The Shen god of knowledge, learning, and skill


Alternate Names Fu Hsi, Fu Xi, Paox
Pantheon The Shen
Powers Intelligence Perception Stamina Fertility Prophecy Sky Sun
Abilities Animal Ken, Art, Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Occult


Fuxi, the male dragon-serpent and complement to his sister and wife Nüwa, is an ancient god of learning and life, one of the first beings to come into existence even before the Bureaucracy became the powerful, sprawling collective it is today. The god of knowledge and skill, he invented the art of writing and taught humanity most of its most treasured skills, including cooking, hunting, fishing and farming the land for sustenance. He is also the discoverer of the secrets of the I Ching, and provided them to mankind that they would be able to see a glimpse of their fortunes.

Fuxi and Nüwa

Before the world was finished forming, a huge flood came up and washed everything away except for Fuxi and his sister, Nüwa. The two took solace in one another and soon wished to marry; however, they were afraid that this was a shameful desire because they were brother and sister, so they went up to the top of the tallest remaining mountain and Fuxi built a fire. He asked heaven to send them a sign through the fire’s smoke; if it flew up and away from them, he would know that the union was not to be, but if it gathered in a cloud around them he would know that they were blessed. The smoke gathered low around them, and, rejoicing, they were married.

Fuxi and Mankind

After Nüwa had created mankind, Fuxi looked down upon them and saw that they were behaving like beasts, wasting their resources, fighting one another, and wearing only the most primitive of clothes. He consulted the heavens for a solution, and then descended to earth to teach them all the laws of man, giving them a society and regulations to allow them to grow into intelligent beings.


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