The Yazata goddess of good fortune


Alternate Names Ahrishwang, Ashi, Ashi Vanghuhi, Ashi Vanuhi
Pantheon The Yazata
Powers Appearance Charisma Fertility Magic
Abilities Awareness, Empathy, Fortitude, Occult, Presence, Survival


The goddess of good luck is a beautiful and carefree deity, mischievous but never harmful, always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to pleas for her help. She represents the good favor that can be bestowed upon those who follow heaven’s laws, and plant life is also her province, as she can entice the earth to bring forth its bounty and ease the suffering of its people. One of the deities for whom the Persians had the most fondness, Ard is also the goddess of wealth and prosperity and is almost always an ally and friend to others, but heaven help the unwary human (or deity) who angers her so sorely that she inflicts the terrible curse of poor luck upon him or her.

Ard and the Fire God

Ard, who was carefree and loved to roam the earth, came one day upon a fire god dancing alone in a clearing. His skin was very dark and the flames danced upon it like living things, and he was so beautiful that she fell immediately and hopelessly in love with him. She immediately ran home and made herself beautiful, putting on her best robes, smearing cosmetics on her face to enhance it, and softening her skin with butter; when she returned to beg him to love her, however, she found that he had vanished and that nothing remained but the blackened ground where he had stood. Desperate, she searched far and wide to find out who he might be, but learned only that he was unknown to all the other gods. To this day, she continues to search for him, peering into the eyes of every god she meets to see if flame lurks in their depths.


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