The Shen mother goddess of the moon and of marriage


Alternate Names Nu Gua, Nugua, Nu Kua, Nu Wa
Pantheon The Shen
Powers Intelligence Stamina Wits Fertility Magic Moon Psychopomp Water
Abilities Academics, Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Science


Nüwa is the greatly revered creator goddess, a being who predates the Bureaucracy itself and is credited with the creation and maintenance of the world in the earliest times. She is a goddess of the firmament, particularly the moon, and a gentle caretaker of not only mankind but every living thing in creation; she is a cosmic mother, creator, and creature of ineffable mystery and wisdom, whether she appears as a woman or in her true dragon-serpent form. She is also the goddess of marriage, and listens closely to prayers offered by husbands or wives.

Nüwa and the Creation of Man

When Nüwa looked down upon the earth for the first time, she saw that it was full of life but empty of creatures. Seeking to create some, she took handfuls of yellow clay from the banks of the rivers and molded beings from them, first creating all the animals and finally beginning work on humans, forming them with clever hands and feet and minds. She found that the clay was not strong enough to remain erect, so she reinforced it with carefully woven ropes spread throughout their bodies. However, once she had created all the animals of the world and begun work on mankind, Nüwa became tired and no longer wished to form each one individually; instead, she dipped a great rope in the mud and began flicking it, causing drops of the clay to spin off and form humans on their own. These were the common people of the world, and those she had created with her own hands became the nobles. She breathed life into all of them and gave them the ability to bear children, and henceforth mankind began to populate the earth.

Nüwa and the Wall of Heaven

Long ago in the beginning of the world, a great wind of chaos and calamity swept through the heavens and toppled the four pillars that supported the universe. The earth began to crumble from lack of support, the sky began to blow away from lack of an anchor, and fires, floods, and great dragons and monsters rampaged across the world, destroying helpless men and beasts. When she saw what was happening, Nüwa descended into the roiling oceans and found the great turtle Ao, whose feet she cut off to make new bases for the four pillars; she righted them and the world was once again able to support itself. She hunted the greatest of the great black dragons that menaced the world and slew it, and poured water over the fires and ash to stop the flooding. Once the world was restored, she saw that the sky was damaged from the chaos; ascending to the heavens, she melted down five colored stones and used them to repair it, allowing it to once again cover all of the earth and letting the moon and stars resume their motion.


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