The Yazata god of healing and immortality


Alternate Names Hom
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Appearance Strength Fertility Health Moon
Abilities Academics, Art, Brawl, Command, Occult, Presence


Haoma is the god of the plant that bears his name, and of the ceremonies and mysteries employed long ago in worship of his pantheon. He is a healing god, making the barren fruitful, curing wounds, releasing pain and granting ecstatic trances and states of elevated being, even granting immortality to the worthy; he is also the deity who presides over all sacrifices made to the Yazata and all ceremonies enacted in their names, guiding the subtle lines of power and fate that are generated by such acts of devotion. A stern god but a fair one, he is called upon for purification and aid in times of confusion and is associated with the pure, healing and revealing light of the moon.

Haoma and Zoroaster

When Zoroaster began to preach in Persia and the people began to flock to his new religion, he did not complete the old sacrifices to the gods in the manner in which they had been performed before. One day, when he was purifying the sacred fire in preparation for such a ceremony, Haoma appeared to him in the heart of the flame and instructed him to fetch some of the haoma plant and squeeze out its juice to use in worship. When Zoroaster questioned him, he spoke in a loud, thundering voice and told him that the ceremony must be completed as it should be, and further explained all the wonderful healing properties of the plant. Zoroaster was cowed and agreed, and henceforth it was known that the haoma plant must always be used in ceremonies to honor the gods, and that any who failed to do so or who used it incorrectly would be cursed with ill fortune and unhappiness.


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