Alternate Names The Guest, Leannán Stócach, Mokosits Mitranovich Vukov, Viesulukas
Pantheon The Bogovi, The Found
Powers Animal (Wolf) Guardian Illusion Psychopomp
Abilities Animal Ken, Awareness, Integrity, Investigation, Stealth, Survival

Character Sheet

Good to see you again. But only because I need you to light my cigarette, you understand. Not like I actually like you or anything.

Mokosits is the gatekeeper of the gods, the one responsible for ensuring that only those with the proper authorization may approach Osina. He leads intruders astray, whipping up whiteouts to confuse and obfuscate, plaguing them with visions to lure them elsewhere, or becoming a large, dark wolf to chase them away. However, in his aspect as Yesen’s Shepherd, he leads petitioners to her. His illusions turn from alarming to encouraging and his demeanor from forbidding to protective, a gentle guide deeper into the twisted aspen that is Yesen’s home.

Mokosits and Mokosh

In defiance of divine law, the goddess Mokosh conceived and bore Mokosits, and after he was born she counseled him carefully, teaching him the ways of the cosmos and revealing to him the mystic secrets of the world around him. She also taught him the proper rites to honor the gods, especially her. In awe and admiration he built a sanctuary to provide holy offerings, becoming the very first priest of the Slavs. However, one day while he was sleeping Svarozhich called a trial for Mokosh’s lawbreaking. Mokosits was sentenced to execution; but Mokosh pled on his behalf, begging Svarozhich and Prove to spare her son. Svarozhich relented, and when Mokosits awakened, he was banished to guard the entrance to Veles’s and Morena’s domain.

But his loyalty to Mokosh was still absolute. Later, he was the only one to spot the goddess Pizamar attempting to sneak into the Underworld to rescue her lover — but when he saw she wore garments made by his mother, Mokosits let her pass.

Mokosits and Yesen

Not long after the return of the unraveled gods a great feast was held to lift the spirits of the exhausted and confused deities. Mokosits thought to attend this meal but was quickly turned away by Stribog, for Mokosits did not have a proper place among them. Yesen caught this and, after learning about Mokosits from Morevuka and Dobrozhe, empathized deeply with his existential plight and asked them to introduce her to him. Lonely Mokosits was quite charmed by this girl goddess; they became fast friends and he quickly found himself in her inner circle. Through their journeys he offered her wise counsel and protection and she offered him acceptance and support.


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