Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Create Water Varies Create a quantity of clean, drinkable water.
Favor of the Waves Double DV and speed while in the water.
Renewal ●● 2L Heal Water boons in bashing or lethal damage.
Siren Song ●● 2L Str + Pre Summon everyone nearby to come toward you.
Sea Sense ●●● 2L Manuever and sail watercraft more quickly and expertly, or curse others to be slower.
Sunken Treasure ●●● Varies Hide items safely in bodies of water.
Commander of Currents ●●●● 1W dot/1 MoT Gain speed, DV and travel abilities in water, and gain the ability to breathe underwater.
Whirlpool ●●●● 5L Summon a small water elemental that bolsters some of your boons.
Denizen of the Deep ●●●●● 3L + 1W Communicate with and use social knacks on all water animals and plants.
Riptide ●●●●● 2L Use water to manipulate an object without touching it.
Bounty of the Sea ●●●●● ● 5L + 1W Dredge bodies of water for secret treasures.
Drown ●●●●● ● 5L Int + Med Cause enemies to take drowning damage unless they receive medical care.
Aqua Vita ●●●●● ●● 5L Heal Water boons in bashing or lethal damage from others.
Undertow ●●●●● ●● 3L Man + Sur Drag enemies into or under the water, or use currents to cleanse water of pollutants.
Baptism ●●●●● ●●● 5L Baptize others to grant them new Nature, Virtues and Willpower for the rest of the story.
Flash Flood ●●●●● ●●● 10L + 1W Cause a hundred-yard-deep flood to destroy an area of one mile.
Deep Horror ●●●●● ●●●● 10L + 2W Summon a terrible sea monster to do your bidding.
Watery Grave ●●●●● ●●●● 10L Sta + Sur Drown everyone near you.
Deluge ●●●●● ●●●●● 5+L Wit + Com Cause a massive watery flood or tsunami disaster across a large area.
Sovereign of Seas ●●●●● ●●●●● 20L + 1W dot/1 MoT Create a permanent body of water dedicated to yourself that grants you bonuses within it.
The Flood ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W Crush things with enormous pressure, drown any living thing, wear away solid objects and quench all fires.


Cost: Varies (see below)
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon can call forth water from her very being, allowing it to run pure, fresh and clean from her hands, mouth or anywhere else into whatever vessel or area she chooses. If she possesses a Water rating of 1-3, she may spend a single point of Legend to create her total Water boons in pints of the liquid; if she has a Water rating of 4-7, she spends three Legend to create her Water boons in cubic yards, and if she has a Water rating of 8 or higher, she spends five Legend to create her Water boons in Olympic swimming pools (roughly 660,000 gallons each). The water thus created is generated at any speed the Scion wishes (although it cannot be used to attack anyone), is completely clean and drinkable, and is both mundane and permanent unless drunk or otherwise destroyed.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
The comforting embrace of water is a second home to the Scion with this boon, who moves about in it as freely as others might move in air. She gains double her total number of Water boons to both her DV and her movement speed as long as she is submerged in water, carried along by the waves and protected from ills by their ever-moving currents.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
By submerging an injury in water and calling upon its powers over life and its renewal, the Scion with this boon may heal his wounds, washing away blood and pain to leave himself restored and whole. As long as he spends this boon’s cost and keeps his injuries completely suspended in water for at least one full minute, he may once per day heal up to his total number of Water boons in bashing or lethal damage.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Strength + Presence
Sailors have long felt the irresistible call of the sea, reaching out to them to bring them back to its endless waves, and the Scion with this boon may engender a similar longing in those around her. When she uses this boon, a number of people equal to her successes who do not successfully resist feel an irresistible pull to come toward her, from a distance of up to her total number of Water boons in miles away; they are not compelled to risk serious injury or death to get to her, but must otherwise do their best to find their way toward her as soon as possible. The Scion herself, as the focal point of the seductive call, may not stray more than ten yards from the spot where she used this boon; if she does, its effects immediately end and her victims are no longer required to come toward her. The Scion’s siren spell is broken once those affected by it succeed in getting within ten yards of her, and does not affect anyone who is already that close or closer.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon is a true master of watercraft and the art of travel on the waves, able to navigate any kind of water-going vehicle with incredible deftness and speed. He automatically gains twice his total number of Water boons as dice to any Control roll made to pilot any kind of watercraft, and he may pay this boon’s cost at any time to also double the vehicle’s speed for a number of hours equal to double his Water boons, allowing him to speed down rivers or shoot across the sea with truly supernatural quickness.

