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House Rules


JSR Rules

The following is a list of JSR House Rules.

  1. Art. Craft and Science no longer exist; Art is used for all rolls related to creating things.
  2. Legend. Legend may not be bought with experience or bonus points; it is awarded by the ST based on deeds done, missions completed, and role-playing fervor. (God-Touched has additional rules regarding gaining Legend; see below.)
  3. Favored Attributes and Purviews. The Scion of any god with nine or more favored purviews and epic attributes must choose eight purviews or epic attributes to be favored at character creation; those not chosen are not considered favored for that Scion.
  4. Abilities. Abilities may go up to ten dots, rather than five.
  5. Relics. Relics may go up to fifteen dots, rather than five. Relics of eleven dots or more are considered to be Artifacts.
  6. Experience Costs. Experience costs are equal to the dot you are buying multiplied as necessary, not the dot you already have.
  7. Boons. Boons must be bought in order; i.e., a player must buy a level two Boon before being able to buy a level three Boon in the same Purview.
  8. Knacks. Knacks with one prerequisite cost 10 XP rather than 5; Knacks with two prerequisites cost 15 XP, and so on.
  9. Arete. A character with Arete in an ability favored by their divine parent pays three times the dot when buying more Arete for that ability.
  10. Restricted Pantheons. The Allied, Yankee, and Atlantean pantheons from Scion: Companion are not playable, and are reserved only for NPCs.
  11. Resistance Rolls. All Boons and Knacks that directly target a creature or person may be resisted with an Integrity + Willpower + Legend roll unless otherwise stated. Any being without Legend may spend a point of Willpower in order to roll. (God-Touched does not use this; see below.)
  12. Botching. If more ones are rolled than successes on any roll, it is a botch, regardless of automatic successes.
  13. Grappling. The controller of a grapple is at 1/2 their normal DV.
  14. Health Boxes. Epic Stamina dots provide additional health boxes equal to their successes, regardless of how many dots a Scion possesses.
  15. Dying Boxes. All characters add their dots in Epic Stamina to their total number of dying boxes.
  16. Virtues. At Hero, channeling a Virtue enables you to add your dots in that Virtue to your roll. At Demigod, it enables you to add dice equal to your Virtue as if it were an Epic Attribute (i.e., a Virtue score of 4 would yield 7 dice). At God, it enables you to add that number as automatic successes.
  17. Tracking. All characters move at 1/2 their normal movement rate when tracking.
  18. Extras. Extras do not exist. All creatures and characters in a scene act independently and have their own fully-formed stats.
  19. Weapon Speed. The minimum possible speed for all weapons is 4 ticks.
  20. Reproduction. Characters that find themselves in situations wherein they may reproduce roll one die. If the result is 1-5, there is no pregnancy; if it is 6-9, the character in question becomes pregnant or impregnates his partner; if it is 10, the character rolls again to determine whether there might be multiple fertilizations (twins, etc). Characters with the Health Purview may add or subtract their total number of Boons on this roll.
  21. Followers. Followers and creatures gain in power along with their controller. One to two followers are 2 Legend behind their Scion: 3 to 4 followers are 3 Legend behind, and 5 or more followers are 4 Legend behind. (God-Touched has different rules for Creatures; see below.)
  22. Virtue Rerolls. Legend may not be spent to reroll a Virtue.
  23. Social and Mental Powers. Willpower may not be spent to ignore social or mental powers unless specifically stated.
  24. Hardness, Trauma, and Toxicity. Hardness, Trauma, and Toxicity do not exist; all objects have individual soaks, and all powers deal damage as noted.
  25. Subtracting From Rolls. Die subtractors from any source may only reduce a dice pool to a minimum of one die; every two dice subtracted past that point remove one automatic success. If the roll has no automatic successes to subtract, it automatically botches.
  26. Losing Willpower. If a power requires more Willpower points to be lost than a target currently has, the difference is dealt as unsoakable bashing damage.
  27. Taking A Hit. Characters may choose to take a hit meant for another person at 0 DV once every 5 ticks.
  28. Stabilization. Failing in an attempt to stabilize a character causes them to immediately take three more dying boxes; botching instantly kills them.
  29. Aggravated Soak. Every five dots of regular Stamina (rounded down) grants a Scion an additional point of aggravated soak.
  30. Resisting Virtues. At Hero and Demigod level, Scions roll their Virtue dots in an attempt to resist them; at God level, they roll twice that number.
  31. Godly Stunts. Stunt dice awarded to Scions of Legend 9 or higher count as automatic successes.
  32. Gaining Virtues. When a Scion achieves a new Legend rating which is an odd number, he or she also gains one point of Virtues, distributed as he or she chooses.
  33. Multiple Actions. Scions taking simultaneous actions suffer a -4 dice penalty to each of them and roll each dice pool separately.

