The Atua god of wild vegetation and goddess of healing


Alternate Names Haumea
Pantheon The Atua
Powers Appearance Charisma Fertility Health
Abilities Animal Ken, Empathy, Medicine, Politics, Presence, Survival


Haumia is an enigmatic god, one who appears in different forms depending on which island his stories are told. On many he is known as the god of wild vegetation, the opposite number of Rongo and the source of all uncultivated plant life, a wild and unkempt god who wanders the landscape that he is one with. On others, she appears as a beautiful and nurturing mother goddess, swapping her sex to oversee healing and childbirth. In whatever form Haumia appears, it is always as a sustainer of life and supporter of mankind, who appreciate the god’s gentle nature and worshiped him (or her) for it.


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