The Nemetondevos god of fertility


Alternate Names Esumagius
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Charisma Stamina Strength Animal (Bull) Earth Fertility Health
Abilities Animal Ken, Art, Command, Empathy, Presence, Survival


Esus is Cernunnos’ opposite number, a god of the fertility of the tilled fields and man-made harvests, a bringer of bounty and caretaker of mankind. He is also a god of the fertility of mankind itself, sowing his seeds far and wide and producing a truly impressive number of children, many of whom never know their father. He is revered as a nurturer of mankind, but at the same time his temper is carefully avoided; he is as volatile and powerful in rage as the rest of his pantheon, and he can easily and ruthlessly destroy the gifts he has bequeathed on mankind if he judges them to be unworthy of them.

Esus and Cernunnos

It is said that long ago Cernunnos had a lover, a beautiful goddess of immense power, with whom he was deeply in love. Esus, while not exactly intending to betray his fellow god and friend, was nevertheless drawn to her irresistably by her great beauty and his own reproductive nature; the two had a single tryst and she became pregnant, after which she vanished forever. Relations between Cernunnos and Esus have been strained ever since, though outwardly there seem to be no signs of outright enmity.


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