Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
Sky’s Grace Gain your Sky boons as bonuses to speed and jumping.
Voice on the Wind 1L Send short messages to anyone within Sky boons miles.
Air Armor ●● 2L Gain Sky boons as bonuses to your DV.
Wind Warp ●● 1L Use wind to manipulate an object without touching it.
Breath ●●● 2L Str + Sur Deny breath to enemies so that they can’t speak, or grant breath to allies who are having trouble breathing.
Prismatic Presence ●●● 2W Give others the ability to spend your Legend instead of their own Willpower.
Flight ●●●● 1W dot/1 MoT Gain the power of flight permanently.
Zephyr ●●●● 5L Summon a small air elemental that bolsters some of your boons.
Arrow Storm ●●●●● 5L Use winds to make missiles more or less effective in an area.
Obscuring Mist ●●●●● 5L Cha + Sur Call up a giant bank of mist that inflicts visibility penalties on everyone.
Heavenly Domain ●●●●● ● 3L Man + Com Prevent others from flying or jumping or knock projectiles out of the sky.
Rainbow Mantle ●●●●● ● Enchant a relic with the rainbow to enhance its bonuses and make it harder to steal.
Cloud Travel ●●●●● ●● 5L Travel on clouds to quadruple your normal speed.
Gale Force ●●●●● ●● 3L Man + Thr Blast air at objects or enemies to hurl them threshold miles away, or to cleanse an area’s air of pollutants.
Overcast ●●●●● ●●● Cause the sky to become clear or overcast, enhancing or detracting from the use of Moon, Sun and Stars boons.
Whirlwind ●●●●● ●●● 15L Create a giant tornado that deals damage to anyone in its path.
Rainbow Bridge ●●●●● ●●●● 5L Create a rainbow bridge after a natural disaster that allows Legendary beings to travel to various locations.
Suffocation ●●●●● ●●●● 10L Charisma + Medicine Prevent targets from breathing, dealing extensive damage from suffocation.
Tempest Blast ●●●●● ●●●●● 3L Use wind to move storms to different areas, or to enhance or detract from Fire and Thunder boons.
Vault of Heaven ●●●●● ●●●●● 20L Wit + Awa Invert gravity to throw everything in an area a mile into the air, levying severe penalties on those who can’t fly.
The Firmament ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W See everything under the sky, blow anything away with prodigious winds, or grant or deny breath on a massive scale.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
Scions with this boon are blessed by the winds, carried by them so that they are capable of great feats. Their speed and jumping distance are both increased by an amount equal to their total number of Sky boons.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
This boon allows Scions to speak with the voice of the wind, directing it to carry her words as far afield as the wind itself can travel. By paying this boon’s cost, she may speak or sing any simple message or verse of no more than a single sentence or thought, and cause it to be carried to any target she wishes as long as they are within a number of miles of her equal to her Sky boons. She need not be able to see her target, or indeed even know that he is within her range; if he is not close enough for the wind to carry the message to him or is hiding, it returns to the Scion to inform her of the fact. Anyone else who is near the Scion’s intended recipient who wishes to overhear it must have at least as many dots of Epic Perception as the Scion has levels of Sky. She may send longer messages by spending one point of Legend per segment, at Storyteller discretion.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon calls up the air to swirl and eddy around him, misdirecting attacks and spoiling the aim of anyone attempting to cut through it to harm him. He may add his Sky boons to his DV for the remainder of the scene, after which the winds abate and he returns to normal.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
With this boon, a Scion may manipulate the winds to act on her behalf, lifting or moving small objects or even people without her ever lifting a finger. The winds determine how much they can lift based on the Scion’s total number of Sky boons as if it were their Lifting Capacity; they cannot be used to attack any thing or object in any way including throwing things at them, but can lift, carry, move or support anything else they wish, causing flying objects or moving items from place to place like a poltergeist at speeds of up to her total number of Sky boons in yards per second. The Scion may only target a single item at a time; once she has paid for this boon, she can use it to manipulate that item for the rest of the scene, but she may only support one item at a time and doing so counts as a continuous action, so that she must take a multiple action penalty if she wishes to do anything else while she causes it to float. She may target living beings (provided she can lift them with the wind, of course), but only if they are either unconscious or allow her to do so; she cannot grapple them against their will. She can never use this boon to transport or levitate herself or anything that she might be using as a vehicle.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Strength + Survival
The Scion with this boon is a master of breath, the vivifying air that allows mortal man (and even gods) to live and speak. When he uses this boon against a target, he must overcome her automatic Stamina + Fortitude resist roll; if he does, he steals the breath from her lungs, preventing her from speaking or using her voice in any way (although not breathing to live) for a number of hours equal to his threshold successes.

