Boon Level Cost Roll Effect
The Subtle Knife 1L Man + Lar Cause any one item that fits in your hand to seem to disappear.
Stolen Face ●● 1L + 1W Man + Pre Disguise yourself as someone else provided you have a prop to aid you.
Doppelganger ●●● 1W Cha + Com Summon illusory duplicates of yourself.
Fool’s Gold ●●● 2L Wit + Lar Disguise any small object as another small object.
Dreamcraft ●●●● 2+L Wit + Emp Create a freestanding illusion of whatever you wish.
Phantasmagoria ●●●● 3L + 1W Man + Emp Cause your target to see you as the thing he fears most.
Loaned Identity ●●●●● 5L Man + Pre Perfectly disguise yourself, others, or even inanimate objects as other people.
Scapegoat ●●●●● 2L Man + Emp Cause your target to appear supremely guilty even if completely innocent.
Fantastic Vista ●●●●● ● 3L + 1W Man + Sur Use illusions to seem to change vast characteristics of the landscape.
Nocturnal Director ●●●●● ● 3L + 1W Man + Emp Reshape and affect the dreams of others.
Hidden Name ●●●●● ●● 4L + 1W Wit + Ste Prevent others from finding you or learning information about you, or redirect such attempts to find someone else instead.
Dream World ●●●●● ●●● 5+L + 1W Man + Occ Trap your target in a dreamworld in which you shape everything and combat occurs mentally.
Prince of Lies ●●●●● ●●● 5L Man + Emp Cause your lies to become temporarily undetectable and gain bonuses against all supernatural attempts to bind you into agreements.
False Pretenses ●●●●● ●●●● 5L Wit + Pre Cause your illusions to last even when after you leave and change yourself so convincingly that it mimics reality.
False Prophecy ●●●●● ●●●● 5+L Man + Occ Grant completely real-seeming fabricated prophecies.
The Best Trick ●●●●● ●●●●● 15L Man + Pre Create illusions that completely trap and overcome your targets and may actually affect reality.
The Trickster ●●●●● ●●●●● ● 30L + 1W Cloud all reason, hide any secret and reshape illusion so that no one but yourself can possibly know what reality is.

Illusions are not truly powers that affect others, merely shadows of things that do not actually exist; as a result, anyone attempting to resist or see through an Illusion Boon rolls Perception + Awareness to do so instead of the standard resistance roll unless otherwise stated.


Cost: 1 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Larceny
The Scion with this power has mastered the art of hiding something in plain sight; any item small enough for him to hold in one hand or conceal under a jacket or skirt simply does not appear to others unless he wishes it to. By spending the requisite cost, the Scion weaves a minor illusion that convinces others that they do not see the object, even if it is right in front of them; mortals are completely fooled, and beings with Legend must roll to attempt to see through the Scion’s chicanery. The item (or even living creature, provided it is small enough to hide) remains hidden until the Scion uses it obviously (firing a gun, opening a wallet, making a call on a cell phone), at which point everyone in the scene may notice it. This Boon does not render an object truly invisible; if it blocks someone’s field of vision, for example, the illusion is broken.


Cost: 1 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
One of the most powerful and prevalent of mythological powers is that of disguising oneself as someone else, and the Scion with this Boon is able to do just that. By donning some form of disguise – an elaborate costume, or even just a hat or a pair of Groucho Marx glasses will do – the Scion takes on the face of another, becoming indistinguishable from her model (or, if she chooses, she may turn into a person of her own invention without borrowing someone else’s likeness, though she still requires some prop related to the invented person to do so). If the Scion has an object owned by the person she is impersonating, she may add a +2 bonus to her dice roll, or a +5 bonus if she has a sample of the person’s body (fingernail clippings, hairs, etc.). Conversely, someone attempting to see through the illusion gains a +2 bonus if they spend a protracted amount of time with the Scion and have more opportunities to see her slip up, while they suffer a -2 penalty if they see her only fleetingly. Someone who fails to see through the disguise is unable to attempt to do so again in the same scene; someone who does manage to successfully see through the Scion’s illusion may expose her by removing her makeshift disguise, thus revealing her to everyone. The disguise is always subtly flawed by some minor detail that belongs to the Scion rather than to the person she is impersonating; it is this detail that is noticed by the astute observer who succeeds in penetrating the illusion.
This power lasts until the end of the scene unless voluntarily ended by the Scion; if she wishes to extend her disguise through another scene, she may spend another point of Willpower to do so.


