag had been born, a bird-like monster from the mountains that was devastating the land. The gods were greatly worried by this, but Ninurta volunteered to go forth and slay the beast, and they agreed to allow him to try. In his first sally against Asag, however, the creature dashed the mace from his hand and stirred up a hurricane, causing Enlil and Anu to call out to Ninurta to stop the fight lest the chaos destroy mankind. Ninurta, however, was enraged and rampaged through the mountains after it, terrifying all who saw him and eventually grasping the Asag and pounding and tearing it apart with his bare hands. After he had washed himself and retrieved his mace, he was lauded by all the gods and created a gentle flood of water to bring fertility back to the ravaged landscape.


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