The Nemetondevos goddess of horses and war


Alternate Names Atanta, Atepomaros, Catona, Dibonia, Epane, Potia, Vovesia
Pantheon The Nemetondevos
Powers Dexterity Perception Stamina Animal (Horse) Psychopomp War
Abilities Animal Ken, Athletics, Command, Control, Fortitude, Melee


Epona is the maiden goddess of horses, the only one of the Nemetondevos to continue to be revered even in the heart of Rome itself long after the Gauls fell. She is a goddess of war and of the untameable wilderness, and her people worshiped her as the virgin representative of the land and the hunt, while the Romans took her as the patron goddess of their cavalry. She is a being of wildness and freedom, a goddess of speed and travel, and she is unyielding in her enmity against anyone who might try to hinder her or her children.

Epona and Poseidon

While Artemis is the goddess of the Theoi who most threatened Epona’s worship when Gaul was conquered, it is Poseidon whom she hates most fiercely. The ocean god’s claim to be the master of all horses, including her own, is infuriating, and likewise his determination to bend the noble animal only to the whims and want of mankind she considers cruel and dictatorial, preferring to let her herds run free. The two gods interact seldom as Epona’s domain is the plains of the landmasses, but when they do relations are extremely strained, and she is likely to prove a formidable enemy for any unlucky Scion of Poseidon that might encounter her.


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