Cost: 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
By concentrating her powers of deception and persuasion and giving them external form, the Scion may create exact illusory doubles of herself or of another person to do her bidding. Upon being created, the doppelgängers must be given an item or piece of clothing belonging to whomever they are impersonating; if they are not provided with one, they default as doubles of the Scion herself (and require a 3 Legend per doppelgänger expenditure). The doppelgängers possess the Subtle Knife and Stolen Face Boons, and can work tirelessly at simple tasks (digging, cleaning, farming, etc.), though more complicated orders may pose difficulties. For every three successes she garners on her activation roll, the Scion may choose to either create and additional double or to add one day to the time that they will remain to serve her. If no extra days are purchased with successes, the doppelgängers vanish at sunset.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny
Hand in hand with disguising one’s face goes disguising one’s tool, an easy prospect for the Scion with this Boon; he simply pays the requisite cost and hides or covers the inanimate object in question for a second, revealing a brand-new inanimate object of approximately the same size. The disguised object (which must be something the Scion could hold in one hand, such as a book, or a collection of small objects of the same size, such as a bag of marbles) looks, feels, sounds, and smells like whatever the Scion is pretending it is, and may be detected as a forgery only if a viewer is successful in seeing through the illusion. The disguise remains until the end of the scene or the object is broken, or until the Scion himself chooses to remove it.


Cost: 2+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
No longer required to channel her powers of duplicity through physical objects, the Scion with this Boon may now create unsupported illusions, making anything within the realm of her imagination possible. By spending the requisite cost plus 2 points of Legend for each person she wishes to see her illusion, the Scion causes one element, object or entity to appear (provided that it is something she can imagine or has seen before) to them, or, alternatively, alters or vanishes some part of already-existing reality. The illusion may affect as many senses as she wishes, and may be of almost anything she can conceive of. The Scion must concentrate completely on her illusion, taking no actions while she maintains it; if she does anything that breaks her concentration or is physically hurt, the illusion vanishes and reality returns to its usual state. She may only maintain a number of distinct illusions equal to her total number of successes from Epic Intelligence at one time (with a minimum of one), and each illusory being or person in a given scene counts toward this total; as with most illusion powers.


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Though mastery of illusion provides the Scion with near-limitless creative options, allowing the details to be left to the imagination of her viewers can sometimes produce more incredible results yet. By spending the requisite cost, the Scion with this Boon causes an illusion to spring up out of nothing to terrify her target, but instead of setting the terms of the illusion herself, the Scion allows it to take shape as the thing most feared by her target. This does not grant the Scion any knowledge of her target’s fear herself, though observing their response might give her clues. The illusion itself is visible and real-seeming to anyone who cannot see through it except the Scion herself; it can only mimic the fears of a single target, and it behaves in every way exactly as the terrified target would expect it to, causing them to immediately lose a point of Willpower and to gain a -4 distraction penalty when trying to take any actions except escaping from its fearsome nearness. The Scion must concentrate completely on her illusion, taking no actions while she maintains it; if she does anything that breaks her concentration or is physically hurt, the illusion vanishes and reality returns to its usual state. Otherwise, the illusion remains until the end of the scene before vanishing.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Now able to create more sophisticated means of disguising himself and others, the Scion with this Boon may disguise even objects or elements as people if he so chooses, or create nearly impossible-to-detect impersonations. If he chooses to create disguises for himself or other people with this power, he may do so easily, creating false images without the need for any kind of physical disguise to support them; if he chooses to disguise objects or elements as people, he may do so, creating strange but undeniably human-looking creations (for example, a wall of ice thus disguised might appear as a pale, rigid, quiet man with ice-blue eyes). The illusion remains for the rest of the scene, or until the person or thing thus disguised does something so wildly unbelievable that it destroys its own illusion.


