“Short” Stories

Out of the Nest…

In which Ruben sets out on his heroic quest
by Nut Meg
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Coyote Stories: Bakersfield

A collection of folktales from Bakersfield
by Nut Meg
How Coyote Restored Kern RiverCoyote and the Star Women • How Bakersfield Lost Its Spark

The Legend of the Exodus From Kem-Duat

An epic detailing the quest to the Egyptian Underworld
by Nut Meg

The Journey of the Leanaí i Ndán

An epic detailing the quest to the Celtic Underworld
by Nut Meg
IIIIIIIV • V • VIVIIVIIIIX • X • XI • XII Appendix: Pronunciation Guide

“Þjóðvarður’s Tales”

A collection of Ken’s Sixrivers tales
by elmenora
Agnimukha and the Winter TrollA Taste Of Your Own MedicineThe Fairy Fiddler’s Fingers • How Sixrivers Got Its Wall

“Summer’s Eve”

In which the survivors prepare for a new member
Takes place September 4-5, 2024
by Nut Meg
SusanCarmenBrendanMaureenBenjaminSofiaSusan • Aida • SashaAngela • Lance • LenaAlvaro • Susan

“Everything Is Teotl”

A brief look at the nature of teotl
Takes place August 24-27, 2024
by Nut Meg


A day in the life
Takes place June 7-8, 2024
by Nut Meg
Early MorningMid-MorningEarly AfternoonLate AfternoonLate EveningEarly Morning

“Our Little Secret”

A trade mission gone a little wrong
Takes place December 14-30, 2023
by Nut Meg
Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart Six

“Sneaking Around”

In which two rebellious teenagers and their shadow go out for a night on the town
Takes place July 21-22, 2022
by Nut Meg and Salmisera
SofiaMaureen • Dovilė • SofiaMaureen • Dovilė • SofiaMaureen • Dovilė • Sofia • Dovilė • Maureen

“Sensory Wasteland: Day Unknown”

In which Sanura endures the drudgery of reality
by MellieMel

“To the End of the World and Back”

In which the world ends and the gods begin to disappear
Takes place July 5, 2014
by Nut Meg

“Within the Smoking Mirror”

In which Alejo has a secret conference with his father
Takes place early September 2013
by Nut Meg



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