Alternatively, a Scion may also use this boon to impede the sailing skills of others, denying them the gifts of the waves that he himself enjoys. He may pay this boon’s cost to curse another watercraft with slowness and poor handling, slowing its operation to half its normal speed unless whomever is sailing it can roll higher on a Wits + Control roll than the Scion’s Water rating as if it were Epic successes.


Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
With this boon, a Scion may sink her secrets and most treasured possessions beneath the water, hiding them in its murky depths from anyone who might seek to uncover them. She may sink an object in any body of water that contains at least a million cubic feet of water (roughly the size of a two-acre pond); once it has been completely submerged, she may pay this boon’s cost to make it vanish into the water; it leaves the realm of earthly (or even divine) waters entirely and is cached in the deep dark waters of the Drowned Road itself, making it impossible for anyone else to retrieve. The Scion herself may retrieve it from any appropriate body of water later by paying the same cost again, but anyone who wishes to steal it must brave the Drowned Road itself and find it in the treacherous depths on their own, a tall order indeed.

Scion with a Water rating of 1-3 may sink any object up to one cubic foot in size for a cost of one point of Legend; those with Water rating 4-7 may sink anything up to one cubic yard and must pay three points of Legend, and those with Water rating 8 or higher may sink anything up to one cubic mile in size and must pay five points of Legend to do so.


Cost: 1 Willpower dot or Moment of Truth per use
Dice Pool: Nonel
Water is the natural home and habitat of the Scion with this boon, who sheds all vestiges of the awkwardness of land-dwellers and becomes one with the currents and waves of the waters of the universe. Upon paying this boon’s cost, he permanently gains the ability to breathe water as easily as air, and loses all negatives to movement or physical rolls that would normally apply to him while in the water. He gains the ability to move in the water in any way he wishes, including swimming, walking, flying along through the water, or even walking on its surface, and is also completely immune to all effects of water pressure. His DVs while in the water are now based on his Water rating as if it were an Epic Attribute instead of any Attributes, allowing him to avoid the attacks of clumsier creatures with ease.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
With this boon, a Scion may call forth a tiny personified bit of the water itself, a semi-aware whirlpool with a vague consciousness that can communicate only with those with Water, and only in the same vague way other Scions might communicate with plants or insects. This whirlpool becomes a helper and companion to the Scion, and aids her by commanding the tides on her behalf; once per day, it can use a Hero-level Water boon for her for no cost, freeing her to take other actions.

Alternatively, the Scion may choose to ask her whirlpool to expend itself to make one Watery boon she uses far more potent than it would normally be. The whirlpool can bolster any of the following powers:

Create Water: The whirlpool enhances the Scion’s water-creating abilities, multiplying the amount she creates by ten.

Siren Song: The whirlpool spins to support and continue the Scion’s song, allowing her to leave the area while it continues to keep the song going.

Sea Sense: The whirlpool whips the waves into a speeding frenzy, allowing the boon to grant quadruple speed if used to benefit a vehicle, or cut speed to a quarter if used against it.

While the whirlpool can lend its power to the Scion’s boons to make them far more effective than they might normally be, doing so uses up all its strength; it is destroyed by the effort, and the Scion must use this boon again if she wishes to call up a new companion once it is gone. She may call up a whirlpool only once every span of days equal to 20 minus her total number of Water boons, and may have only a single whirlpool active at a time. A Scion cannot call up a whirlpool unless she has some water already available to do so from, but may take one she has already summoned with her into waterless areas if she so chooses.


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
While the Scion with this boon may not be closely connected to the flora and fauna of dry land, he has an instinctive kinship with those that thrive beneath the water, allowing him to communicate with and even command the creatures of the deeps as easily as others might speak to their mortal companions. When he pays this boon’s cost, he gains the ability to speak to and understand all native water creatures and plants for the remainder of the scene; he can communicate with anything that actually lives in the water, although not anything that is in the water but actually lives most of its life out of it, and can use any of his social knacks on them as if they were humans (although, of course, animal and plant understanding of what is being asked of them is often none too firm). At the end of the scene, the boon’s effects end, and the Scion is no longer considered one of the brethren of the deep unless he chooses to reactivate it again.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
With this boon, a Scion may manipulate the strong, sudden currents beneath the waves to act on her behalf, lifting or moving small objects or even people without her ever lifting a finger. The currents determine how much they can lift based on double the Scion’s total number of Water boons as if it were their Lifting Capacity; they cannot be used to attack any thing or object in any way including throwing things at them, but can lift, carry, move or support anything else they wish, using the grip of the water to drag and manipulate objects at speeds of up to double her total number of Water boons in yards per second. The Scion may only target a single item at a time, which must be mostly or completely submerged in water; once she has paid for this boon, she can use it to manipulate that item for the rest of the scene, but she may only support one item at a time and doing so counts as a continuous action, so that she must take a multiple action penalty if she wishes to do anything else while she controls the item’s movement. She may target living beings (provided she can successfully lift their weight with the water, of course), but only if they are either unconscious or allow her to do so; she cannot grapple them against their will. She can never use this boon to transport or move herself or anything that she might be using as a vehicle.