Cost: 2 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
The Scion with this Boon is a master of the art of deflection and blame, able to make even the most righteous of subjects appear totally guilty if she wishes. Whenever she chooses to spend the requisite cost, the Scion may make any specific target appear to be obviously lying about whatever they are talking about; illusions make them seem to stutter, twitch, look furtive, and even dismally fail polygraph tests, no matter how true what they’re saying actually is. Everyone who observes the unfortunate target is immediately convinced of their guilt unless they can overcome the Scion’s successes with a Perception + Empathy roll, much to the target’s probable confusion and distress; those with the Takes One to Know One Knack may roll their Manipulation + Empathy against the Scion’s activation successes in an attempt to realize that they are seeing false tells. If the target possesses the Benefit of the Doubt or God’s Honest Knacks, he or she may roll against the Scion’s successes in an attempt to present themselves as believably telling the truth. The target’s apparent guilt remains for the rest of the scene, after which point they revert to their normal state and may attempt to convince others of their innocence once again.


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival
The Scion with this Boon is able to extend her influence so far that she can conceal entire features of the landscape or man-made buildings, making them appear to be something entirely other than they are. She might cause buildings to appear to be hills, or vice versa, or turn forests into sheer rock walls or yawning chasms into smooth, apparently safe ground. She may recreate her vision of reality in an area up to her total number of Illusion Boons times 50 square yards, and may maintain the illusion with little effort for a number of days equal to her total number of Illusion Boons. Only creatures or characters with Epic Perception may attempt to see through her trickery by rolling; those who do not see through the illusion always see it behave as they expect it to (for example, if someone bulldozed an illusory wall, the Scion’s targets would see it break and leave behind rubble).


Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
The Scion with this Boon may extend her creativity from the real world to the realm of dreams, shaping them as easily as if she were directing a movie. When confronted with a sleeping person, she may spend the requisite cost and at least five minutes concentrating on her task; if she does so, she may completely rewrite the dreamer’s visions as she sees fit, for a duration of one hour per threshold success she scores (this Boon is opposed by a standard resistance roll), after which the dreamer begins dreaming as normal again (if the sleeper is not yet dreaming, she may push them into it by beginning her own dream for them). The dreamer thus affected has no way of knowing that his or her dream is unnatural, and the Scion may bestow pleasant dreams, terrifying nightmares, prophetic warnings, or cryptic clues at her whim (though, if she does not know the subject well, a Manipulation + Empathy roll may be necessary to craft something the dreamer will find truly pleasant or frightening). If at any time the dreamer wakes from his or her slumber, the Scion’s dream dissipates instantly, though the dreamer will remember it afterward.

HIDDEN NAME ●●●●● ●●

Cost: 4 Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth
The Scion with the Illusion Purview often finds himself in the role of trickster (or, even if he is not, often finds himself blamed as if he were); if he possesses this Boon, he may sidestep or redirect the attempts of others to find him, escaping many an angry victim bent on revenge. Whenever someone attempts to find the Scion or information about him (whether through supernatural means such as the Psychopomp or Mystery Purviews, or mundane means such as looking him up in the county records), he may reflexively spend the requisite cost to activate this Boon, rendering himself nigh impossible to find information on. Mundane attempts automatically fail unless the person attempting them overcomes the Scion’s successes on a Perception + Investigation roll, and supernatural powers must likewise overcome his successes on their respective Boon or Knack rolls or also come up with nothing. Note that the illusionist does not become actively invisible; someone searching for his face in a crowd cannot be redirected by this power, for example. Additionally, the Scion has no idea who is looking for him or via what means when he feels this power become possible to activate; he must choose to activate the power, potentially spending his resources on a mundane information-search by a fan, or not, possibly allowing an implacable enemy to find him, without the slightest clue which it might be.

