What does she add to the team? Vodka and inarticulate grunts. Oh, and an extra point eight mile range.


A conceited douche sports star, with women, money and fame. He is living the highlife, and blowing all competitors out of the water…for now.


A magician so mysterious he defies even a brief description!


Petite dark haired girl with olive skin. Attire a mix between a fifties pinup and a librarian favoring the most modest bends for both.


From a crab boat mechanic to a lowly Titanspawn hunter and now to a Demigod. Victor is an ice cold killer as lethal as sub zero temperatures and as sturdy as a glacier. This Scion of Poseidon has a knack for biting off more than he can chew.

Current Issue

It’s Time To Wake Up
Issue 45
In which the dream team receives a wake up call

Latest Vignettes

vic_vignette.jpg dovile_vignette.png
A Delicate Negotiation
Victor Cordero
In which Victor — with Athena’s help — manages to forge an alliance with Aphrodite
Life After the Apocalypse
Dovile Petrov
In which the survivors reminisce of better times

(Background: Ruined city by Mihawq)


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