What does she add to the team? Vodka and inarticulate grunts. Oh, and an extra point eight mile range.


A conceited douche sports star, with women, money and fame. He is living the highlife, and blowing all competitors out of the water…for now.


A magician so mysterious he defies even a brief description!


Petite dark haired girl with olive skin. Attire a mix between a fifties pinup and a librarian favoring the most modest bends for both.


From a crab boat mechanic to a lowly Titanspawn hunter and now to a Demigod. Victor is an ice cold killer as lethal as sub zero temperatures and as sturdy as a glacier. This Scion of Poseidon has a knack for biting off more than he can chew.

Current Issue

Issue 46
In which our heroes pack up and leave the homestead

Latest Vignettes

dovile_vignette.png group_vignette_1.png
Life After the Apocalypse
Dovile Petrov
In which the survivors reminisce of better times
Catching Up
Dovile Petrov, Sanura Menmatre, Victor Cordero
In which our heroes catch up with the ones they left behind

(Background: Ruined city by Mihawq)


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