Alternatively, the Scion with this Boon may redirect attempts to find him to an unsuspecting third party, effectively shunting blame onto someone else. As long as he possesses an item with a personal connection to the person he would like to blame (fingernail clippings, the remains of a loved one, a prized possession), he may spend the requisite cost at any time to cause a single attempt to search him out to automatically redirect to that person (who may resist with a successful Wits + Integrity roll). If he is successful, the other person is temporarily elected as his proxy when he is searched for, and others may only stand a chance of finding him if that person dies, they find them and establish that they is not actually the culprit after all, or the Scion chooses not to use this Boon again the next time he is searched for.

DREAM WORLD ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5+ Legend and 1 Willpower per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
The Scion with this Boon may now bypass the real world entirely, placing her subject in a mental world entirely of her own making. By spending the requisite cost and overcoming her target’s normal resist roll, the Scion may cause them to believe that they inhabit a world entirely under her control for a number of actions equal to her threshold successes; she may do and create literally anything within this world, and do anything she pleases to her target (or targets, if she chooses to spend an additional 5 points of Legend for each extra person she wishes to enter her world; if she wishes to put two targets into different worlds, however, that requires more than one use of this power). All interactions become social as the Scion and her target are interacting only in the target’s mind, and their bodies are not actually involved in the dream at all; additionally, no one may use Boons or Knacks, channel Virtues, enact Legendary Deeds or spend Legend for any reason within the dream world as both the Scion and her target have the power to warp their environment at will (the Scion, however, has the advantage of knowing this, while her target may not). When the Scion attacks her target (via a Manipulation + Empathy roll, which deals damage via a Charisma + Illusion roll, which acts against the target’s DV of Wits + Integrity and soak of Intelligence + current Willpower) or causes them what would equate to damage in the real world, they simply lose a point of Willpower instead of taking damage if they fail to resist; if her target becomes completely drained of Willpower, she may puppeteer them from within, controlling them completely until they regain at least one point of Willpower to fend her off (alternatively, the Scion may continue to deal “damage” to her target instead of taking control of them, causing them to begin taking levels of bashing damage in the real world). If the Scion is completely drained of Willpower by her target’s attacks, this Boon’s effects end immediately and both return to their normal senses. The Scion, operating in both the real world and the illusory one, is slowed in reaction and suffers a -4 penalty to her DV in the real world while this power is active (if she has the Parallel Attention or Multi-Tasking Knacks, she may lessen this to -2, and if she has both to 0); her target may dodge attacks reflexively, but may take no other actions unless he or she manages to see through it with the Fool Me Once… knack (in which case they may act at a +2 speed penalty and a -8 distraction penalty to all rolls, which may also be modified by the Parallel Attention and Multi-Tasking Knacks).

PRINCE OF LIES ●●●●● ●●●

Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
The Scion with this Boon is the undisputed master of falsehood, able to twist and obscure the truth behind veils of illusion and misdirection until even the most determined investigators give up in confusion. Once he has paid the requisite cost, he becomes a liar without peer; for the rest of the scene, anyone attempting to catch him in a lie via supernatural means such as Knacks faces an additional difficulty in doing so equal to twice his total number of Illusion Boons, and mundane attempts to detect falsehood in him fail automatically and utterly. In addition, attempts to bind him unwillingly into any kind of agreement or pact (via Boons such as Heartfelt Promise, Sanctify Oath, Lay Potent Geas, etc.) face the same additional difficulty as he cannot be said to be surely acting in good faith, and he may add his total number of Illusion Boons as dice to resist any use of the Judgment Boon to lay bare his crimes or deceptions. At the end of the scene, the Scion becomes normal once again and must rely on his natural talents to grease the wheels of his falsehoods.


