Mother of the Lost


Alternate Names Ludmila, Lisa Amanda Simon, Luíseach, Lysandra
Pantheon The Found
Primary Powers Intelligence Charisma
Primary Abilities Academics, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Occult, Presence

Character Sheet

Are those the sounds of activism I hear?

The Mother of the Lost is the uncontested heart and head of the Found, with deep compassion and keen intellect in equal measure, and the strength of presence to hold together her ever-growing family. She is a goddess of clarity, offering a light to delve into the twisted ways of one’s mind, or to untangle complicated situations. Families and communities seek her for protection and, more importantly, cohesion. However, she is also known to be utterly ruthless if her community is threatened, cutting out toxic influences with great prejudice.

The Mother of the Lost and the Found

Before the beginning of the New World, the people forgot the old gods. Sensing their time had come to an end, old gods withdrew and the world became fractured beyond repair. However, they left behind a great number of children. The Mother of the Lost, in her boundless compassion, was drawn to those who were most lost. She found them, adopted them, and raised them as her own, teaching them and guiding them, helping to instill in them strong bonds that would last through the end of the Fractured World.

The Mother of the Lost and Tales of the Old Gods

Though the Found were strong and fiercely protective of each other, they lost a good deal of members to the hostile Fractured World. The Mother of the Lost knew that they could not survive alone, and so sent Coyote out to the corners of the world to find the tales of the old gods that one day they might return. To that end she collected and chronicled them faithfully, and taught each of her children these tales.

The Mother of the Lost and Destroyer

Once, long ago, the Mother of the Lost took on a consort called Destroyer. They conceived a child, and shortly thereafter the old gods withdrew and Destroyer left her to wander the Fractured World. But after a time Destroyer returned and, having become lonely on his journey, asked the Mother of the Lost to be his wife. She told him that she would only do so if he proved that he could not only stay but live harmoniously with the rest of her family. Unfortunately, Destroyer never did as he was asked, for he refused to be subservient to anyone and would not curb his destructive ways — and so the Mother of the Lost sent Ulfynja out to hunt him down, and did not mourn his passing.

Mother of the Lost

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