The Yazata goddess of the moon and the night sky


Alternate Names Maonghah
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Appearance CharismaAnimal (Cattle) Moon Stars
Abilities Animal Ken, Empathy, Integrity, Politics, Presence, Survival


Mah, the moon goddess, is the graceful, lovely patron of the night sky, called the Queen of the Night and the most beautiful among goddesses; her handmaidens are the stars, who follow her as her attendants and do her bidding as her servants. She is known to be an opportunist and occasionally opposes her staid pantheon’s aims, but she also provides necessary balance, representing the lighter, more secretive night, as opposed to Mithra’s harsh, unforgiving day. She is also a helpful deity, aiding the seasons in their turning in order to keep the plant and animal kingdoms fruitful and predictable for mankind, and protects the herds of cattle that are the livelihood of man.

Mah and the Heavenly Bull

When Ahura Mazda created the great heavenly bull, Mah thought its beautiful flanks and high-spirited antics were refreshing and entertaining, and she often goaded it on when it sought to escape the confines Mithra placed on it. She clapped for joy when it finally escaped and ran across the world of its own free will, but soon Mithra arrived and, at the behest of Ahura Mazda, killed it with a dagger. Mah was so grieved by the death of the bull that she appealed to Ahura Mazda, who agreed that the bull had been a magnificent creature and allowed her to take its spirit into the sky to be her aide and confidant; she loved it so much that she created the bulls of earth in its image, and forever after considered them her favorite of all creatures.


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