Cost: 5 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Wits + Presence
The Scion with this power may now create longer-lasting, nigh-impenetrable illusions at his whim; whenever he uses another Illusion Boon, he may use this one with it to cause it to last for a full 24 hours instead of its normal duration, and during that time may continually change and reshape the illusion as he wishes at no additional cost. If he chooses to use this Boon on its own, he may change his own appearance with complete malleability, unrestricted by any considerations; his imagination and experience are literally the limit when it comes to what he can appear as. For the next 24 hours after he activates this Boon, the Scion may appear as whatever he likes and change his appearance at the drop of a hat at no additional cost; he may appear as an animal, a person, and object, or anything else he can conceive of in the blink of an eye. Even more powerfully, the Scion may choose to actually become the creature he is impersonating, creating an illusory body of his own ichor in order to actually physically turn into another person or animal; however, he may only alter his own form in this manner.


Cost: 5+ Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
By spending the requisite cost and creating a masterpiece of fiction that takes any form and tells any story she chooses, the Scion may afflict her targets with a vision that mimics a true prophecy for five points of Legend each. Once she has paid the requisite cost, she may cause the vision to occur now or at any time she designates in the future; when it does, her target is overcome by it just as if receiving a vision from the Prophecy purview, believing it to be utterly real and authentic. Each target feels the prophecy’s effects as he would expect to experience them and is completely certain it is real unless he overcomes the Scion’s successes on a Perception + Occult roll; if he does, he still sees the vision but realizes that it is a forgery, though he will not necessarily know its source. Anyone attempting to convince a target that their prophecy is not real must defeat the Scion’s activation roll on their own Manipulation + Occult roll; if they fail, they do not succeed in instilling even the tiniest shred of doubt. Likewise, anyone attempting to discover more information about the prophecy (whether via mundane investigation, the Mystery or Prophecy purviews, etc.) must also overcome the Scion’s successes on their activation roll or find that all clues point toward the veracity and content of the false vision.

THE BEST TRICK ●●●●● ●●●●●

Cost: 15 Legend per use
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
The Scion’s ability to warp fantasy and reality together is so great now that she may literally change reality itself for short periods of time. By activating this Boon, she gains the ability to create patently impossible and fantastic illusions, creating any person, object, or element that exists – or doesn’t, as she has mastered the art of illusion so completely that she may even force her onlookers to believe in something that never existed in the first place at all. These illusions may do literally anything that the Storyteller deems they could reasonably do (though they may not do anything that would require them to possess a Legend rating greater than half the Scion’s), and are so indistinguishable from reality that they may actually change the environment, moving things, destroying objects, and even injuring people as if they were real. Someone injured by an illusion thus created is truly injured – they take wound penalties, bleed and feel pain, and may even be incapacitated or killed – until the illusion ends, whereupon these effects disappear and the target in question suddenly finds themselves whole and unharmed, even if they thought they had been killed a few moments before. Someone who is about to be killed, conversely, could be saved by the illusion, only to die suddenly when the spell ends; someone in such a position may roll their Legend rating, and if successful may survive past the end of the illusion, their belief in themselves so strong that they refuse to accept death that they don’t remember happening (mortals and non-Legendary creatures may roll their Willpower rating at a difficulty of 3; if successful, they may also escape death, and become instantly Legendary and permanently Fatebound to the Scion whose illusion saved them). If at any point during the illusion a victim’s body in the real world is threatened by potentially lethal danger, he or she may roll Perception + Awareness to see if they notice it; if so, they are able to snap out of it enough to gain their DV and act in the real world, though they will still see the illusion and will be at a -4 distraction penalty from trying to act in both worlds at once time. This power is incredibly potent, but temporary in nature; it lasts only 5 ticks per success the Scion scores on her activation roll, after which point it, and all effects it might have had on surrounding people and environments, vanish completely.


Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower per scene
Dice Pool: None
The Scion may manipulate illusions so powerful that they can fool and influence anyone, creating entire new worlds or convincing the most wary of gods or titans.


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