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The Anunna











The Anunna or Anunnaki are the most ancient pantheon known to mankind, the gods of Sumer, Babylon and all the long-lost civilizations of the fertile Mesopotamian lands. Their incredibly advanced age is a feat even among gods, but it has not dimmed their passionate nature or lust for life any; the Anunna are among the most larger-than-life figures in myth, playing out their violent passions and regal dramas on a grand cosmic scale. Formidable gods of the elements and nature itself, they may be nearly forgotten by the people of the modern world but are a vibrant and potent army in the battle against the Titans.



Conviction Courage Order Piety
The Anunna believe (as they always have) in the unassailable truths of the universe, and their absolute conviction prevents them from ever admitting wrongdoing or backing down, no matter what course they have chosen or how many oppose them in completing it. Long before most gods were born, the Anunna were already fighting evil, becoming the first monster-slayers and guardians of the world. They never shrink from a foe, no matter how powerful or terrible, and never admit to fear even in the face of certain destruction. As the first vanguard against the forces of destabilizing chaos, the Anunna maintain that law and order were their own inventions, created to safeguard the world and humanity in their infancies. They brook no flouting of their own laws, no anyone who would dare interfere in the natural order of things. Above all, the Anunna are very aware of their own divinity, the incredible power of their godly natures and their right to rule with them. They expect nothing less than the utmost respect from anyone blessed enough to worship or meet them.

Other Deities

Anu Ki
Lord of the sky and creator of the stars, Anu is the great father-god and ruler of the Anunna, the creator of all, final arbiter and first in the line of divine kings. Ki is the goddess of the vast and fertile earth, providing the primordial mud needed to create the world and provide living space for her many children.
Ninsun Lugalbanda
A minor cow goddess beloved by her divine father, Ninsun lived as a mortal in the great city of Uruk in order to give birth to the age’s greatest hero. A minor cow goddess beloved by her divine father, Ninsun lived as a mortal in the great city of Uruk in order to give birth to the age’s greatest hero.
Nisaba Enkidu
Nisaba is the goddess of writing and learning and serves as Nanshe’s chief scribe, recording her oracular visions. The hairy Enkidu lived as a wild man in the countryside until being discovered by Gilgamesh, his lifelong friend and the only man to equal him in combat.
Lamashtu Ninlil
A terrible goddess of plague and desolation and an eater of children and unwary travelers, Lamashtu is nevertheless one of Anu’s children, her antics giving rise to the legends of Lilith. The Lady of the Air is a beautiful and gentle goddess, so devoted to her husband that she was willing to follow him into the Underworld even after he assaulted her.
Gilgamesh Bau
The greatest of all kings and heroes of the Anunna, Gilgamesh defended his people from all invasion, traveled the world to discover the secret of immortality and convinced even the Underworld to allow his best friend to escape after death. Bau was the patron goddess of the mighty city of Lagash and guarded it with her many faithful dogs.
Enbilulu Pabilsag
As god of canals and irrigation, Enbilulu oversees the waters tamed by mankind on behalf of his uncle Enki. The ancient god of the constellation Sagittarius, Pabilsag was called the Bull of the Multi-Colored Legs.
Ninsinnina Gangir
The lovely goddess Ninsinnina was married to her husband on the banks of the river, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest. Not much is known about Bau’s youngest daughter, a minor goddess in western Mesopotamia.
Ningal Belili
Ningal, called the Great Lady by her worshipers, is the goddess of reeds and beloved wife of Sin, their romance considered the perfect joy all couples should aspire to. The gentle goddess of wine spends half of every year in the Underworld, buying her brother Tammuz the chance to spend half his year among the living with her own imprisonment.
Nindara Sarpanit
The Lord of Fishes is the god of fidelity in marriage, quietly remaining steadfast in his devotion to his esoteric wife. Eternally pregnant goddess of motherhood, Sarpanit lends all her support and attention to her kingly husband.
Gugalanna Ishkur
The great bull-god met his death when Ishtar sent him in her fury to fight Gilgamesh, who slew him. Ishkur is a storm and fertility god as well as the duly appointed inspector of the heavens, making sure that all is right in the vault of the sky.
Shala Aya
Shala is the goddess of grain and keeper of the constellation Virgo, also called her furrow. A goddess of youth, beauty and sexual delight, Aya is also the keeper of the dawn, a complementary light to that of her splendid husband Shamash.

The Anunna

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