More House Rules

These are additional house rules that aren’t JSR-related and apply to God-Touched.

  1. Reaching New Heights. Though the ST grants dots of Legend, there are minimum requirements the PC has to reach for each dot. (Click the link for more details.)
  2. Fatebonds. God-Touched uses a different Fatebond system than JSR. (Write-up coming soon.)
  3. Mental DV. Any and all mental effects are rolled against a DV, instead of opposed with a Resist roll. The Mental DV is (Legend + Willpower + Integrity)/2. Any Knacks and Boons that modify the Resist roll will instead modify the Mental DV.
    1. Bedazzling Image, Blockade of Reason, and Lateral Thinking. All of these Knacks add the pertinent Attribute dots to the Mental DV after it has been calculated. They can stack.
    2. Disorienting Countenance, Parapet of the Mind, and Crazy Like A Fox. All of these knacks cost nothing and add the pertinent Epic Attribute successes to the formula instead of Legend. These Knacks cannot stack.
    3. Glacial Resistance. This Boon adds double the PC’s Frost boons to Mental DV for the scene or until the next mental attack, whichever comes first.
  4. Regaining Legend. A PC can regain Legend via the following:
    1. A Legendary Deed. If you perform a legendary deed that sounds like it comes straight out of a myth (e.g., Victor singlehandedly holds off Akkorokamui, an angry sea spirit, preventing it from destroying the Golden Gate Bridge), you regain Legend points. The amount is determined by the Storyteller.
    2. A Stunt. You may regain a number of Legend equal to the bonus dice granted to you in a stunt.
    3. Setting a Virtuous Example. When you use up your last Virtue channel for a particular Virtue, you may regain a number of Legend points equal to your total dots in said Virtue. You may regain Legend points even if your Virtue is not standard to your pantheon.
  5. Regaining Willpower. A PC can regain Willpower via the following:
    1. Gaining Determination. If you gain a Determination, you get one Willpower point.
    2. Spending a Moment of Truth. If you spend a Moment of Truth, you regain all of your temporary Willpower.
    3. A Stunt. Instead of regaining Legend points for performing a stunt, you may choose to regain one Willpower point (this is not affected by the number of stunt dice you are granted).
  6. Creatures. God-Touched uses special statting rules for Creatures taken from the good folks at the White Wolf forums.
  7. Legend 1. Anyone with divine ancestry (either as a direct descendant of a god or a child of a direct descendant) who has not yet been Visited automatically starts out at Legend 1. Though it has no discernible mechanical effect, it represents that this person is destined for great things.
  8. Mass Combat.
  9. Godhood. Heavily overhauled God template and Avatar rules.
    1. At Godhood, not only does a character buy Epic Attributes at a discount as if they are all favored, but may also buy Boons and Abilities at the same discount. Because gods are beings of pure ichor, no longer limited by the mortal shell and in tune with the rest of the universe, supernatural powers and mundane skills come much more easily to them. However, be warned: this discount applies to Fatebonds as well.
  10. Boon Purchases. You do not have to buy Boons in sequence in standard Purviews. However, you must still by PSPs and Mystery in sequence.
  11. Purview + Ability. You may now make a (Purview + Ability) roll to do something with your Purview that your Boons don’t encompass. Your Purview rating contributes to your dice pool, and your number of Boons in that Purview are auto successes. The Legend cost of a (Purview + Ability) roll is determined by the Difficulty of the roll: every 10 Diff, rounded to the nearest 10, costs 1 Legend. To sustain a roll’s effects you must spend at least 1 WP — depending on length and difficulty, you may be required to spend more.
  12. New Knacks.
    1. Eminent Likability
    2. Untouchable Presence
    3. Hey, That’s My Line!
    4. Weaver of Webs
    5. I See What You Did There
    6. Audit Self

House Rules

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