The god of thunder and lightning and king of the Anunna


Alternate Names Mardochaios, Marutuk, Merodach
Pantheon The Anunna
Powers Charisma Perception Strength Fire Guardian Justice Thunder
Abilities Command, Control, Marksmanship, Melee, Politics, Survival


The king of the Anunna has ruled undisputed for millennia, inheriting the throne from his father Enki and holding it against the forces of chaos even into the present day. The god of storms, thunder and lightning, he is a fearsome figure to his enemies and an awesome one to his people, never afraid to sally forth and destroy those who might oppose the pantheon. Marduk has little time for politics, instead acting as the guardian of the World and the slayer of monsters, spending more time in the field than he does in the Overworld; aware of his temper and occasional lapses of wisdom, the other gods are only too happy to let him continue to do so.

Marduk and Tiamat

When Tiamat waged war on the gods, her monstrous creatures and implacable hatred besieged them on every side so that they feared for their lives. They called a great council of all the gods and asked who could defeat her; Marduk, a young son of Enki who had never before spoken in council, stood and volunteered to kill her. Impressed by his bravery, the gods agreed that if he could succeed he would take the throne as king of the gods.
Marduk armed himself for war with lightning and storms as well as fierce weapons and magic spells, and sallied forth to fight the great monster. Trapping Tiamat in a net he had made to hold her, he blew the many winds of the world into her until she could not contain them and then pierced her with an arrow, causing her to burst. The scattered parts of her body he used to form the world and the heavens, making them from the body of the once-great mother goddess.

However, Tiamat’s son and general Kingu heard of her death and brought his army to challenge Marduk in revenge, wielding the terrible Tablet of Destinies. Their battle was long and grueling, but in the end Marduk wrested the Tablet from his enemy and defeated him, taking him before the other gods to decide his fate. When they decreed death, he killed Kingu then and there and ascended to the throne of the Anunna.

Marduk and the Salmu

Marduk’s salmu, his sacred statue, was kept in Babylon and he often guarded it, making sure that no unscrupulous thieves or unjust men attempted to tamper with it. However, because it was his favorite statue, he allowed it to be stolen by invaders three times in order to see the far-off lands they might carry it to. He traveled with it to the land of the Hittites to see their strange and foreign gods, and then traveled with it to the land of the Assyrians to bless them and encourage them on the path of righteousness. When he traveled with it to Canaan, however, the other gods were so curious about his strange absences that they laid in wait and followed along with him, going en masse to experience the wonders of a far-off land. While the gods enjoyed themselves immensely, the lands of Babylon fell into disrepair and were raided in their absence, and Marduk was forced to decree that no more journeys could take place unless a king of sufficient strength to hold the empire together without its gods should appear.


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