Cost: 5 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None

The deep places of the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes contain untold secrets, and the Scion with this boon may reach down into them to discover what treasures they may be hiding, dredging them up into the light of day at his command. Whenever he uses this boon, he rolls a single die, which cannot be rerolled or affected in any way, and calls upon a body of water to bring its treasures to the surface, revealing whatever sunken treasures his roll dictates:

Roll Treasure Discovered
1 Mortal currency (gold doubloons, jewelry, ancient coinage, precious metals or stones, ancient artwork, fresh pearls)
2 Secret-revealing objects (a number of Mystery questions equal to Water boons on a single topic)
3 Ancient weapon (culture-appropriate for the area, with a +2 to either accuracy or damage)
4 Divine currency (magical currency, information suitable for blackmail, or anything else worth approximately one favor from a low-Legend god)
5 Magical consumable (three doses of wine, honey, water, or anything else that restores 5 Legend when drunk)
6 Shipwreck (an entire sunken ship containing one of each of the items from rolls 1-5)
7 Titanrealm fragment (approximately one cubic yard of material that can be used to craft relics)
8 Immortal consumable (one dose of amrita, nectar, or any other magical drink that restores 25 Legend when drunk if the drinker spends 3 Willpower)
9 Ancient secret-revealing objects (a number of Mystery questions equal to double Water boons on up to two topics)
10 Relic (seven dots, unbound to anyone, statted by the Storyteller based on the area it was found)

A body of water the Scion wishes to search for such lost treasures must be at least one hundred feet deep and have a natural bottom or spread (so a reservoir is usable, but a swimming pool or water tower is not). This boon may be used only once in a given game session, and overall may be used only a number of times per story equal to one quarter of the Scion’s total number of Water boons.

DROWN ●●●●● ●

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
The Scion with this Boon may overcome her enemies with the waters she commands, causing them to drown unpleasantly in their own fluids. By concentrating, the Scion may cause her target’s lungs to fill up with water from no apparent source, causing them to begin to drown even on dry land. The unlucky victim is doomed to suffer her successes in armor-ignoring bashing damage sixty ticks (one minute) in the future when the fluid finally chokes all air from his lungs; once per tick, anyone (including the victim himself) who can take an action may attempt to pump the water out of his lungs, lessening the damage that will be dealt by his dots of Survival (if the victim himself is purging the water) or their dots of Medicine (if others are trying to help him). Any remaining damage that has not been purged is suffered instantly at the end of the sixty ticks, overwhelming or even suffocating to death the target of the Scion’s displeasure. This boon may be used to drown even those who can normally breathe underwater; the Scion’s command over the waters is greater than any passive resistance.

Alternatively, the Scion may at her discretion use this boon to spare unwary air-breathers from being overwhelmed by water. If she pays its cost, she may grant one target the ability to breathe underwater for the next 24 hours. She may also use this boon to counteract someone else’s use of Drown by paying its cost and overcoming the other user’s roll with her own.

AQUA VITA ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The life-giving properties of water have long been revered in every culture; the Scion with this boon knows how to unlock the secrets of youth, healing and ease from afflictions by providing the most basic and wondrous of elements to those in need. If he wishes to ease another being’s suffering, he may do so by submerging one other person’s wound beneath the surface for at least one minute and infusing it with the soothing power of water; when he does so, he may heal the sufferer of up to his total number of Water boons in bashing or lethal damage. He may do so only once per day for a given being.

UNDERTOW ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival
With this boon, a Scion may cause the waves to reach out and draw friends and enemies alike into its watery bosom, consigning them to the depths or pulling them from an inferno into the cool waters of safety. She may use this boon to cause water from any source large enough to contain the body of her target to reach out and drag a target into it, enabling it to reach anyone within a number of yards of the water’s edge up to her total number of Water boons. If the target of the Scion’s wave is already in the water, the undertow may instead grasp them and drag them down into its depths. Targets who want to escape the grasping wave must do so with a Strength + Athletics roll; if they do not succeed, they may choose to either remain where they are and suffer the Scion’s total number of Water boons in unsoakable bashing damage from the pressure of the water’s grip, or be dragged a number of miles into or beneath the water equal to the Scion’s threshold successes.