Alternatively, he may choose this boon to help others who may be struggling to breathe. If he overcomes his target’s resistance, he may instead grant her breath for a number of hours equal to his threshold successes, allowing her to breathe in poisonous or watery environments. A target that the Scion has granted breath in this way is also granted the power to speak, even if she is normally mute; the magical breath granted to her can give her a voice where she normally has none.


Cost: 2 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: None
This boon allows a Scion to take on the aspect of the rainbow, gaining a shimmering multicolored light around her that lifts the spirits of any who see her, just as the appearance of a rainbow after a storm grants those who see it renewed hope. When she activates this boon, anyone who sees her gains the ability to spend her Legend points in lieu of their own Willpower points if they wish, giving them reserves of calm and resolve that they could never have had without her. The boon’s effects last until the end of the scene or until the Scion herself runs out of Legend; if she does, she immediately regains her entire Willpower pool from the knowledge that she has supported her fellows’ hearts so ably. If she wishes, she may also end this boon’s effects at any time for no cost, but she does not regain any Willpower for doing so.


Cost: 1 Willpower dot or 1 Moment of Truth per use
Dice Pool: None
The skies are the natural habitat of the Scion with this boon, who takes to them as easily as a fish to water or an earthworm to soil. When he spends this boon’s cost, he immediately and permanently gains the power of flight, able to soar through the skies completely regardless of gravity at a top speed of double his Sky rating as if it were an Epic Attribute in yards per second. Should he be grappled while flying, he remains able to stay in the skies only if he is in control of the grapple; if an attacker who cannot fly herself successfully grapples him, he no longer has the ability to fly and both of them are likely to drop out of the sky.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
With this boon, a Scion may call forth a tiny personified bit of the wind itself, a semi-aware zephyr with a vague consciousness that can communicate only with those with Sky, and only in the same vague way other Scions might communicate with plants or insects. This zephyr becomes a helper and companion to the Scion, and aids her by commanding the winds on her behalf; once per day, it can pay for her to a Hero-level Sky boon, freeing her resources for other uses.

Alternatively, the Scion may choose to ask her zephyr to expend itself to make one Sky boon she uses far more potent than it would normally be. The zephyr can bolster any of the following powers:

Voice on the Wind: The zephyr lends its strength to the messenger breeze, multiplying the Scion’s range by ten.

Wind Warp: The zephyr lends its support to the Scion’s movement of objects, allowing her to manipulate two of them at once with no penalty.

Prismatic Presence: The zephyr bends the air into a more intense rainbow, creating a pool of ten Legend that can be converted into Willpower for others (but not used for any other purpose).

