The Anunna god of pure water and human fertility


Alternate Names Ea
Pantheon The Anunna
Powers Charisma Wits Chaos Health Water
Abilities Academics, Art, Empathy, Politics, Stealth, Survival


King in his own right after his brother Enlil, Enki is quite different in character, being first and foremost a trickster with a certain fondness for mankind and its fractious ways. He is the lord of Apsu, the realm of fresh water that supplies all of the earth, and furthermore the god of human fertility, master of the waters of the very human body. As the god of waters, he is the cleansing force among the Anunna, a responsibility that they sometimes wish he took more seriously. Though he thwarts the plans of his fellow gods, he almost seems to enjoy being made the fool in return, and more than a few of his fellow deities were relieved when he handed his leadership duties over to Marduk millennia ago.

Enki and Apsu

Though the gods had once labored industriously and quietly in the world, once mankind and the lesser gods had been created they no longer needed to work and were able to enjoy their leisure, hosting noisy parties and feasts that shook the heavens with their merriment. Irritated by his offspring’s noise and poor work ethic, Apsu, their ancient ancestor, threatened to flood the entire world if they did not stop. The gods were terrified of his might, but Enki used his own mighty powers over water to invent irrigation and canal systems, using them to trap Apsu’s previously untamed waves and channel fresh water permanently for the use of gods and humans alike.

Enki and the Language of Men

In the beginning, there was only one language and it was spoken by all men and gods so that everyone could understand one another. Enki, however, disliked this state of affairs and decided to end it by reaching into the mouths of mankind and twisting their tongues, causing them to speak many different languages, thus assuring that different peoples could never again clearly understand each other.

Enki and the Flood

When his brother Enlil was angered by humanity’s constant noise and threatened to destroy them, Enki was saddened, for he enjoyed humanity’s antics and wanted to preserve them. For twelve hundred years he inflicted famine and drought on the people, but each time Enki taught them how to survive until finally Enlil forbade him to do so again, planning to unleash a massive flood. Though he had promised his brother not to tell any living soul about the coming deluge, he sneaked down to earth and loudly proclaimed his woe to a wall he found there, telling it all his sorrows about the calamity to come. The people living on the other side of the wall, Utnapishtim and his family, overheard this and built a large boat, thus surviving the disaster and ensuring the continuation of mankind.


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