The Anunna god of air and fertility


Alternate Names Ellil
Pantheon The Anunna
Powers Manipulation Perception Fertility Justice Sky
Abilities Awareness, Command, Integrity, Politics, Presence, Survival


Son of Anu, the most mighty father of all the Anunna, Enlil is a kingly figure indeed, having led his pantheon for many centuries before stepping down in favor of his brother. The god of air and life-sustaining breath, he is the lord of winds, source of all rain and the celebrated bringer of fertility to all-important crops, teaching mankind the use of tools to till the soil. No other god of the Anunna has created more of the world with such infinite care, nor provided such stern and unyielding discipline as was seen during the time of his rule.

Enlil and Humanity

During the time that he was king of the Anunna, Enlil began to gradually notice that mankind had multipled to ever larger and more boisterous numbers, until finally they made such a constant noise in the world that he was no longer able to think in peace. Irritated by the unceasing din, he resolved to wipe humanity from the face of the earth by means of a great flood, thus returning order and quiet; however, his brother Enki, wishing to preserve human life, saved one family from the waters. Though Enlil was furious at this disobedience, he was persuaded by many offerings from the remaining humans and Enki’s counsel to instead send predators and natural disasters to keep the human population in check and at a reasonable volume. For his devotion, he granted the surviving human, Utnapishtim, immortality.

Enlil and Ninlil

Though he had been king for many years and was strict in enforcing his own laws, it happened that one day Enlil saw a beautiful maiden named Ninlil bathing in a canal and was stricken by her charms. He tried to convince her to become his lover, but despite his protestations of love she refused, saying that she would be shunned by her family for such behavior. Frustrated and mad with desire, Enlil took her by force, and when his deed became known abdicated the throne to his brother and banished himself to the underworld in disgrace.

Ninlil, however, impressed by his penitence and pregnant with his son, followed him down into the dreary Underworld. At first he refused to see her, fearing she had come to trick him or remind him of his sin, but she spoke so passionately of her desire to become his legal wife that he relented and the two were reunited, returning to the home of the gods.


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