While the zephyr can lend its power to the Scion’s boons to make them far more effective than they might normally be, doing so uses up all its strength; it is destroyed by the effort, and the Scion must use this boon again if she wishes to call up a new companion once it is gone. She may call up a zephyr only once every span of days equal to 20 minus her total number of Sky boons, and may have only a single zephyr active at a time. A Scion cannot call up a zephyr in an airless environment (such as outer space or underwater), but may take one she has already summoned with her into such places.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon can create a zone of whipping winds around him, impeding the flight of missiles or guiding them so that they achieve pinpoint precision. When he pays this boon’s cost, the winds that blow up make arrows, bullets, spears and any other kind of shot or thrown missile deadly accurate, adding the Scion’s total number of Sky boons as dice to all damage rolls as well as doubling their normal range. Alternatively, if the Scion chooses to use the winds to disorder and impede missiles, the range of any such weapon is halved, and they suffer from a penalty equal to half the Scion’s Sky boons in successes if they manage to hit their targets. The zone extends across an area with a radius of 100 yards, and it affects any and all missiles that enter or leave it, even if they were shot from outside it or are aimed at a target that is not within the area. This boon affects only physical missiles, and has no effect on magically-created attacks such as those made with the Levin Fury boon. The winds continue to affect airborne missiles for one scene, after which they return to normal.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Survival
By concentrating for ten ticks, the Scion with this boon may call to the air around her to thicken and coalesce into an impenetrable mist that hides and conceals everyone and everything around her. The mist appears across an area with radius equal to the Scion’s successes in miles and extends a number of yards equal to her total number of Sky boons into the sky; everyone within it is mired by the thick fog and finds their Perceptive Capacity reduced by the Scion’s total number of Sky boons (to a minimum of 1), making the far-sighted abruptly confined to a much smaller visual range and the already poor of eyesight unable to see past their own noses. All Perception rolls made within the area also suffer from a penalty equal to the Scion’s total number of Sky boons in successes from the obscuring vapors, and these penalties also apply to all the Scion’s other senses, including hearing and smell, which are likewise deadened. The mists remain for one scene, after which normal weather patterns easily dispel them.


Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Command
The skies themselves are the domain of the Scion with this boon, and he may allow or refuse access to them to those who dare challenge his dominion in his own realm. Whenever anyone the Scion is able to see attempts to travel through the air under their own power (flying, jumping or anything else), he may use this boon on them to deny them the sky; every threshold he gains against their automatic Strength + Athletics roll lowers their speed in the air by one yard per second, and if the unfortunate target’s speed is reduced to zero, she simply falls out of the sky or becomes completely unable to lift off. The Scion’s target is grounded for the remainder of the scene, confined to the realm of the lowly earth until his powers cease to affect her. This boon cannot affect targets who are using vehicles or outside means of gaining the air, but anyone who is freely in the air without such constructs is fair game.

Alternatively, the Scion with this boon may also use it to prevent missiles and thrown or launched objects from violating his airspace without permission. By using this boon on anything up to 25 pounds in weight hurtling through the air, he may cause it to simply fall to the ground where it is, preventing arrows from striking allies or important artifacts from being thrown out of his reach. This boon is not reflexive and he must be able to take an action in order to use it, and it cannot prevent purely magical attacks such as lightning bolts or fireballs, but it is within his power to ground anything else that might be flung his way.


Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
Like ancient gods of the many-colored skies, the Scion with this boon may use the rainbow itself as tool or raiment, imbuing her divine weapons or garments with the splendor of the sky. Upon purchasing this boon, the Scion gains the ability to impart the essence of the rainbow to a relic that she already owns, granting it new powers. She may enchant a relic with up to two of the following bonuses: double an accuracy bonus on a weapon; double a damage bonus on a weapon; double a bonus of Legend to an Animal Ken, Command, Empathy, Politics, Presence or Survival roll; or, if none of these bonuses are present to augment, she may add a bonus of her Legend as dice to one of the previous abilities as a new relic bonus. In addition, the relic also gains an additional difficulty of five against anyone who attempts to steal or use it without the Scion’s permission.

This boon cannot add other relic powers not listed above, nor can it add the same bonus twice (so a Scion could not double an accuracy bonus and then double it again). The Scion may freely apply this boon to a single relic after she purchases it, but if she wishes to change the bonus applied to that relic, or instead bless a different relic in her possession, each change costs ten points of Legend to enact.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon soars among the clouds like one of them himself, rushing through the sky as quickly as the wind and in as much comfort as the clouds can provide. Whenever he wishes, he may pay this boon’s cost to summon down a bit of cloud, which he may instinctively control as if it were an extension of himself. While traveling on the cloud, the Scion moves at four times his normal speed, and may continue doing so for a number of hours equal to his Sky boons, after which the cloud dissipates. The cloud cannot travel underwater, and it can only carry the Scion and his normal relics and clothing along with any small items he carries within reason that the Storyteller allows; it cannot be used to transport others, large objects or any amount of cargo.

