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Alternate Names Agapetos, Alvaro Javier Zapotitla-Xaxalpa, Eztenquiteotl, Iamhereret, Rose Thorn Child, Svorad, Uisnech
Pantheon The Teotl, The Found
Primary Powers Stamina Charisma Fertility Health
Primary Abilities Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Medicine, Presence, Survival

Character Sheet

Those are some deep cuts. See that right there? That’s your bone. And that’s your tendon. You’re very lucky it hasn’t been cut.

Though unquestionably the most peaceful of the Teotl, none can say that Ezmamacateotl doesn’t understand the importance of sacrifice. It is through sheer force of will that he is able to bleed enough to sate the great thirst of the Tzitzimitl, thus ensuring that his people are blessed with good health and bounty.

Ezmamacateotl and the Tzitzimitl

Once during his daily crossing, Tlilocelotlpilli faltered and was overcome by the Tzitzimitl. He managed to escape them alive but sorely wounded and without the sun. Coyotl found him and brought him to Ezmamacateotl for healing. Once Tlilocelotlpilli was brought back from the brink of death, however, he sprang up and immediately started off, intent on taking the sun back from the Tzitzimitl. Ezmamacateotl stood in his way and insisted that they find a peaceful solution; however, Tlilocelotlpilli told him that this was impossible. Still Ezmamacateotl would not be moved, and Tlilocelotlpilli grew angry. But his shouting and threats did not faze Ezmamacateotl. Eventually Coyotl successfully stole the sun and returned it to Tlilocelotlpilli, but the Tzitzimitl soon found Coyotl and killed him. However, they were unable to eat him because Coyotl had put their heads on backwards while they slept; and if they could not eat, then crops would not grow and babies would not be born. Ezmamacateotl offered to turn their heads around provided they only fed on his blood. The Tzitzimitl agreed, and he put their heads back the right way around and fed them with his blood. Thus sated, they blessed him and the his people before departing.


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