A dark, mysterious woman


(Image: The Fallen Arises by TheComtesse)

Full Name ??
Pantheon Tuatha
God The Morrígan
Age ??
DOB ??
Height 5’10"
Weight 161 lb.
Languages Irish Gaelic, English
First Appearance The Returning Flock

Only a fitting seat seated is fit for t’Seat’s bloomers.

Tall and narrow; sinew and bone; pale and sable is Mad Mag. Dark eyes a-gleam with lights unseen, she walks like a shadow and stands like a tree. She twitches her head aside to see and jerks her neck a-tilt to hear — though if it’s you she’s watching or listening to is never clear. A twisted beauty be she, smooth of flesh but lean with hunger, with blood-red lips parting to bare the grin of death.

Legend ●●●● ●●●● ○○○○
Willpower ●●●●●●●●●○
Courage ●●●●● Expression ●●○○○
Intellect ●●○○○ Piety ●●●●○
●●●●●●○○○○○○ ●●●○○○○○○○○○ ●●●●●●○○○○○○
■■■■■■□□□□✩ □□□□□□□□□□✩ ■■■■■■□□□□✩
●●●●●●●○○○○○ ●●●●●○○○○○○○ ●●●●●○○○○○○○
■■■■■■■□□□✩ ■■■□□□□□□□✩ ■■■■□□□□□□✩
●●●●●●○○○○○○ ●●●●●○○○○○○○ ●●●●●●●●○○○○
■■■■■■□□□□✩ ■■■■■□□□□□✩ ■■■■■■■□□□✩


Academics 5 Empathy 2 Medicine Survival 5
Animal Ken 8 Fortitude 7 Melee 8 Thrown
Athletics 7 Integrity 8 Occult 8 Art
Awareness 8 Investigation 1 Politics Art
Brawl 6 Larceny 5 Presence 8 (+8) Control
Command 3 Marksmanship 5 Stealth 8 Control

Other Stats

Dice Autos
JB 16 34
Lift Throw
FoS 100 tons 5 mi
See/Hear Smell
Per 30 mi 20 mi
Move 29 Dash 58 Swim 15 Jump 28 yd vert 56 yd horiz
Defenses Dodge 33 Parry 30 Mental 28
Soaks Bashing 22 Lethal 19 Agg 7

Health: -0×22/I/Dx16


Name Attr Abil Spd Acc Dmg Type Def Rng Atk Pool Damage PDV
Clinch Dex Brawl 6 0 0 L 0 - 13+22 12+16L -
Unarmed, Heavy Dex Brawl 5 -1 3 B -2 - 12+22 9+16B 29
Unarmed, Light Dex Brawl 4 1 0 B 1 - 14+22 6+16B 31
Crúb Bás Ar Dex Melee 5 1 7 L 1 - 16+22 13+16L 31


Crushing Grip, Divine Wrath (5L), Disfiguring Attack (5L), Flick (3L), Making It Look Easy, Force With Finesse
And the Crowd Goes Wild, Roll With It (1L), Cat’s Grace, Divine Balance, Untouchable Opponent (1L), Escape Artist (1L), Microscopic Precision (1L), Whirlwind Shield (1L)
Holy Fortitude, Divine Fortitude (Food), Divine Fortitude (Rest), Divine Fortitude (Water), Tireless Worker, Extended Youth, Body Armor (1L), Impenetrable, Damage Conversion (1L), Divine Damage Conversion (5L)
God’s Honest (1L), Takes One to Know One, Stench of Guilt, Knowing Glance (1L)
Lasting Impression (1L+1W), Inescapable Vision (1L+1W), Visage Great and Terrible (3L), Aura of Dread (2L), Dreadful Mien (1L), Walking Nightmare (3L)
Empath, Fool Me Once…, Real McCoy (1L), Unfailing Recognition (1L), Spatial Attunement (1L), Subliminal Warning, Environmental Awareness, In Your Dreams, Scent the Divine, Scent the Titanic
Tactical Planning, Principles of Motion, Telepathy (1L), Grant Visions (3L), Mind Tether (3L)
Cobra Reflexes (2L), Ingenious Improvisor, Master-at-Arms (2L), Adaptive Fighting (1-3L), Instant Assessment (1L), Meditative Focus, Lateral Thinking, Crazy Like a Fox, Rabbit Reflexes (1L), Evasive Action, Monkey in the Middle, Opening Gambit (1L), Between the Ticks (3L)


Animal (Corvids) ●●●●● ●●○○○ ✩

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Animal Communication - - Talk to animals.
Animal Obedience ●● 1W Cha + AK Force animals to do your bidding.
Faunaphagia ●● 1L + 1W Sta + AK Eat animal flesh to gain bonuses to abilities.
Animal Aspect ●●● 1+L Sta + AK Gain dice to an Attribute for the scene.
Call of the Wild ●●● 2L Cha + AK Call all animals in your local area to come to you.
Ride Animal ●●●● 1L Int + AK Possess an animal and use its body instead of your own.
Animal Feature ●●●●● 1+L + 1W Sta + AK Gain temporary animal physical features to gain bonuses to abilities.
Hive Mind ●●●●● 5L Per + AK Perceive through the senses of all animals in your area and direct them to search for you.
Animal Form ●●●●● ● 1L - Transform yourself physically into an animal.
Natural Army ●●●●● ● 1L - Transform yourself physically into a large number of small animals.
Create Animal ●●●●● ●● 3L + 1W + 3Le Sta + AK Create animals from your own blood.