GALE FORCE ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Thrown
The power of the invisible wind is a potent destructive force, one that the Scion with this boon calls up at her command. She may pay this boon’s cost to create a sudden, prodigious blast of wind that sweeps outward to slam into a single enemy or object of her choice. If she uses it against a living being, he must make a Strength + Athletics roll against her successes in an attempt to resist the effects of the wind; if he succeeds, he is able to withstand the blast and keep his footing. If he fails, he may choose to either stand his ground in the face of the wind, suffering unsoakable bashing damage equal to the Scion’s Sky boons, or allow himself to be hurled a number of miles equal to the Scion’s threshold successes away from her (although he takes no damage whenever he finally lands). If the Scion chooses to use this boon to hurl an object, she may determine how heavy a thing she can move by using double her Sky boons as her Lifting Capacity, and fling anything that falls within that capacity a number of miles equal to her successes (with a minimum of one). This boon cannot be used to aim objects as missiles at others, nor can it target more than one living thing at a time or any vehicle or structure that contains multiple people, but it can be used in airless environments, since the Scion is not just manipulating wind but actually creating it from her own powers.

Alternatively, a Scion may also use this boon to blast an empty area with a violent gust of pure wind, purging it of any outside gases, toxins or other foreign elements. She may clear an area of air with radius equal to her successes in yards and a height equal to her total number of Sky boons, rendering it clean, breathable and free of odors until it is befouled again.

OVERCAST ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: None
Dice Pool: None
This boon is under construction! It will eventually involve Scions gaining the ability to obscure the heavens with clouds or render them crystal clear, allowing them to enhance or debilitate the function of any boons that affect the moon, stars, sun or other celestial bodies within the sky they control. However, we will need to complete our rewrites of the celestial purviews before we can finish this boon. Please pardon our dust!

WHIRLWIND ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 15 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
The Scion with this boon calls up a massive swirling funnel cloud, tearing across the landscape with devastating speed and tornado force. When she uses this boon, the Scion chooses a point where the whirlwind blows up; from that point, it begins moving at 100 yards per second, able to change direction at the Scion’s command as often as once every five ticks. The whirlwind may be avoided by anyone in its path who can sprint faster than it moves (although those who do so at full speed suffer the DV penalty for doing so as usual), but those who are unable to escape it suffer three times the Scion’s total number of Sky boons in armor-ignoring bashing damage as they are buffeted about by the fierce winds, and the same again every five ticks that they fail to extricate themselves. The whirlwind, which may be summoned even where there is no other air, has a radius equal to the Scion’s total number of Sky boons in yards, and is ten times that distance in height. The tornado remains active and under the Scion’s control for the remainder of the scene, but only if she continues actively maintaining and directing it; if she takes any other actions, she must either suffer the normal penalties for multiple actions or release the tornado, leaving it to blow itself out.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
Since time immemorial, mankind has known the ephemeral rainbow as a bridge to lands unknown, connecting the world to the magical realms of gods, demons and even stranger things. The Scion with this boon may summon up a rainbow bridge whenever a major natural disaster or storm is caused by the use of the Blizzard Call, Maelstrom, Rain of Fire, Rainy Day, Seismic Disruption, Supercell, Tsunami, Unnatural Rain or Whirlwind boons; he may do so only when that boon’s effects have ended, drawing a giant rainbow across the sky in the aftermath of the disaster. The Scion may choose where the resulting bridge goes; it extends from his current location to his choice of anywhere in the same realm (World, Overworld or Underworld) that he currently inhabits and can perceive, into any one Terra Incognita whose entrance he can currently perceive, or into the local Overworld of whatever pantheon’s territory he is in at the moment.

Once the bridge has been established, the Scion may use it himself for no cost; any other Legendary beings may spend five points of Legend to use the bridge as well, although if it goes to the Overworld they may not do so if they have a Legend rating lower than 9. The bridge remains for one scene, after which is vanishes like any other impermanent rainbow might.