Alternatively, a Scion may also use this boon to cleanse liquid of any pollutants, toxins or foreign elements that might invest it, returning it to pure water again; this applies not only to muddy water or befouled sewers, but also to other liquids that are mostly water, allowing the Scion to cleanse the foreign elements of a glass of orange juice or a can of water-based paint to leave behind clean, drinkable liquid. She may clear an amount of water with radius equal to her successes in yards and a depth equal to her total number of Water boons, rendering it clean until it is befouled again. If the pollutant in the water was created by a boon or other magical source, the Scion must successfully overcome the fouler’s roll on that power with her own to succeed.

BAPTISM ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
With this boon, a Scion may baptize others beneath his sacred waters, drawing them out again renewed and changed and filling them with new and heartfelt purpose. Once per story for any given person (who must be willing to undergo the baptism), the Scion may ritually baptize them in any body of water large enough to contain his target’s entire body; when he does, upon arising from the waters she immediately gains a new Nature that replaces her current one, five dots of its associated Virtue, and one bonus dot of Willpower, all of which remain for the rest of the story. The new Nature is chosen by rolling a single die, the result of which cannot be altered or rerolled, on the following table:

Roll Nature Virtue
1 Caregiver Valor
2 Comrade Loyalty
3 Expositor Expression
4 Gallant Courage
5 Libertine Conviction
6 Martyr Endurance
7 Naturalist Harmony
8 Pacifist Piety
9 Traditionalist Duty
10 Visionary Intellect

If the target already possesses the Nature that is rolled, the boon’s effects still occur, as the baptism has merely confirmed her inner self; if she already possesses the Virtue that is rolled, it increases to five dots and all its channels refill. For the remainder of the story, whenever the Scion’s target fulfills the Nature granted to them by the baptism, she gains an extra dot of Determination for doing so. The new Nature, Virtue and Willpower remain until the end of the story, at which point the Scion’s target reverts to her original state.

FLASH FLOOD ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
Unconstrained by the normal laws of nature, the Scion with this boon may call up a great flood, devastating the countryside and turning any location instantly from solid dry land to swirling, fathomless sea. A sudden mass of water bursts from the Scion’s location, flooding an area with radius one mile with a depth of 100 yards, transforming the area into her own private ocean. Everyone within the area is subject to normal penalties for attempting to operate underwater unless they can escape to a less soggy region for the duration. Scions must be within 100 feet of the ground to use this boon, and its effects take hold on the ground itself even if she herself is in a building or airborne. The flood remains for one scene, after which point it subsides; any damage it caused is left behind, as well as wetness, mud and other hallmarks of flood, but it leaves behind no water that can be used for any other purposes.

DEEP HORROR ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 10 Legend and 2 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
It is not only lost treasure and the debris of humankind that lie at the bottom of the unfathomable waters; creatures the likes of which the world of dry land has never seen lurk in the abyssal deeps, unknown to the world until the Scion with this boon calls them up from their dark haunts to rise to the surface and do battle for him. When the Scion spends this boon, which he must do near a body of water at least 100 feet deep with a natural or semi-natural bottom, he calls to one of these ancient watery horrors, exhorting it to rise in his defense. It takes ten ticks for the creature, which might be any terrible water monster depending upon the area in which it is called (in the northern seas, it might be a kraken; in the waters around the tip of Indian, it might be a makara, or in the Nile a monstrous crocodilian horror, and so on), to travel up from the depths it normally inhabits. Once it has arrived, it obeys the Scion who called it and him alone, and its murky oceanic mind cannot be wrested into control by any other source’s orders or magical interference.

The monster thus called continually fights to return to its deep, faraway abode; the Scion must spend a further three Legend and 1 Willpower every five ticks to prevent it from leaving, but as long as he does so, it continues to obey his commands. It may take one of three actions every five ticks; it may either attack a single target, destroy one city’s block worth of structures and objects, or travel at a speed of 100 yards per second in the water or 50 yards per second out of it, allowing the Scion to climb onto it as onto a monstrous mount if he so chooses. It has 100 health boxes, soaks 50 of all damage types, and when attacking rolls 100 dice with 50 automatic successes added to its damage.

The monster departs at the end of the scene or when the Scion no longer pays to maintain control over it, whichever happens first. If it is out of the water at the time that it leaves, it immediately heads for the water at its normal on-land speed, obliterating anything in its path, in order to do so.