Death ●●●●● ○○○○○ ✩

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Death Senses See and interact with ghosts.
Corpse Oracle ●● 1L Cha + Com Force corpses or ghosts to answer your questions truthfully.
Destroy Dead ●●● 1L Completely destroy any corpse.
Poltergeist Beacon ●●●● 1L + 1W + 1Le Int + Occ Cause poltergeists and mischievous spirits to plague your target.
Summon Ghost ●●●● 1L Cha + Occ Summon a ghost you know of, provided you have something that once belonged to it.
Command the Soul ●●●●● 5+L + 1W Cha + Com Bend undead creatures to your will.
Mother’s Touch ●●●●● 2L Become able to physically touch and injure ghosts.

Enech ●●●●● ●○○○○

King: She must see to it that no unworthy ruler sits on the Samhain Seat; and she must serve said ruler, regardless of worthiness.
(Mortal Geas; Body)

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Brehon’s Eye 1L Per + Emp See the Virtues, Nature and Enech of your target.
Hero’s Geas ●● Gain a mortal Legendary geas from your divine parent.
Lay Token Geas ●●● 1L + 1W Cha + Emp Place token geasa on others.
Body and Spirit ●●●● 1L Cha+Emp Grant bonuses to yourself and others based on your Virtues.
Bard’s Tongue ●●●●● 2L Man + Pre Grant or take Legend, Willpower and dice to or from others.
Lay Potent Geas ●●●●● ● 5L + 1W Cha + Emp Place potent geasa on others.

Mystery ●●●●● ○○○○○ ✩

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Occult + 11 autos

Prophecy ●●●●● ●●○○○ ✩

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Hero’s Herald Give others in your band a large one-time bonus to a roll for an event you foresee.
Expanded Awareness ●● Add your Prophecy Boons as successes to Join Battle rolls.
Omen ●● Read an omen each story that has a lasting benefit and penalty to your band.
Flash of Foresight ●●● 3+L Foresee an attack in order to avoid taking damage from it.
Hero of Fate ●●●● 5L + 1W Wit + Aca Assign a heroic archetype to a bandmember, granting them appropriate bonuses and penalties.
Legendary Vision ●●●● 5L Per + Occ Foresee the climactic event of the story in order to gain Legend points when it occurs.
Fates Foretold ●●●●● Foresee moments of crisis to come in order to gain the band bonus Legendary Deeds during those scenes.
Seer of Signs ●●●●● 5L + 1W Read multiple omens per story and shed fatigue penalties when doing so.
Grip of Fate ●●●●● ●● 8L + 1W Man + Occ Prevent a target from rerolling or using Defensive Do-Overs.

War ●●●●○ ○○○○○ ✩

Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Blessing of Insight Add your War Boons as successes to your Join Battle roll.
Battle Cry ●● 1+L Cha + Pre Give a fearsome war cry to give enemies dice penalties.
Warrior Ideal ●●● 1L Cha + Pre Take on the aspect of a fearsome warrior to inflict penalties to attacks made against you.
Fury of War ●●●● 3L + 1W Sta + For Enter a berserker rage to gain extra dice to your attacks or damage.


Crúb Bás Ar
Relic ●●●●● ●
This twisted, gnarled weapon resembles the branch of a blackened and ancient tree. However, its curved head is made entirely of iron and bladed on its inner side much like a sickle. It bears grooves which, when swung, emits a sound like a deathly wail, only growing louder the faster it’s swung — and silenced only when stilled either by its wielder or by having bitten into flesh.
Grants access to Death and War. Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +7L, Defense +1. Adds dots in Death as dice to all Battle Cry rolls.

Flock of Corvids
Ravens and crows, treepies and jays, and, naturally, magpies consist this constantly present flock. To those who don’t know better, it seems as if the same bird never appears twice — that is, except for one black-and-white magpie that often lights on the shoulder to whisper all manner of secrets.

Súile an Caróg
Relic ●●●
This headdress is a mess of oil-black feathers, a veritable mane attached to a beaten metal visor shaped like the skull of some kind of corvid. Perhaps most disturbingly, when the visor is drawn down over the face, a pinpoint yellow glow appears deep in the black sockets.
Grants access to Animal (Corvid), Mystery, Prophecy.

Relic ●●●●
Though this vivid blue paint resembles that used by ancient Celts to mark themselves for ritual or war, it is permanently dyed into the skin of the Scion with this Birthright, making it impossible to lose and marking him forevermore as a servant of his gods. It is most often arranged in a complex system of symbols that represent the Scion’s divine parent, though it may also feature symbols from the oghamic alphabet, personal signs with meaning for the Scion himself, or even lines of text telling of the pantheon’s great deeds. It grants him a bonus equal to his Legend in dice to all Presence rolls, awing those around him with his impressive appearance, and the close association of the divine symbols of his gods with his very skin provides him with an additional two Courage channels per story.




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