SUFFOCATION ●●●●● ●●●●

Cost: 10 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Medicine
Breathing is a privilege granted to the living by the lords and ladies of air, and the Scion with this boon may choose to revoke it at any time. Whenever she pays the cost of this boon, she instantly and irrevocably removes the breath from the bodies of everyone within a number of yards equal to her total number of Sky boons, leaving them floundering helplessly if they cannot successfully resist against her successes with a Wits + Fortitude roll. Those who fail suffer one unsoakable bashing damage per threshold success the Scion gained above their roll as they become literally unable to breathe; if they would be incapacitated by this damage, they remain conscious and aware of what is going on around them for the rest of the scene but helpless to take any actions while the Scion holds their life-giving breath in the palm of her hand. This boon may be used on any target only once per scene, although the Scion may use it again if new enemies come within her range, and the damage it causes cannot be healed during the same scene that it was inflicted. This boon only affects those who breathe air and has no effect on creatures that breathe water (such as fish) or some other non-air substance, or that do not breathe at all (such as golems or mechanical creatures).

TEMPEST BLAST ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 3 Legend per use
Dice Pool: None
Although flame and lightning are the most destructive natural elements, the wind is powerful enough to not only cause damage in its own right but also to redirect or diminish other dangers. By paying this boon’s cost, a Scion may move any non-magical clouds or storms as he wishes, blowing them away from anywhere he does not wish them to be. He may also hurl the winds outward from himself, instantly destroying, knocking over or throwing miles away any single non-magical object or structure he wishes, or even any hapless mortal that crosses his path (although not any Legendary beings).

This boon also allows the Scion who masters it to enhance or detract from the magical efforts of others by affecting their uses of the powers of flame and storm, easily blown out or whipped into a frenzy by the Scion’s powers over wind. Whenever anyone uses any of the following boons in his vicinity, he may affect them as follows:

Boon Effect
Supercell If he wishes to disperse the storm, he may lower the total number of events that occur by his total number of Sky boons; if he wants to increase its destructive events, he may add the same number of events, which occur at one-day intervals.
Rainy Day If he wishes to decrease the rain’s effects, he may subtract his total Sky boons from the number of days remaining; if he wishes to increase it, he doubles the Willpower costs in the affected area again.

Using this boon against another Legendary being’s powers does not prevent it from taking initial effect unless the Scion has held an action and used this boon at the same time as his opponent.

Please note that the above are Thunder boons that have not yet been released, and that there will be Fire boons added when we finish working on that purview. Again, pardon our dust!

VAULT OF HEAVEN ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 20 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Awareness
The Scion with this boon wields awesome power over the sky and everything in it, and can force everyone and everything around her to submit to that power. When she uses this boon, everything and everyone within a one-mile radius of her immediately ceases to be affected by gravity and is thrown one mile into the sky, where they remain at that altitude, at the mercy of the powers of wind and air. Objects are launched into the sky as long as they are within a Lifting Capacity equal to the Scion’s total number of Sky boons; living things may attempt to resist being yanked off of solid ground by rolling their Strength + Athletics against the Scion’s successes (they may hold onto inanimate objects to prevent them from flying into the air, but may not hold down other living beings). Those who fail find themselves weightless and helpless in the sky; they can still move, but do so at one-tenth their normal speed, as well as suffering a penalty equal to the Scion’s total number of Sky boons to their DV and any Strength or Dexterity rolls they might make while airborne. Those who have the ability to fly under their own power are unaffected by these penalties unless the Scion denies them that power with the Heavenly Domain boon, in which case they become subject to the same penalties as the normally flightless. The objects and people commanded into the sky by the Scion remain above ground until the end of the scene, at which point this boon’s effects abruptly end.

In addition, the Scion’s absolute power over flight now extends to other powers; if she pays an additional two points of Legend, she can now ground objects with any weight within a Lifting Capacity equal to your Sky rating as if it were an Epic Attribute with the Heavenly Domain boon, and may now target vehicles as well, allowing her to ground an aircraft as easily as a paper airplane.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
The Scion can see everything under the sky with perfect clarity, and becomes a power of the heavens themselves, using winds and air as awesome forces at her command.


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