WATERY GRAVE ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 10 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival
The fragile lungs of the airbound are child’s play for the lords of water to destroy, instantly drowning entire villages in sourceless, inescapable water if they so choose. When the Scion with this boon chooses to pay its cost, she immediately fills the lungs of anyone within a number of yards of her equal to her total number of Water boons with swirling, oxygen-stealing water; they are afflicted as if by the Drown boon, desperately attempting to cough the water out of their bodies before it destroys them.

DELUGE ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 15+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival
The Scion with this boon is now the ultimate master of the waters, raising up great floods that sweep away and devastate not only the World but anywhere else he chooses to smite. He may pay five points of Legend at any time to call up great flood; it originates in any body of water he chooses within his perception range that is at least 100 feet deep, and over an hour causes its water level to rise until everything within ten miles of it is five feet underwater.

However, if he chooses to spend 20 points of Legend, he may instead bring forth a flood of terrifying power and devastating effect, the likes of which the World has seldom seen since the great floods of ancient times. This flood lasts for a number of days equal to his total number of Water boons, and causes an area with radius equal to the Scion’s successes in miles around the originating body of water to instantly flood to five feet deep. Each hour of the flood thereafter, the Scion may choose whether it spreads another ten miles or whether the water level raises to become another five feet deeper. The Scion has complete narrative control over anything that happens that affects purely mortal places or people in the path of the flood; he decides whether monuments topple, cliffs slide into the ocean or entire towns are wiped off the map as long as there are no Legendary beings or objects involved. Magical locations are affected by the flood as if they were mundane; should the Scion choose to unleash the flood among the temples of Olympus, for example, even those mighty monuments would suffer damage and become uninhabitable for their owners. Once per hour, the Scion may direct the flood to specifically target and assault one Legendary being or object within its area, inflicting his choice of either bashing or lethal damage equal to his successes.

While the storm created by this boon is active (either the lesser or greater version), the Scion may spend a point of Legend to instantly travel from anywhere within it to anywhere else, moving through its waters as though part of them (although he cannot take anyone else with him unless he has the Come Along boon). Once the flood ends, the local landscape attempts to readjust to its normal state as it would after any disaster – as normal as it can be, anyway, considering the massive property damage and loss of life that has probably occurred.


Cost: 20 Legend, and 1 Willpower dot or 1 Moment of Truth per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon is the sovereign master of her chosen body of water, capable of calling it into being and creating it as a permanent feature of the universe. When she spends this boon’s cost, the Scion calls into being a great body of water in whatever form she chooses, from a rushing river to a bountiful lake to an entire sea, up to a maximum size of 100,000 square miles if it is a still body of water or 4,000 miles long if it is a river. It becomes a permanent fixture where she creates it, altering the local ecosystems and making itself a part of the landscape for all time unless manually drained, dammed, diverted or otherwise changed by the intentional actions of gods or humanity. She may not create a body of water that overlaps or infringes upon any other one created by this boon – for example, she could not try to create a new river that overwrote the Nile – but may otherwise place it anywhere she chooses.

The new body of water the Scion has created in this fashion is sacred to her and only her, and lends its power to her whenever she is within it, recognizing the only true authority over it. She may enter any body of water on the same plane (Overworld, Underworld, World or Terra Incognita) as her sacred body of water and reemerge from its waters by spending three points of Legend, making her never far away from her home territory. As long as she is on the shore or above the surface of her watery domain, or within its waters, she gains the following bonuses to her Water boons at all times:

Aqua Vita: The Scion may pay double the boon’s normal cost in order to heal aggravated damage.

Baptism: The Scion gains a free reroll if she wishes to change the boon’s outcome.

Bounty of the Sea: The Scion gains a free reroll if she wishes to change the boon’s outcome.

Deep Horror: The Scion need pay one fewer points of Legend every five ticks to maintain her control over the monster.

Renewal: The Scion may pay double the boon’s normal cost in order to heal aggravated damage.

Undertow: The Scion’s command may grasp targets at 100 times the normal distance away from the water’s edge.

These benefits are constant and require no further action on the part of the Scion to use at will while she is present in her domain. While nothing prevents the Scion from creating new landscape features wherever she chooses, as long as they don’t overlap someone else’s pre-existing ones, severely upsetting or changing the natural order within other gods’ territory is likely to attract unwelcome and potentially angry attention.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
Dice Pool: None
The Scion becomes a living, rampaging force of elemental water, crushing and washing away all in its path and utterly quenching and driving away all warmth, air and fire.


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