The Kami god of the sky


Alternate Names Izanagi-no-mikoto, Izanaki
Pantheon The Kami
Powers Charisma Strength Health Psychopomp Sky
Abilities Academics, Awareness, Fortitude, Medicine, Melee, Presence


Izanagi is a figure of great reverence among the Kami, the father of the ruling gods and a much-honored ancestor. He is a god of the sky and clouds, riding the air around Japan and keeping it temperate for the people below, and he is further the co-creator of the islands and their people. He is a restless traveler and watches over his people from the skies, and is as distant and uninvolved in most affairs as he is benevolent.

Izanagi and Izanami

When Izanagi and his sister Izanami came into being, they were the first of the gods; in time, they found that they loved one another and wished to be married. They created the first island by stirring the churning sea with a magical spear, and then on it they built a palace for themselves, in the center of which they erected the Pillar of Heaven. Circling the pillar in a solemn ceremony, they met at the other side as husband and wife; entranced by Izanami’s beauty, Izanagi said nothing, so she spoke first, inviting him to be her husband. Unfortunately, because Izanami, the woman, had spoken first, their union was not blessed by heaven and their two children, Awashima and Hiruko, were born deformed. Seeking to right this wrong, the two renewed their marriage at the pillar; this time Izanagi spoke first, and their marriage was blessed. Together, they conceived and gave birth to the eight islands of Japan.

Izanagi’s Children

After his disastrous trip to the underworld, Izanagi emerged feeling soiled and miserable, and went to clean himself in a heavenly stream. His strong feelings of misery were such that, as he cleaned himself, he spontaneously created three children of great goodness and respect to help him make the world a better place; Amaterasu, the sun goddess, was born from his left eye, while Tsuki-Yomi, the moon god, was born from his right and Susano-o, the storm god, was born from his nose. Heart-sick from his ordeal, Izanagi gave stewardship of Japan over to them and ascended to the heavens, there to remain unless they should need him.


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